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Bernie Sanders Takes His "Protecting Working Families" Tour On the Road


Bernie Sanders Takes His "Protecting Working Families" Tour On the Road

- Common Dreams staff

With stops in Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania

Standing with Bernie Sanders at a Protect Working Families rally in Dayton, Ohio.


Sanders’ dedication to his beliefs and consequent wishes for the average American speaks volumes, especially compared to Hillary and even more so to the seditious, sadistic Republican politicians.


Americans need to be educated to start considering their own self interest and how it is tied-up with everyone else. When the vast majority come out of their coma things will turn.


Hillary is spending her time bemoaning her loss, blaming others for her defeat, and selling her book.


Both her and Obama are piss poor examples of leadership and have zero interest in the people or party- Neither offer up any support in combatting Trump or Republican policy- They would just as soon feed us all to the sharks- Not since she lost and can’t have it all, she is willing to offer up nothing- A piss poor loser indeed…
Obama is the same, he got his and now is going after some more at little effort or expense to him- They can both go strait to hell as far as I am concerned…


Just call it what it is without euphemisms. This is class war! Bernie’s rallying and mobilizing the working class to demand the government protect the working class! You won’t find any big capitalists at Bernie rallies.


You won’t find the MSM there either.


Who in God’s name would ever buy that book?


Those of like mind as Hellary or those so shut down intellectually that critical thinking has gone the way of the Dodo…IF it ever existed in their minds at all!


This is cute. Where is the organizing? Anybody w/ means can give speeches. Where is Sanders hold on the tax bill. Where is the lawsuit about the scrawling notes in the margins? Where is the leadership calling for occupations of every Rethugs office? More huffing and puffing, whining and biitching and moaning and almost zero organizing and mobilizing people to effective action. Another sign that Sanders is using “progressivism” for Sanders and giving jack about PeoplePower.


What does he have to do with organizing? That is my and your job. He’s doing a ton for someone in his position, and he is often speaking to people doing the organizing. While it is true that anyone can give speeches, not everyone will say the same thing in those speeches, and not every speech has the same implications and power. I don’t need someone in power telling me to do this direct action or that protest, and doing that has nothing at all to do with people power. I need them to push through changes I am organizing towards and to be willing to take on powerful interests when the time comes. I trust him more than anyone else in our political system to do that.


Thank you.

This is what American politics have become–a circus, an extravaganza, a stage show.

No real leadership here, but no matter; a good time was had by all.


Any politician who blows this hard has a responsibility to do what s/he can. If s/he is impotent in the Kongress - as Bernie is - then s/he must find other ways to create and exercise actual power for meaningful change. Before the Dem convention, that is what Bernie and the Sandernistsas did. Now they are punching the clock, getting fat on progressive cliches while people languish and the Earth cries for justice.

And, in fact, Bernie has not used the hold parliamentary procedure, has not called out fellow Dems and has not initiated lawsuits against unconstitutional legislation like this tax crap. We can’t tweet our way out of this.


One thing for sure, it can’t last. “In order to live with the classes, you have to sell to the masses.” The ritzy rich cannot live in a vacuum. They need someone to buy their goods. The ritzy rich need oxygen to breathe, just like the rest of us. They need educated workers to operate their factories.


Either? Our problem is the MSM is a subsidiary of the capitalists…


Umm, last time I looked Congress wasn’t a parliamentary system of government. Anyways, legislative holds like those used in the Senate are directed against appointees, not bills. I also thing you have to be a member of the appropriate legislative committee to wield a so called hold.

As to the rest of your rant, I can’t make any sense of it. Bernie has spent 40 years championing a strong New Deal form of government and he has certainly done his bit for the cause. He is open, fair and upfront with what he thinks. And he is universally hated by the corporate wing of the democratic party, to the point that they publicly swear at him. The DNC is already trying to “Bernie proof” the next presidential primary so they get their preferred corporate stooge. It’s not hard to see, just read the front page of the New York Times.

The truth is that the US is openly devouring itself and the rest of the world is watching the rapid descent phase. Geopolitically, China and Russia are laughing all the way to the bank as they couldn’t ask for a better set of bumbling idiots as we have in Congress. The public sees the problem but the system is designed to prevent change, thus the death spiral will continue. We need a whole lot more people like Bernie coming out of the woodwork to decidedly change America’s direction.


The democrats might have had a chance if Sen Reid hadn’t eliminated the filibuster under Obama.

Why is it that neoliberals (often times calling themselves "centrist"in the dem party) hate the progressives so much.
Thomas Frank in his book “Listen Liberals…whatever happened to the party of the people” points that out in his book. In fact, he has a number of interviews on line with Real News talking about the topic.

Bernie is more effective than the rest of the crowd…especially the Wall Street ass kissers i.e.: Warner, Heitkamp, Booker, Casey, Donnelly, Tester, Murray, Menedez and more. These are just a few of the democrats (let me repeat that) democrats who shot down Bernies bill attempting to reduce the cost of drugs. These dems receive big $$$ from pharmaceuticals and work with the republicans to defeat people like Bernie.


**Michael Milisits is a local blue collar worker from Dayton, OH. He will be challenging Mike Turner in the congressional race in 2018. He believes in bringing the power back to the people by reigning in the rampant misuse of power by large corporations. Americans deserve a representative that knows the struggle of working two jobs, losing a home to medical bills, and fighting to secure a job to raise a family. Both Republicans and Democrats are complicit in the dismantling of the middle class. It is time that we work to elect a Peoples Congress that begins to address the issues that matter to the American people. To find out more about how to volunteer or donate go to Michael Milisits for Congress on Facebook.


Bernie the socialist. Free stuff for everybody! Bernie, whose only job before politics, at 40, was selling paint for awhile. The working families I know want nothing to do with Bernie.


Where was Bernie before and during the vote on the trump tax scam???