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Bernie Sanders Unveils 'A Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education'

Bernie Sanders Unveils 'A Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday unveiled the public education plan for his 2020 presidential campaign, calling for "a transformative investment in our children, our teachers, and our schools, and a fundamental re-thinking of the unjust and inequitable funding of our public education system."


Stop working for “We the People”, Bernie. It seems that many of those people would rather have Jackass Joe and the Status Quo, (Sounds like a bad garage band) if the polls are to be believed. I just hope that for me and most of the people on CD that STOOPID cannot be caught online!

Bernie clearly attracts capable and motivated advisors that consistently help him stay on point. That is a mark of a genuine leader. Bernie 2020!


The polls are as rigged as the rest of it. SOmone here (forget who) in the last week or two pointed out that one of the CNN polls that put Biden ahead of Bernie in double digits was conducted with 414 people most over the age of 50. the devil is in the details. I suspect that happens fairly often.

Listen to Jimmy Dore expose a poll (that uses Super Delegates to put Biden way ahead) yep they’re still going to use SD’s
May 16th show - start at about 34:34


"Status Quo, Touch-n-Go Joe" will never do for this country, what Bernie, if given the chance, will do.

The polls are all being manipulated to show Biden ahead.

Don’t be a jerk. Don’t believe it.


Bernard Sanders, the People’s President, since 2016 shows his commitment and dedication to our republic, people and environment.

While the regime of hate spews lies, deceit, greed, corruption, war and madness, Bernie Sanders stands tall and speaks truth

While the DINO establishment’s craven boot-lickers waffle and continue to serve wealth, usury, a for-profit corporate agenda and quake in their fear of actually fighting for the Common Good and the things that truly could make America “great”, Bernie Sanders lights the way for millions who see his truth!

We must reject the fascist racist regime and its frauds, greed and endless war, and the DINO shill candidates like Smiley-Joe who runs to serve the status quo and subvert the 2020 election as they did the last, pushing forth thru fraud and manipulation their failed candidate Hillary Clinton - that must not be allowed again!

Thru all adversity, Bernie Sanders shows his quality in detail, fighting for the people, civil and human rights, justice and the Common Good!


Head East…


Bernie Sanders has finally let his animal out. Go for it Bernie. Dump Trump & Biden in the trash can of history where they belong.


Education is the foundation of an industrialized civilization, anyone who thinks highly educated college graduates, deeply in debt with student loans, should have to abandon their own economic success in order to be teachers, rather than become engineers and doctors and businessmen as their high education levels allow - well that person stands squarely against the very cornerstone of our industrialized and capitalist economy. To say teachers are unworthy of high wages is to say american children are unworthy of good and competitive education. This is no different than being Anti-American.

Beyond that fact: Take a look at our universities, (you worthless pack of racist, right wing fanatics), they are teeming with Asians who are returning to Asia as honor graduates with advanced degrees in science and engineering, pushing their industrialized economies to a point where American industry falls far far behind. This is a direct result of their superiority as capitalists and as human beings. Something you can never rise above, no matter how much you wish you could. You may as well cut education out of the budget completely.

Heres a link - scroll down to page 52 to see the age citations

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Are we all going to sit aside and pretend, like the media and all the posts and reports, that we, as progressives, don’t know that:
1.) Bernie Sanders is running for president.
2.) Bernie sanders is the most popular politician in America
3.) Joe Biden’s success in the primaries is Trumps absolute best chance at winning a second term.


Nice find

So if I’m reading this correctly they DID NOT use age groups 18-49 as was stated here week(s) ago by one of our regulars.

Here’s the short version

On CNN this morning the lead on one show (about 8am CST) was about Biden being WAY out in front.

M$M is going to give Biden the Billion dollars in free publicity that they gave President Caligula last time.


Yeah, Bernie.
Except about the busing. Problems with busing:

  1. It uses up tons of time out of a lot of kids days.
  2. Bullying occurs on the bus, big time. Little to no supervision for a crowd double the size of kids classroom count. Schools NEVER leave kids unsupervised, except of course on the bus.
  3. National busing will use a ton of gas. Aren’t we trying to stop that?
  4. Gerrymandering occurs with school districts,too, not just voting districts. Take a hard look at reasonable school boundaries.

Autocracy is a systemic problem requiring a move to direct and liquid democracy. So far the only candidate to embrace this fix is Mike Gravel.
We need Mike in the debates.


I don’t know if Id vote for Gravel but I do think he should be in the debates.


I just reread the article. Dental and mental health care at school. Um. Screenings, maybe. But I never want my kids seeing a doctor without me being present unless it were an emergency. And a dentist? Heck no. There is too much judgment, discretion, error and history involved. Nice that the office facility be there, though.

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In the article I read about Gravel, he said he was running only to present in the debates, and that he already met the qualifications for that.

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I believe that is the 50,000 ft view of the plan. The detailed mechanics of how that would be implemented is probably another thing

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