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Bernie Sanders: Trump Attack on Breastfeeding Resolution Shows His 'Slavish Devotion to Corporate Profits'


Bernie Sanders: Trump Attack on Breastfeeding Resolution Shows His 'Slavish Devotion to Corporate Profits'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After reporting by the New York Times on Sunday detailed the Trump administration's attempt to reward infant formula manufacturers by opposing a World Health Assembly resolution that called on nations to "protect, promote, and support breastfeeding" as the healthiest option for children, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said the White House's efforts clearly show its "slavish devotion to corporate profits."


Yay, Bernie, as always.
We can boycott Nestle and Mead-Johnson.
Nestle is also buying up the world’s water supplies.
The capitalist greedheads see every child born as a profit unit, a human cow to be milked.
Rise up!


I have been following this story since it broke. Is Bernie the only one to speak out? Maybe E. Warren did, don’t remember. We’ll call it 2, just to be safe. Where are the others? Now, where is your vote?


Corporate whores never question the inhumanity of the acts they commit with Donkeys and Elephants… they are numb to their own screams.


Yep. Leave it to Trump, to malnourish those “beautiful babies”, world wide.


Every time I (and countless others) think the ginger pig’s regime of hate, racism, profits over people, and all-around depraved indifference to the lives of the 99% and enormous environmental degradation/destruction, just cannot get any more loathsome and despicable, they prove all of us wrong…they can and will continue to be the regime from Hell that is a clear and present danger to the health and safety of most or all life on Earth…fuckin scum!

In this case particular putting corporate - read; Nestle)profits ahead of infant nutrition, health, and their very lives, the trump regime and supporters want to reverse Roe v Wade to "save the babies and “unborn”, but then they turn around and cause the deaths of over a Million actually born babies catering to the corporate scum who peddle “infant formula” with false dangerous ad campaign lies and manipulation! THAT is a crime and murder of innocents for profit!The trump regime supports such criminal malnutrition by trying to derail infant breast feeding and the science behind it protecting infants with Mothers Milk!

The so-called “religious” nutters are as malignant and deranged as the ginger pig himself…



Everybody I know from young to old said exactly what Bernie said before he said it because it’s obvious.

Trump is into money and does not care about hand wringing.


Chi chi inoculate against assholism


Ike warned us about this happening, 57 years ago.

Perhaps, if we had listened to him then, and acted then, we could been free of the corrupted Duopoly, all these years.

Perhaps the Kennedys and Martin Luther King might have lived full lives.


I see- did he “forget” that humans are animals? So- now doing what comes naturally is not okay? These people need to be stopped and called out on MSM, public squares, newspapers, here, anywhere and continue to support population connection.