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Bernie Sanders Talks 'Dark Money' with Journalist Who Literally Wrote the Book On It


Bernie Sanders Talks 'Dark Money' with Journalist Who Literally Wrote the Book On It

Common Dreams staff

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday sat down with investigative journalist Jane Mayer to discuss the threat that secretive and undisclosed campaign financing—exemplified by the outsized influence of powerful billionaires like Charles and David Koch—continues to have on U.S. democracy and what should be done to push back.


I want my Green Party reps on Bernie's Show. Without combining forces, Earth is toast. Quit competing against each other.


What outlet(s) is this show on?


Gee, Bernie - how come your "Our Revolution" was formed as a 501c(4) - which can take "dark money" ...


I cannot bring myself to use fb. Someone posted to Godzilla, though.


The Iowa Republican Governor today signed into law the 7.25 minimum wage that happens to roll back the wage increases that a few Iowa cities and counties had provided low wage earners. Some low wage earners had recently obtained raises, and now they lose them.

The Iowa Republicans really are that heartless.

A far-right billionaire somewhere is very happy to make more money for himself, at the poors' expense.


Quick reminder: Hilary outspent Trump 2:1. Still lost.

The liberal message can find its way into the mainstream consciousness when it's concrete and coherent. And Sanders sending mixed messages on Single Payer, Medicare-for-All, and a Public Option is precisely the wrong way to do it.


The liberal message can't find its way into the mainstream media when the media is largely owned by conservative millionaires and billionaires.


I pointedly avoided using the word 'media.'


If the medía forms opinions and opinion is conscious belief, wouldn't that make the media our consciousness?


Mayer should have asked Bernie about HIS OWN use of both "soft money" and "dark money." Our Revolution, DSA, and many other organizations used by Bernie are registered as 501c4s! The hypocrisy! Jane Meyer literally wrote the book on Dark Money and she shies away from even asking.