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Bernie Sanders Wants to Expand Social Security

Bernie Sanders Wants to Expand Social Security

Heather Gautney

Social Security was signed into law by Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s to guarantee workers and their families an income if they retire, become disabled, or if a breadwinner dies. At the time, Republicans and conservative Democratic lawmakers disparaged the legislation as “socialist,” and the American Bar Association and US Chamber of Commerce decried it as an attempt to “Sovietize the country.”

I trust few in DC, very few. Bernie demonstrated in his 2016 campaign the ability to document how his initiatives would be funded and did so on his campaign’s web site. By doing so, he has earned my trust to a level whereby I do not see any of his proposals as “pie-in-the-sky” aspirations. Progressives need to use Bernie to the extent possible. Whether or not he is the candidate for 2020 remains to be seen, but his ideas and his methodology of discovery and documentation simply must be adopted by the progressive cause. Forward momentum needs to be maintained. The fresh faces of 2018 are a most welcome addition, but old school, homework-driven ethics like Bernie exudes must be used to ground progressive efforts. Peace.


Let the Old Ladies Die in the Street, we don’t need no stinking Social Security.

The affable Ronny Reagan was great at stabbing you in the back while smiling from ear to ear, he was able to give cover to the Greedy Heartless portion of America.

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Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace

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Well Ronny had a lot of disgusting helpers. Some, like in the Trump Administration were crooks.
So who’s social security are they willing to mess with. Their grand parents, parents, or disabled family member?
Certainly no one who has paid in for a substantial part of their lives. Hot air I say.

Sanders can say anything he wants, but I won’t take any of it seriously till he decisively renounces imperialism & war.

But instead, he rails against Maduro in Venezuela, helping to give Trump the Democrat ‘cover’ for the coup, he votes 100% for every war appropriation & war budget increase, he wants to keep US troops in Afganiraq & Syria, and he threw his support for uber-militarist Hillary ‘Dick Cheney in Drag’ Clinton.

Why do you think we have Austerity in the US anyway?

Because we keep pissing away our resources on war.

It amazes me how many people fall for Sanders’ scam.

Given a choice between spending on healthcare for the poor and war off in some poverty stricken jungle or desert somewhere far away, i would rather spend on healthcare for poverty stricken elderly and disabled here, even new immigrants than on war anywhere. War is such a huge waste of money.

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Many people are expressing interest in Bernie Sanders running for president in 2020. The same with Elizabeth Warren. Some have suggested a Sanders/Warren (or Warren/Sanders) ticket. But what I was thinking recently, do we really want to pull these excellent law makers out of the legislative branch of the federal government? More and more, I wonder if its such a good idea that we throw these Senators into the titular role of ‘president’. Can president make legislation the way Sanders and Warren are doing? And then once they have been in that position, what then? They are effectively done it seems to me, thrown away like a used … whatever. If they stay where they are, they can keep being effective for years and years longer. Bernie Sanders might have done just the right thing. He ran for president but didn’t win, inspired lots and lots of people, who are now taking up his causes. And he can continue to fight from Capitol Hill.

AOC is certainly where she needs to be.

American non-managerial workers have been royally screwed over by their employers for over 45 years. If one truly wants to expand Social Security while increasing solvency and getting employers to compensate workers for the theft of their productivity, one other approach is to increase FICA rates for employers that have benefited from that theft. As an example the employer’s portion of FICA could be increased to 18.6% for those employees who earn very little (say less than $25k) while that employee’s rate drops in half to 3.1%. For the employee who earns between $25 - $50k, the employer would pay 12.4% while the employee would pay something like 4.65%. Something like that should make it possible to improve the COLA to the CPI-E and increase every recipient’s monthly benefit by somewhere between $350 and $500 a month with everyone getting the same dollar amt.