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Bernie Sanders: US "Can't Be Blackmailed" by Saudi Arabia


Bernie Sanders: US "Can't Be Blackmailed" by Saudi Arabia

- Common Dreams staff

The Saudi Arabian government has threatened to sell of hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets should Congress pass a bi-partisan bill led by US Senator Chuck Schumer that could hold the kingdom responsible for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, The New York Times reported Friday.


15 years and still no fart. When it comes out, it's gonna really stink.


What a great response by Bernie, I wonder if it will make it to the msm.


Sanders and Clinton both said they couldn't comment on the legislation because they need more information, Clinton snidely insinuated that Sanders goes in without the facts, but he took the right stance: the very fact the Saudis can threaten to wreck our economy is itself the issue. Clinton lied saying she knew nothing about the legislation, she actually should well know the facts regarding the bill. Isn't she the one with all the foreign policy experience? Clinton won't say anything against the Saudis, they donate and prop up her corrupt ass so better not to burn that bridge.


Sorry enemyofwar that wan't supposed to be a reply to your post.


Funny thing, our ME "allies" don't give a damn about the US (or anyone else) - they blackmail America for arms, con us out of foreign-aid billions, and political support. The result is more war & destabilization they foment, profit from, or gain territory / hegemony as a result of! The Saudi's, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, all are only out for themselves regardless the usual death and displacement consequences for all others.......Bernie Sanders understands this.

The unusual alliance between Israel and Saudis is particularly dangerous to ME peace and the US. Both powers armed to the teeth, Israel with a large nuke arsenal, and coddled by treasonous politicians/Congress claiming a "special relationship" with them - both vicious "religious" war criminals wanting war with Iran. Time for a drastic change!

Our MICC for-profit war machine, political "leaders" & Congress have been corrupt, compliant & complicit so long, given-away so many billions, and supplied so many armaments / weapons systems, including banned and / or indiscriminate, and turned a blind-eye to war crimes, including our own - ALL should face the ICJ on war crimes charges!
Something really has to change the treasonous dynamic! Electing Bernie Sanders could be a beginning.......


I don't understand, I thought Saddam did it, isn't that why the GWB administration pushed so hard to invade and occupy Iraq. I don't get it!
Didn't GWB in his mission accomplished speech on the aircraft carrier say, “we have eliminated an ally of Al-Qaeda". Did they lie to us?
I guess at the time they didn't know that 14 of the 19 hijackers where from Saudi Arabia?
The truth I don't think most people in the US want to hear, it would scare the hell out of them.
As far as would our government cover up the truth to protect a so- called ally? Well, just remember what they did with Israel when they attacked the USS Liberty. What did Johnson say, something to affect that the truth should not get out, because it would embarrass our ally.


So what?!

Then somebody else will own these assets. If it is a fire sale meant to depreciate the value of these assets, then the loss will be the Saudis' and the new owners' gain.

With the oil price as low as it is and the phasing out of fossil fuels across the planet, Saudi Arabia can ill afford the shrinking of its reserves, that would entail.


The Iraq war was Cheney's quest for the second largest, easily recoverable source of oil on the planet. It had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, which was Saddam's greatest natural enemy, until Cheney with his neo-colonial ideas came along.

Fortunately the new Iraqi government refused to have its strings pulled by Cheney and awarded the first major oil contract to a Norwegian firm and not as Cheney had previously haughtily declared to countries of the "Coalition of the Willing".


Thanks, but beyond that..


Limited hangout, anyone?


It seems Saudi royals will do anything to cover their own asses and they don't care what they do to their country.


what does "limited hangout" mean?


The total value of the U.S. is roughly $115-130 trillion. This looks like a pretty small threat, financially. Politically, not so much. But, the idea of tit-for-tat with the Saudis would certainly raise the price of oil ( futures ) around the globe. Hmmmm... the new Saudi Sovereign Fund? Besides, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know the House of Saud's connections to 9/11. Neck deep in the doo doo, for sure. Even if they used surrogates; which they did and do all the time in these things, of course. That Hillary wouldn't give a direct answer could of been easily overcome by George S. He merely needed to open a window and let Hillary wet her finger and then stick it outside. Sheesh... think on your feet, George!


They have large farms in La Paz county AZ where they grow feed for there fancy horse's, ship it there because they've pumped their land dry. They are pumping southern AZ dry. Sell? You bet. Maybe Zonies can buy it, shut-off the wells and start to farm their own land once again. Win Win in AZ. The saufi's wells are really deep and ours are shallow and running dry. Get em' outta Dodge.


Blackmail pure and simple.

Lots of folks are going to freak when the phony 9/11 cover is finally blown. On some level, we all knew it was B.S. anyway.


It is beyond belief that our lawmakers did not hold SA accountable after 9/11 and even more unbelievable that we sold them F15 fighter jets and trained the pilots. Go to bed with someone and you usually get screwed. How many times has it happend to the US who allows this to go on and allows the weapons sales around the world. We make an enemy out of Russia and China and Iran continually. Scare, fear mongers and talk of cold war with Russia. I guess it is just who we are as we elected these people continously! oh, as this cycle is proving maybe that is a lie also.


And it can't be blackmailed by Israel too. U.S. policy of chaos in the Mideast directly benefits both countries.


We, here in the US, have had the "Know Nothings" in the 19th century and in this decade of the 20th we have the "I Don't Know Yets". Give me a fooking break. If she can't give a straight answer and give the impression that she takes the state of the US and the world seriously, she falls back on weasel word contrivance.


Let them tell all, it is about time we prosecute our war criminals past and present.