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Bernie Sanders Touts 'Campaign of Energy and Excitement' as Evidence He's the Candidate to Take Down Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/25/bernie-sanders-touts-campaign-energy-and-excitement-evidence-hes-candidate-take-down

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Unlike ‘hope and change’ Obama and the faux populist/certified fascist rump, Bernie walks the walk every day for the people. Bernie/Nina2020


Your post is exactly why Obama was nominated for POTUS…and why Bernie has no chance.

Am I being paranoid, or do mainstream media interviewers always seem to have a barely disguised negative attitude towards progressive candidates?


No doubt at all in my mind, that Bernie would give Trump a devastating loss in 2020, but will he be allowed to?


The words of Bernie Sanders are entirely accurate.

" If we are to defeat Donald Trump, what you need is a campaign of energy and excitement—a campaign that brings millions of young people and working class people into the political processes in a way that we have not seen before. I think, frankly, that I am the candidate" to do so."

The corrupt DNC entrenched wing of the DP is NOT the way to win, quite the opposite. Appealing to centrist Republican or trump voters is mental - it is a strategy the DNC Dp leaders have tried over the last 20 years with predictable results. Candidates chosen to fool the people found-out with massive mid-term losses. The 100 million or so, of eligible voters who did not vote in 2016 are the base needed to utterly smash the nightmare divisions and destruction of trump & co. To bring them into the process demands a candidate of honor, wisdom, integrity, vision and action - it demands Bernie Sanders! They’ve tried all the rest, now they must try the BEST, Bernie Sanders!


I would say JUST Bernie.


Tulsi Gabbard gets some pretty aggressive interviews also. Being anti-war somehow makes these people hate her.


I’m with you Bern, but before you get to Trump, you will have to deal with DNC, DNCNN, MSDNC, rag sheets like NYT, WAPO and every other neoliberal rag then … primary vote rigging, outright vote stealing, rigged polls, invented scandals and the secret weapon of Wall Street Democrats. The mythical super delegate. Good Luck. I will be sending you a few dollars out of my Social Security if it doesn’t disappear to pay for Trumps tax cuts for the vulgar rich.


I would have to disagree with Bernie’s premise that the 99% have been ignored. Perhaps he just didn’t want to ruffle any feathers here, but we have not been ignored, far from it.
There have been concerted efforts to get those funds from us. Yes we have been left behind as a result, but there is skullduggery all along the way to separate us from our money and freedoms.


Except…Bernie/Tulsi 2020 ; - )


This guy has the energy of a 30 yo. Unbelievable, he’s out campaigning, writing and introducing legislation (and there for the important votes), marching on picket LINES with workers and leaping the tallest fucking buildings too!!


He has “walked the walk” since 1981 when he was mayor of Burlington Vt. He really is the real fucking deal.


I seriously to this day believe he would have beat Trump in 2016.


Apologies. I totally spaced on that. You are absolutely correct for calling me on missing that. Thanks…


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I say Nina, because in an interview I saw, he said he would be looking at a younger, female, person of color, and more importantly someone who shares his Progressive values and believes in them just as strongly as he does, as his running mate. I don’t think Tulsi shares that last trait any where near like Nina does. Plus, Bernie needs a charismatic VP to inspire the undecideds and first time voters. Watch this video to see why she is the real deal. https://youtu.be/J8mgAs2mpaM


Libertarians want regime change.
Bobby Jindhal can’t beat Bernie!

I’ve seen Nina speak live. I caught her several times at the People Summit in Chicago a couple years ago. She can really deliver! No question. In any case, there is a place for her in Bernie’s administration


And I can see Tulsi in a Bernie admin. We just may disagree on exactly where they each turn up!:thinking: