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Bernie Sanders to Announce Bid for Presidency on Thursday


Bernie Sanders to Announce Bid for Presidency on Thursday

Common Dreams staff

Sources reported Tuesday afternoon that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), will officially launch a bid for the White House—as a Democrat—on Thursday.

Sanders will release a short statement on that day and then hold a major campaign kickoff in Vermont in several weeks, according to Vermont Public Radio.


This is so disappointing. The political revolution is dead ending into the pathetic, corporate-owned, Wall Street Ruined Democratic Party. What is Bernie thinking? The moneyed Dems will take out ads and will destroy him quicker than he can say, “Hillary Clinton will make a fine president.”

He should have stayed an Independent. The revolution from him is over.

What a career ending let down. I will be supporting Jill Stein instead.


He’ll have my vote even if he drops out.


Bernie-- you are the only person I would consider voting for. Give ole 1% Hillary hell!


Under the US system, political parties, unlike other countries, are more organizational vehicles than advocates of a particular ideology. Vehicles can be hijacked - and the hijacked vehicle contains the physical and organizational resources needed to elect a candidate - desks, office space, internet servers, mail and e-mail lists, organizers, canvassers etc - in all 50 states. None of these are available to a quixotic independent campaign.


If anyone thinks the dem ol rats will nominate Bernie for President, please give me a call as I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you!


Bernie’s ultimate sell out. They probably promised him some harmless cabinet post (like chief ass-kisser to Israel) in exchange for lending the illusion of progressivism to the Dems. Sanders has always been a Democrat anyway. He votes with the Dems 90% of the time. His pretense of being a socialist or an independent is just more smoke and mirrors. The guy has been a Democratic party toady from day one.


I agree we all need to support sanders. He has my vote! Finally a real candidate.


I am a high school teacher in the south Bronx, the poorest congressional district in the US. Several years ago my students wrote Bernie sanders thanking him for fighting for the poor when everyone else was chasing austerity measures. Senator handwrote a reply to each student. He is the best candidate and by far the best choice for America.


I have not voted for a Democrat or Republican in over 30 years and never will, but I think going as a democrat is a good move on Sanders part. As a democrat, he will be allowed to be in the debates. As an independent, he would most likely be excluded just as Nader and Jill Stein were.

I don't think Sanders thinks he could win, his main objective is to offer a different point of view,


Is declaring as a democrat the only way Sanders can get into the debates?


Please correct me if I’m wrong. But my understanding is Bernie is a Free Mason. If that’s the case.
I can not vote for him or any other member of a secret society. They’re a key reason we are at perpetual war today.


And now we have the same dilemma that we had with Obama in 2008. Sanders is no angel, and neither was Obama. But he definitely is lesser evil, especially since Lindsey Graham has thrown his hat into the ring. I hope he could get in. If he does, I hope he will be better than Obama.


Religion: Judaism per Wikipedia, not Masonic. He would be good for Israel only. He would be Hello war with Iran, Good by all Palestinians. Hello 5b+++ annual Israeli gifts. The voice of Israel from Washington D.C… Don’t you think we have enough influence from AIPAC and the media and the activist judges and etc…etc…? There would be no trials for Israel spies. We would be giving our country over to this very little middle eastern state. They already have our congressmen feeding out of their hands and politicians influenced by Casino corruption.


Bernie would not get the exposure he needs if he were to run as an Independent . If people don’t see you or hear you …to what avail? He will help keep the Democrats in the left lane if nothing else. I am quite sure that was the thinking behind this move. He has NOT abdicated his independence, just a box that would have limited him.


Probably he has little chance to win because big money will not be behind him. But he will have some opportunity to talk to the American people and perhaps to change the issues. Learning that he is running is probably the best news I’ve heard this month and possibly this year.


As usual you are right on. If you need an example of a hijacked party we need to look no further than the Republican’t Party. This is not the party Eisenhower led for eight years. The GOP has become nothing more than a functionary for the corporate sector and the obscenely wealthy. There is not one reason that the populists and progressive elements of our society could not do the same with the Democratic Party.


Agree. I’ve been in the Green Party since 2006 and have seen it marginalized further and further. Jill Stein in handcuffs during the Romney-Obama debates and barely a word in the Corporate Media. The Green Party has been eliminated from November Elections in California as only the top 2 Democrats meet in State run offs. Clearly Voting for Bernie Sanders is voting my conscience over Killery Wall Street.


All right now. This should make the primary a bit more interesting, I’m hearing Senator Sanders being compared with the current president, Fergedaboudit. They are as similar as vodka and orange juice. They may be able to work together but one has a real kick and the other soothes a sore throat. Sanders has toed the same progressive line since day one and Obama came with promises and a winning demeanor. Well we know him now and I doubt that he would win his second term today if challenged by a reasonable Republican’t, should one of those still walk the earth. At the very least he will force the debate toward the left a bit but then we still have to trust in the truthfulness of the candidates.


Hey naysayers,

If Sanders runs as an Independent, he gets blocked from the national discourse. If he runs as a Democrat, he’s on the stage with Hillary Clinton (and O’Mally and Lincoln Chafee and whomever else doesn’t count in this cycle) with a microphone. If nobody challenges Clinton and pushes her affluent corporate butt a little further left, then she stays where she is. Either way, she wins unless she implodes. She could very well implode, in which case you get Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz. Just give me someone I can get behind, PLEASE!! If Warren continues to decline, then Bernie’s our undisputed Best Shot. Kudos on him for hammering relentlessly on populist issues, and thanks to him for subjecting himself to a candidacy in the United States of Frothing Polarization.