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Bernie Sanders: We Need People to Stand Up to Billionaire Class, Ccorporate America


Bernie Sanders: We Need People to Stand Up to Billionaire Class, Ccorporate America

Democracy Now!

In a Democracy Now! special, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sat down with Amy Goodman at the Free Library of Philadelphia in late November in his most extensive broadcast interview since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton just weeks earlier.


The problem is, we need to cast blame or nothing will change.
The blame lies squarely with the unDemocratic Democratic Party, the Super Delegates, the Kowtowing to Corporate Masters, and most importantly, the DNC/DLC.
Until those change, we will get more candidates like Hillary.
Until those change, the Republicans will continue to win at all levels.
Without strong leadership, there is no excitement and without excitement, the Democratic Party is going to lose.


For lack of what should be obvious concerns on Sen. Bernie Sanders' part -- and likely Amy Goodman's,
as well - I find what I've read of this article shockingly lacking IF you expect anything from either one of them.
And I wonder, are we aware that we should no longer expect anything?

-- Seemingly neither Bernie nor Amy question how this liberal nation has come to put the right wing in charge
of everything?
No concerns even now for the past 50+ years of right wing violence against liberal leaders?
No concerns even now for 50 years and more of this nation voting on hack-able computers?

--Nor do they question the effects of "in the open" steals of elections and primaries over the last 16 years,
which imo will lead to many more Americans refusing to vote or participate in these elections in any way.

-- Nor do they relate the obvious: Democratic Party and elected Democrats -- even when they have had
control -- have been Impotent . . . Unresponsive . . . Silent . . . offering absolutely no opposition.
That the Dem Party has long been under the control of Koch Bros. and other large corporations seems too
much for them to utter, so pretense is in order?

-- Nor do they conclude anything . . . which from these unvoiced concerns should tell them that the nation
has long ago suffered a coup on our government and that our political parties are in the hands of fascists.


If the "new approach" does not include shaking the Democratic Party's three decade addiction to corporate money, the "new approach" will result in the trend of ever fewer voters identifying as Democrats that has persisted for more than a half century.

FDR's New Deal gave the Party the greatest strength it ever had. Until the Party figures out how to restore all of the New Deal regulations and programs that were dismantled during the past four decades there is little hope that the GOP will lose its grip and high probability its grip will continue to strengthen.


Sadly, Bernie has shattered his own authenticity and gives aid to those who are standing in the way. Thanks for what you have done, Bernie. I wish you had the courage to have broken with the Dems at the convention. You would not have won the election, but you would have put a third party into a viable enough position for 2020.


You were the new approach, Bernie . . . at least it sure seemed and felt as if you were.

Now it's difficult to take anything you say all that seriously, despite its potential validity . . . similar to legal perjury. What are we to believe is true?

That, I fear, will be one of the consequences of this disastrous campaign/election cycle, resulting from those, such as yourself, who caved to the very billionaire class you want to now keep warning us about.

We do indeed need people to stand up . . . real stand up kinda folks, who will remain true and consistent to their principles.


Goddamit, say it Bernie! the DLCers and corporate dems need to be purged or there is no reason for the rest of us, the 99% to work with the Democrats.


Greenwich: Exactly.


Oh no, he won't do such a thing. No blame! It's because there has been a wrong "approach"!

Next obfuscation may well include "moving forward" and other such mealy mouth politi-speak.

Name names of corporate sellouts in the Democratic Party? Sanders will never utter such truths. I will never forgive him for repeatedly arguing in defense of Pelosi taking "impeachment off of the table", and Obama for "looking forward not backward" in regard to criminal investigation of Bush Administration crimes against humanity et al.

That, sadly is the real Sanders, but he sure talks a great game.


What is striking is how regional it is. In the Northeast and on the West Coast the Democrats control nearly everything. As would be expected the Republicans have a lot control in the southern states and the plains states. Would should be of most concern to Democrats is the swing toward the Republicans in the Midwest. There are now a number of Midwest Republican governors. When Wisconsin keeps electing Scott Walker you know something is up. Right now the base of the Democrats is largely minorities and white professionals. Anywhere there are many highly educated people and lots of high tech jobs the Democrats do well. To the working class these people are seen as elites and there is probably a lot of resentment. There is also a lot of resentment of the white working class over the gains that African Americans had made and the election of an African American president. I doubt if Bernie has the answer. The Democrats are aware of their weaknesses. But finding the answer is going to be more difficult than simply following what Bernie Sanders thinks.


