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Bernie Sanders' Stance on Bolivia Matters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/19/bernie-sanders-stance-bolivia-matters


Liz Warren’s cowardly stance on Bolivia stands clearly to the right of Bernie’s.

Notably, though I would prefer Bernie get bolder on denouncing US policies in Venezuela, Liz’s stance on those and Maduro are also clearly to Bernie’s right. In fact, in my view, on Venezuela she’s closer to Trump than Bernie:


I can not understand how Elizabeth Warren could support Guaido or any form of american Imperialism. It is getting that I do not want to dignify usa with Capital letters. Some of my best friends have been americans and many of my hero’s. I quote Jefferson and Lincoln and John adams all the time they were great. Sure they had some flaws but we all do.


Why does usa let someone who known nothing about foreign trade change the tariffs on a whim?
Why do you not see the likeness of D. Trump to old demented Kink George III?
In every family and especially in the family of nations each one should learn to “MIND YER OWN BUSINESS.”


(“the Bible has returned to the presidential palace”)

I guess, then, that Geezus SLEW the Indigenous, eh?
She is PROUD to showcase hypocrisy and so few will even notice.
We atheists are, a least, honest about our beliefs or lack of.


YES! The “reality” of Tin Lizzie is beginning to spread. May more awake to her weakness and cowardice and pandering before she takes more shine from Bernie’s campaign.


WOW! That is weird! I started using small letters a couple months back.
Same with u.s.a. Childish? Maybe, but it is a small expression of my disdain for what this government has become.

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I wouldn’t put scared money on a principled foreign policy from a Sanders administration, but I’d wouldn’t hesitate to bet the farm on the absence of anything approaching it from any other candidate’s.


Actually your post made me laugh. If money is scared? or do you mean sacred as in each of use has worked so hard for so little. So if you do mean that (as about) why would you bet the farm?
Oh gee I’m just picking on you! But I think I do get your meaning. Bernie is the “real mccoy” and the best person running now but after all he is a politician.

One definition of scared money

Money that a player does not wish to wager but that is still part of the player’s bankroll; money that a player is especially nervous about the prospect of losing.

Let’s hope we have the opportunity to see just how real Sanders’ McCoy is, and the cojones to call him on anything less than the actual and factual.

Well now I guess I learned what scared money is, I have never hear of it before as I considered betting a la Las Vegas a waste.
As far as Mr. Sanders authenticity, he has been voting and saying much of the same theme for decades but as I said he is after all a politician. He deserves much support for his work.

I’m so done with Warren. She is just an HRC cut out. This just in from the Grayzone about an interview with Warren where she clearly states that she supports Trumps policy on Bolivia and the sanctions on Venezuela.

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There is one big thing all candidates have wrong. I’ll support whomever best addresses this specific issue in the GND: Should PHEV be considered “indispensable” technology to study and speak out and answer with, something like “If so, Why are GM/Ford etc giving upon on hybrids?” Combustible H stores at lower pressures and meters better into an ICE better than in a fuel cell. Why Where can fuel cell stacks work best? Hint: not in evs.

I try to place my faith in principles, rather than in parties or
personalities, and judge those by that yardstick.

Unfortunately, Sanders isn’t much better on Venezuela. He still hasn’t retracted his ludicrously erroneous label of Hugo Chavez as a “communist dictator.” He fails to clearly oppose U.S./CIA machinations against Venezuelans.

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