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Bernie Sanders Takes Trump EPA Pick Andrew Wheeler to Task for Claiming Climate Change Not 'Greatest Crisis' Facing Planet

Bernie Sanders Takes Trump EPA Pick Andrew Wheeler to Task for Claiming Climate Change Not 'Greatest Crisis' Facing Planet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"How does it happen that the nominee to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not mention the words 'climate change' at a time when the scientific community thinks that climate change is the great environmental crisis facing this planet?"


The only thing I’m shocked about, is that he acknowledged climate change at all.

With 200 species going extinct every day and thousands of people dying or fleeing as a direct result, the denial phase is over.
Now it is time for “its really not so bad you guys” followed shortly by “well, its not like we can stop it now”.
Maybe we will even get a “don’t worry, we got this” shortly before they unleash something to kill us all a little quicker.

I understand what you saying, but I think the crapitalists are going to hold on to denial until they take their last breath.

Trump doesn’t believe in climate change(he is a fukn moron) Dont expect his cabinet picks to believe either. They are all corporate goons in league with the fossil fuel industry…These are the only people trump is ever going to pick. In 2020 we need to clean house of these apparent idiots… The world is burning and they are only interested in counting their money.

I don’t think that they are idiots (IQ < 30). In fact, they are likely quite bright. I think the problem is that they have no empathic connection to anyone or any-being around them. That would make them psychopaths. Proper action necessitates proper analysis. I suggest the key book on psychopathy, Hervey Cleckley’s Mask of Sanity. Note particularly the case studies. For how this works on a political level, I suggest Andrew Lobaczewski’s Political Ponerology, which has a web page, here.


Amen to that stinking reality.

I dont need to read up on psychopathy to realise that trumps bestest peoples are moronic grifters, assholes, and corporate zealots and industry clowns…Their only smartness is in their ability to look after their own and feather their own beds…Looking out for their own meaning not the American workforce or the everyday citizens. These assholes are out to fleece America…The cause is pure unbridled greed laced with ulta right conservatism(lies,bullshit) Trumpism is a disease of the mind.