I supported and still support Sen. Sanders for the issues he addressed and advocated for. And, I along with many others, were very disappointed that he did not address the US empire among other very important topics.

I also did not and do not expect him or anyone else to be the "savior of the Republic". Each of us in our own way is responsible for the mess we now have. Denial, indifference, blind obedience to the status quo, intentional ignorance, enabling or ignoring bad behavior, ad nauseum are all factors in the long slide to this "era".

Question is whether there is a critical mass wiling and able for the long slog needed to prevent the further elimination of what we have lost or to gain what we never had.


In total agreement with this post. Senator Sanders has said it over and over again. He cannot do it alone, and he has said that the elites in the DNC power group need to step aside for new VOICES. No one could have said it more often or in more ways. We are the ones who did not take up the call to unite. Not he.


Many very good posts above.

Like it or not, the 535 people in Congress are there for the next two years and it's our duty to follow their votes and actions closely. We must hope that Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Ellison, Gabbard, and others in the Progressive Caucus can generate some opposition to the GOP and establishment Democrats.
If Keith Ellison is not selected as the chair of the DNC, the Democrats are beyond reform with corporatists such as Schumer, Pelosi, and others in charge. At that point we have to work and hope that a third political party with progressive economic values can replace one of the two corporate parties, since they differ greatly on only social issues.


Think about it. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the "masses" -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. The Clinton admin. split this base wide apart, and the past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent. The Dem Party is over for the foreseeable future.

We're 20 years into one hell of a war on the poor. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. Many voted for Obama on the chance that we could begin turning things around, and it was worth a try.


Were Jesus Christ himself created the best voting strategy ever, backed by tens of millions of motivated citizens, we would still have to get past a corrupted elections system owned by an anti-American cabal with a computer.

If this nation doesn't shit-can electronic machines NOW, any effort to turn the tide is futile.


Liberal media itself abandoned any progressive economic agenda since the 1990s. They continue to implicitly support the corporate doctrine that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. Democrats are over for the foreseeable future because they've only maintained their war on the poor. Liberals continue to Stand in Solidarity to protect the advantages of the better-off, the middle class (occasional pat on head to min. wage workers...).


Any thing we can do to get Drumpf's feelings hurt is a good place to start, and I think the sooner the better. Boycott the inauguration! He's all about ratings, we'll make it the lowest rating EVER!


Exactly....Bernie did what circumstances allowed him to....He's still out there rousing the troops out of our culturally induced stupor.....but he's one person....Many of us need to respond as political citizens.....Democracy's ideal is that every citizen assumes responsible leadership. We've been conditioned to answer the call of leaders who step out of the crowd.
What we need to start doing is listening and responding to crowd members...ordinary people...That starts locally with people you know and meet frequently...individuals who share local public concerns for their own sake and not with an eye toward high or higher office. It's going to take a shift of emphasis politically. Dump the idea of seeking and inducing charismatic or simply courageous personalities to run for office. That's what keeps us in these vicious cycles of abusive power grabs. We need to be armies of the ordinary politically. Charisma only invites cults of personality and the vicious cycle all over again.


Sorry Bernie, I guess you weren't listening, or getting the message when you bailed for HRC and the DP: We have been fighting the billionaires. Advocating. Protesting. It's the DP who got into bed with all of them, and still is. You are part of the problem. So is Warren. So is Ellison.

None of you are part of the rust belt, the worker, the middle-class (what's left of it) but you are definitely part of the problem. You got behind outsourcing with the Clintons and that was not good for any of us. And yet these trade deals keep coming up over and over as the US labor market is decimated. Wow. What happened Sanders?

Sorry. We aren't listening to you any longer.


And created the middle class. Our politics works for the top 10%, but not for the remaining 90%.