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Bernie Sanders Speaks


Bernie Sanders Speaks

John Nichols

When Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told The Nation last year that he was “prepared to run for president,” he said he would do so only if it was clear that progressives were enthusiastic about a movement campaign seeking nothing less than “a political revolution.” It was an audacious proposal—but after traveling the country for a year, Sanders decided that the enthusiasm was there and announced in late April as a candidate for the Democratic nomination. There were plenty of doubters then.


I like Hillary.

He likes a warmongering corporatist pig. Who would say such a thing?

A “socialist” who has not voted against one Neocon war bill since Barack Obama took office, that’s who. A “progressive” who has been a primary champion of the wasteful, defective, unnecessary F-35 boondoggle. A “liberal” who voted in favor of the insane and very dangerous Ukraine Freedom Support Act. A “populist” who, just last year, voted for cuts to food stamps. If taking food from the mouths of hungry kids isn’t the line that must not be crossed… then there is no line.

But, of course, this is the same man who has already promised to support the Megathatcher, soon as she wins the nomination. So, naturally, he “likes” her. And says it out loud. This is a signal, Democrats. A big, fat one.

How many Democrats, having been raped by the Republican in the White House since 2009, will be taken in by the Theater of The Sheepdog? Far, far too many, I’m afraid.


How do we get to yes when our allies are in attack mode, like Ted Cruz leading the GOP attack on the GOP, and like reporters leading the attacks of Democrats on Democrats or Bernie on Hillary?

Bernie is leading a delightfully winning campaign. I see three monsters lurking in the shadows, two self-imposed and the third the industrial press corpse (spelling intentional). First, Bernie is fighting against Bernie by simultaneously embracing the F-35 boondoggle and attacking Pentagon budgets that starve hungry children. Second, Bernie is fighting against Bernie when running as a socialist independent with a Democratic Party label.

Third, the industrial press corpse speaks so well on its own behalf, why should anyone else ever interrupt it? Even if it is trying to ham string Bernie?

What Bernie is doing in spite of the obstacles, self-imposed and industrially unavoidable, is mid-wifing a potentially revolutionary movement. He is also insisting the movement must be led from below, or, that implies, Wall Street will soon discern a million ways to profit at the movement’s expense. This is very clear thinking. Let those who cannot join in the effort talk themselves into irrelevance.

Peace, Justice, Equity, Gaia Health Planet Wide.


No one else needs to ask them because you are so good at keeping them on stage. Is electoral nuance difficult for you?


You seem to have forgotten the second half of your name.


Oh, my! That is territory where nuance is an alien concept.


Let’s hear about all the nuance available in the issues I raised.


So should Bernie shut up or are the issues he talks about important to discuss?


Sanders promotes great domestic policies. Universal nonprofit health, an end to offshoring and the H1-B, lowered age access to SSI, a tax on Wall Street. Why, he almost sounds like an average Democrat of the 60s or 70s.

Great stuff. And entirely beside the point, as none of these issues are getting any coverage in the MSM. Nor will they. The media blackout on populism is as thorough as the media blackout on the TPP. These ideas must not be discussed, lest Americans decide that they’re good ones.

So what are we left with? Sanders as sheepdog, corralling Obama’s liberal abuse victims back into the fold, before he folds his tent, and happily hands off his rubes to The Thing With Three Names. You know, the creature that he likes so much.


If the crowds continue the message will out. Naysaying is a political position just like not deciding is a decision.


Why try to skewer Bernie but not the other candidates? Is it because you know that they won’t care so why even bother? So what is your assessment of the other candidates then if you criticize Bernie for being accountable to all the voters instead of appealing to only a small bloc of voters on issues, exactly how do you expect him to get elected? You know that Hillary and the D party are more like republican lite than they are moderates so what gives?

Do you post similar accusations against Hillary and the D party? And what about the repubs? Giving the only progressive candidate a hard time only helps the opposition get elected and if you pretend otherwise then you are deluding yourself.


Another criticism of Bernie for no purpose. What is the point of casting doubt without reason? You may think every candidate that runs against the usual D and R candidates will give up before its over but you have no sense of the concept of personal integrity which will be one of Bernie’s strong points.

People in this country are sick of the same old same old dems and repubs and Obama’s election proved it. Yes we got cheated and didn’t get the change that was promised and for which we voted. The point is that Americans wanted that change. They voted for change!

Give Bernie a chance because unlike Obama… Bernie is Bernie and has represented progressive change for a long time. How about helping him get elected before you start calling names and talking quitting etc.



You will see this in all the comments sections from now on. Someone has a deliberate and sophisticated strategy for putting doubt about Sanders into the minds of liberal voters.


“Bernie… has represented progressive change for a long time.”

And what has he accomplished, exactly? Half a dozen bullet points on all the “progressive change” he’s instituted will do.

(Hint: Bringing Lockheed “Defense” dollars to VT for the F-35 boondoggle doesn’t count, nor does his vote to cut food stamps.)


Seems like the strategy to me too. Bernie actually has a chance with people because the D and R have failed us so badly and for so long…it has finally sunk in all over the country that we need someone ELSE this time.


Let’s cut to the chase then! Do you have a candidate that you want to see elected or is this an “I’m not going to vote for any of them” rant?


I am not the issue; Bernie Sanders is the issue.

I note that you are unable to provide us with a single example of the “progressive change” which you claimed that Sanders “has represented for a long time”.

There’s a good reason for that: Bernie Sanders is a phony, who talks the socialist talk, but who actually reveals himself as Hillary Lite when the rubber meets the road.


I’ve decided to vote for Bernie. If Bernie is defeated in the primaries, so be it. My next option is to go for a walk that day, weather permitting. Green is not an option. It won’t be long and Green will go the way of the Whigs, and old soldiers, and just fade away. (For the record, since this man is linked to on this thread, Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report. He lives and works in Marietta GA where he is a partner in a technology firm and serves on the state committee of the GA Green Party.) My creel is full to the top with red herrings, so I’ll just post a warning for people, watch your step, red herrings lying around can be slippery when stepped on. Today’s red herring sampling: voted to cut food stamps, likes Hillary, will support the Democratic nominee, etc.


Yes our ‘structures’ are corrupt but not voting won’t help matters. Also expecting any one candidate to 'change everything all at once is the fairy tale/miracle and silly. My feeling is any positive step is great because at least it isn’t yet another step backwards and we’ve sure had plenty of them from the Ds and Rs!


You have the pattern of slandering real issues with Sanders as “red herrings”, complete with your cute 'lil junior-high graphic.

Address those issues instead. Tell us why Sanders’ vote to cut food stamps was acceptable. Why his promised support of an American Maggie Thatcher is A-OK, even though Sanders’ policies are allegedly diametrically opposed to hers. Why his unwavering support of Democratic Neocon madness passes the your smell test.

What have you got, HS, besides your fish story?