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Bernie Sanders Thanks Koch Brothers for 'Accidentally Making the Case for Medicare for All'


Bernie Sanders Thanks Koch Brothers for 'Accidentally Making the Case for Medicare for All'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After a study by the Koch Brothers-funded Mercatus Center that was clearly designed as a deceptive attack on Medicare for All inadvertently bolstered the economic case for single-payer—which is rapidly growing in popularity among the public an


Sadly, this story probably won’t make it past the gatekeepers of our corporate media outlets. Still, it’s good to know that the Kochtopus isn’t infallible.


Well, the right’s arguments on single payer are dead as disco from the get go. They got nothing, outside of ideological bullshit and Venezuela (boo!) type of comments. Many of them will fish around for studies showing them what they want to hear (it is not as if they look at the methodology of studies carefully and want a nuanced understanding of the issue), and they will not acknowledge that single payer systems do cost less and have less overhead. They do, no exception. I mean, we can debate how long this would take to implement, or how likely this is in the short-term, but if it were implemented, it would save us money and would drastically lessen the gigantic social costs of our healthcare system. Oh, and the people that call single payer socialist are silly. It is true that it would socialize the payment of healthcare, but there would be a mixture of private and public hospitals, and private and public healthcare workers. A socialized healthcare system is the VA or NHS systems in the UK. Single payer is not a socialist healthcare system though, it socializing the payment of healthcare services, not that the right wingers care about accuracy or objective reality. You watch below, every comment by right wingers will be nonsensical blather about Venezuela, the evils of socialism and other scary bedtime stories. Facts and logic aren’t on their side, it is John Birch Society propaganda time, and I have to say, it is fun to watch. For the first time in a long time, they have to defend things that they aren’t used to defending, and they aren’t good at it.


Partially true. Most of the discussion on this study (at least from what I have seen) just focuses on the cost of the system (not making it clear that it isn’t expenditures in addition to the costs of the current system) and there has been little discussion on the estimated costs of single payer relative to this rotten system. They like big scary numbers and obviously will not provide any context at all. So, they talk about the cost of single payer, they hope it triggers something in people, and leave it at that. It’s up to proponents of single payer to fight for a discussion based in objective reality, not the footnotes in the Road to Serfdom.


My faith in the D-Party getting this thing off the ground is nil.


But the D-party is the only game in town that could pull it off. Start calling, emailing and working with your democratic congresswomen (or men) and senators. if you don’t have any Dems in congress, contribute to the campaigns of the most progressive candidates in other states. Stop the pity party and get to work.


I tell them single payer is my litmus test. I unsubscribe from candidates that do not promote Medicare For All. I have made it clear that for a candidate to receive my support they must advocate single payer. The Democratic Party does not care.


Koch boys are a piece of work. Maybe they’re smarter than Trump or maybe not but in general, people who live off the hard work of others while simultaneously destroying the environment, don’t deserve to live at all.
I live in Kansas where folks seem happy to be uninformed and led around by liars. I’m getting Koch backed flyers(Americans for Prosperity) in my mail every other day, slamming a congressman who didn’t vote the way they wanted. Maybe I should register as a republican just so I can vote for the ones they don’t back.


Have a ball, man. I’m done with Democrats.

I’ll be getting to work trying to stop them from being the only game in town. We’re in our current mess because they have been.


Just think of all the healthy people contributing to the wellbeing of our country. Anyone who is against this is just a stick in the mud. Maybe you like a stick up your ass


Get your head out of the skeptic tank dude and breath some fresh air


I’m sorry. You’re not happy with Democrats? How about JFK