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Bernie Sanders to Unveil Medicare-for-All Bill in Wake of TrumpCare Defeat

Bernie Sanders to Unveil Medicare-for-All Bill in Wake of TrumpCare Defeat

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A cheering crowd gave a rousing endorsement to Sen. Bernie Sanders' plan to introduce Medicare-for-All, or single-payer, legislation to Congress in the coming weeks, announced this weekend at a Vermont town hall meeting.


Just one hell of a shame that Bernie was obstructed from POTUS by the egregiously, corrupt DNC and HRC. But Bernie is still the political light shining in the current political darkness.


Bernie can do a lot more from where he is now and was then. He knew that all along. Support him where he is. He knows how this works.


No. No. No. Medicare and Social Security are funded by off-budget trust funds. Please. Why is this so difficult to understand?

And please look up who actually holds most of that public debt. It’s ourselves, the citizenry.

But also please find out what Bernie’s proposal is before you tear it down. Medicare for all isn’t necessarily what Medicare has been.


You are a trolling for Trump troll. Odd how the military doesn’t fit into your budgetary list? Or how Soc Sec which is not part of the budget at all and pays for itself, doesn’t fit into your ignorant listing. Strange that Trumpkins like you appear to be … stupid. People who get used usually are aren’t they?


Nice rebuttal!

" What’s the appeal of the mode of Medicare?"
Anyone that does not know the answer to the above question is either very naive or very rich.


I believe Medicare for all is the way to go. Healthy people produce more and are stronger.


Social Security is not the appropriate comparison.
From 1989 to 2015 Medicare cost per enrollee has increased an average of 5.5% per year
From 1989 to 2015 cost per enrollee for private health insurance has increased an average of 6.3% per year
From 2010 to 2015 Medicare spending per enrollee only increased an average of 1% per year. In fact, as a result of certain features of Obamacare, Medicare spending is actually now $1200 LESS per person than the projections made back in 2010.


Exactly what kind of government ignores the wishes of a majority of voters consistently with this and other issues time after time. As shown in polls single payer health care is supported by something like 70% (not exact numbers here, so feel free to correct) of the electorate. Neither party will take a stand on this but instead continue to come up with programs with the primary goal of protecting corporate interests at huge costs to the voters - both in monetary and basic life issues. This binary political party system of governance does not represent the voters interests. It is time this is changed.


You should have done your own homework! Medicare for all:
No premiums
No co-pays
No need for supplemental insurance (there won’t be any)
Choose your own doctors and hospitals
You will have zero medical costs when hospitalized
Yes, you will pay more taxes
that will be offset by the fact that you will pay less for everything else!
No paying for administrative paper work for insurance companies
No paying for their employees
No paying for inflated cost margins to make more profit
No paying for their advertising
Medicare itself will change as there will be NO insurance companies getting in on the deal by offering limited care as with medicare advantage plans–which basically are HMO’s for the elderly.
In other words–health care will be available to the entire population and paid for nationally.
This leverage will allow for the benefit of lowering drug prices as well because the government will negotiate pricing.
Also, profitting off the sick will be eliminated.
BTW…many doctors are onboard with this plan.


You could have ended your comment with the first sentence.


Paularae: Excellent, just excellent! You are probably not rich…but definitely not naive.


First time I’ve given BW a like. Quick and to the point. Is she/he calling out the capitalist turd “FightThePower”?

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Medicare for All has No Chance of Passing ONLY if we don’t try!!   How many moderate Repooplicans are needed to join a big majority of Damnocrats to pass M.F.A. in the House? And if Damnocrats get behind it, only three or four moderate Repooplicans are needed to get it passed in the Senate.  Then MAYBE Tweetle-Dumb would sign it as a way of getting a Win and keeping at least one of his promises to The People, since he really doesn’t care one way or the other about the Repooplicans per se - especially since they pretty much deserted him on DrümpfCare.  SFAIK, Tweetle-Dumb’s main backers (not counting Russia) are the Banksters and Oily- garchs, not so much the Big-Pharma and Insurance thieves most opposed to Medicare for All.

Any DamnocRat who doesn’t back Bernie on this one should be voted out of office A.S.A.P. — 2018, 2020 or 2022!!


But corporate crime watchdog and single-payer advocate Russell Mokhiber warned against embracing the public option as a stand-in or even a stepping stone for Medicare for All.

Even though the ACA was turd out of the gate, at the time of its construction eight years ago it was better than nothing. Obama and his side kicks, Rahm Emanuel et al, insisted that the “public option” was on the “table”. That was a lie. It was not on the table. Rahm promoted all that mendacious rubbish. I think Obama threatened to throw Dennis Kucinic out of Air Force One if he didn’t sign on. That’s when I started to seriously dislike Barack Obama.

Public Option is too little, too late Bernie.


We need to be very careful with how we label all this. The word “tax” has become so vilified and toxic in the public discourse that even if you called it “save puppies and babies tax” the knee-jerk (emphasis on “jerk”) reaction is “don’t raise my taxes.” This needs something like “Insurance Extortion Elimination Tax” or “Monthly Insurance Premium Elimination Tax,” or “Saving Lives and Your Money Tax,” making it really, really clear that this “Medicare For All” tax eliminates MORE expense than it creates. Messaging to idiots really matters.

I would even champion a public option as another way to break the stranglehold private insurance has on my life. Let me buy into Medicare. That could happen virtually overnight. I make my payments to Medicare instead of Extortion Health, and I get access to the Medicare infrastructure already in place. Critics can say all they want about “keeping doctors” or “do you want the Post Office running your healthcare (I do),” but if they don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you don’t like the U.S. Postal Service, by all means use FedEx. But GIVE ME THE CHOICE.


Troll be gone. Hatred and gross misinformation about Bernie and Single Payer only makes him stronger.

Yes, Shantiananda, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for the Bully Pulpit Bernie might have had as President, but we are fortunate that he continues to Fight the Good Fight on our behalf.



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Sanders also spoke of shorter-term goals in his interview on CNN: “Let us do, among other things, a public option. Let us give people in every state in this country a public option from which they can choose. Let’s talk about lowering the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 55. Let’s deal with the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.”

I think you passed over reading this in the blog DepuityDaug. You should read a little more carefully. Kudos to Deirdre Fulton for including the CNN quote from the Sanders interview in her CD blog.