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Bernie Sanders: Trump 'Is a Fraud' Sending Nation in 'Authoritarian Direction'


Bernie Sanders: Trump 'Is a Fraud' Sending Nation in 'Authoritarian Direction'

Jon Queally, staff writer

"I don't mean to be disrespectful," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday morning, "but this guy's a fraud."

The immediate reference was to a meeting President Donald Trump held with Wall Street executives on Friday in which he vowed—in what Common Dreams reported as a "spectacular betrayal"—to repeal key elements of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill enacted in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.


Jake Tapper is pathetic.


Trump’s SCOTUS pick, neil-gorsuch-founded-fascism-forever-club



Yup, Bernie, you’re a very good showman, I’ll give you that …

" 'It is hard not to laugh," Sanders said, ‘to see President Trump sitting alongside these Wall Street guys.’ " says the guy who sat alongside Clinton and now sits alongside Schumer … you’re right, Bernie, it IS hard not to laugh …

A fraud? - well, i guess it takes one to know one, eh?


Yes, Donald Trump is a fraud and Hilary Clinton rigged you out of your nomination. We are going in a horrible direction, yes? We have no choice but to get a strong third party with a strong name and excellent publicist. Playing ping pong between the Republican and Democratic parties has proved to be a lost cause.


That excellent publicist should set it straight.


Bernie. The Donald. All the same old same old when you’re curled up tight in the Internet.


More likely a rich white brats joke. Kinda like Milo.


Where are all these Trumpists coming from?


Bernie! Yes, fraud. But, the elephant in the room is ANTI-SCIENCE! We need you, Bernie, to point to that elephant, over and over, until it’s second nature to all of us followers. Literacy. We have, right now, an ever increasingly illiterate, fantasy-based public consciousness - because of the bankster attack on public education. Fredrick Douglas, while hiding away for his life, I believe once overheard a slave owner admit that, “Learning to read and write makes slaves unfit to be slaves.” Today, almost 200 years later, slaves have become the class of the under-educated - because of FRAUD. Made legal by turning voting from a universal right, to a commodity to sell - to the fraudsters.


They have been here for a long time.


Bernie, I supported you financially but if anyone allowed the fraud of Trump, it was you when you said: " we cannot allow Trump to win, so I am backing HRC".


Here’s Trump’s latest missive:

Scary stuff. Bernie spoke the truth on television and if he’s saying it in public, it’s being said in the Democratic caucus.


Didn’t you lose yourself own comment there? I suppose Bernie could have taken the CD posters stance of “Hillary is a blood thirsty monster who will bring on WWlll. Beat Hillary. Trumps not as bad!”. Then things would better.


Justice Democrats, perhaps.



No, Lynn. Not a third party. I am a Green. Historical events necessitate a take-over of one of the duopolies. I mean a literal occupy of one or the other. These both are rigged, but they got that way because of fraudsters - and can be un-rigged. Otherwise, Planet Earth burns. Fascism normalizes as alt-right. And we create our own enslavement. Common sense says fix it before it breaks completely - or there may be no way back.


Maybe both.

(I don’t get replies b/c of an email mix up i will try to correct on Monday.)


You must hate all of the protesters against Trump, especially those Sanders supporters.

The Greens will take on Trump, no help needed from anyone else.


Is Bernie going to cheer on breaking up the TPP and NAFTA or is globalized new world order the new marching orders of the left.


Trump is not a populist he is an authoritarian playing to the insane fears of everything; other people, Muslim, homeless, women, Mexicans, use of taxes for safety nets for the needy, marijuana, same sex marriage, truth, on and on. His frightened authoritarian followers will give up freedom and liberty for security and deserve neither, they will even accept Marshal law enforced by the big government they constantly condemn and are afraid of. My father always said these people carry a stick for fear they might shite a mountain lion or wolf. Trump knows fear is the greatest motivator and torture and sociopathy fit his mode of operation and understanding of the power of fear