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Bernie Sanders Will End the IMF's Economic Violence in Greece and Africa


Bernie Sanders Will End the IMF's Economic Violence in Greece and Africa

Robert Naiman

Many people want to know more about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' foreign policy agenda. Yes, they say, we like what Sanders is saying about reducing extreme inequality, about reducing the political power of the billionaire class. But what about U.S. foreign policy? Yes, they say, Bernie voted no on the Iraq war; yes, they acknowledge, Sanders supports the Iran deal.


There is increasing support from populists in the Republican party for Bernie Sanders. Those thousands of people attending the growing crowds at every Sander’s speech are not all socialists or even liberals. Americans of all stripes are beginning to express their support for economic justice all over the world as well as in the US and opposing the corporatization of our country and our government.

America is beginning to feel the Bern and once it catches, there will be a revolutionary firestorm of change for all of us.


Note that Bernie calls for millions of people to become engaged in politics.

I agree that one person cannot alone make much of a dent in our plutocracy, but if he, and we, can get engaged around the issues that he stands for, that is a non violent means to bring about some change.

Young people are for the most part screwed. Future retirees without defined benefits pensions and decades of low wage jobs are screwed.

The 'trade" agreements, TPP, TPIP, etc. are give aways to the corporations.

If people can realize the structural issues and act consistently, they can bring about change.

And the next crash will show that the bankers have no clothes.

And the US has not won a war in 75 years but spends like the dying empire it is

And mother nature is getting our attention more and more

So, big changes will come. Are we going to be part of getting better changes?.


Most of the parades were yesterday. You had your chance at seeding the clouds but we appear to have little chance for rain, going forward. The Black Agenda Report has agenda in it’s name for a reason, I presume. As Johnny Cash pointed out so eloquently in " One Piece At A Time " stealing a car is grand theft auto. But, taking it one piece at a time and putting it together at home is regarded in American politics as being " entrepreneurial ". And, I hear America needs more entrepreneurs.


The IMF has to go. The M/I/I Complex has to go. Put those up for a Greek style binding popular referendum.

The “national defense” establishment has made us less safe after trillions spent on it. Why not defund it and allow people to buy into government terrorism insurance?


Naiman is outspoken about Palestine and has participated in blockade-breaking attempts with Gaza flotillas.

It would be good to see Naiman analyze Sanders’ voting record and public statements on Israel, MIC, Ukraine, etc.


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I think that potential is there for this to happen, which would make his campaign substantively different than those of Kucinich and more like the early Nader run in 2000.

What there will not be is a revolutionary firestorm of anything with Sanders or any other candidate. That’s not how revolutions work. Otherwise, I’ve seen this movie many times before. Marginal Democrats get blasted in the primaries, and most of the time, the rank and file eventually go towards the right wing nominee because, you know, Republicans. That’s the cycle that needs to get broken, not necessarily the primary process.


Obama called for precisely the same thing, and look how that turned out.

A Democrat, regardless of their intentions, cannot create a movement. They can only co-opt one. And a mere two years after Obama’'s first election, most of those energized youth were disgusted by getting hoodwinked (again!) and flipped the bird to the midterms.

This is why it’s imperative to never tie a movement to the big parties. They’ll eat them alive.


Where are the numbers specific to left or right Sanders supporters?


Bernie is being used to light a back-fire, then extinguish it with HIS PLEDGE TO SUPPORT HILLARY if (when) she wins the primary. Then his supporters will say
“We tried. Better Hillary than a Republican.” (Ms. NAFTA/Wal-Mart/Heritage Fdn.-“Health”-care/bomb and starve Iraq, Iran, Yugoslavia- isn’t a Republican?)
Then discouragement will set in, Bernie will NOT say “We need to build a revolutionary
party.” (Or even a NON-CORPORATE PARTY like the Greens.) “Let’s get out of this
capitalist quicksand!” (NOPE!) If he did, I might excuse the temporary class-collaboration. A REAL socialist would try to educate the American people to the fact
that the “Democratic” party is a capitalist: corporate-controlled good ol’ boys’ (and a
few gals- ain’t that great?!) Good ol’ millionaires’ club, well entrenched with friendships
and deals, and its own culture that resists real change with bombs, bullets, COINTELPRO, NSA, NDAA/Indefinite Detention, kill lists, coup d’etats, (Never mind the NAZI’s in Ukraine.)…
But he has PLEDGED to support Hillary. “I like her, I respect her.” said Bernie. You don’t think she supports TPP, TTIP, TISA…? She didn’t complain about NAFTA!
So Bernie rails against the plutocrats, then pledges to support one!
If you want a revolution, get serious and study the people who MADE one!
Read Lenin and Trotsky, and talk to people in the revolutionary socialist parties.
Have an open mind, yes be questioning, but most socialists want a democratic form
of socialism, not some brutal Stalinism which would endanger anyone who questions.
The real idea of socialism is to apply democratic control to the economic sphere of
life, so that no one goes without necessities, as is the case all over the capitalist world.
I liked Bernie when he spoke for Single Payer, and defended Social Security. But
to support someone, who if elected, could use his bully pulpit to defend American
workers, while supporting the slaughter of workers in other countries- That is a
devil’s bargain. I want my fair share, but I don’t want it covered in blood. And I do
want a government, and a SYSTEM- that will go all out to save our planet and its people, animals, habitats, and natural wonders rather than subordinate EVERYTHING to the dictates of the god of the marketplace. It can never have
enough profit. This system goes, or WE go! Can we get serious enough?
Here’s how serious our situation is:http://www.globalresearch.ca/climate-change-versus-the-dangers-of-nuclear-war-three-minutes-to-midnight/5460440
Do you want to keep taking advice from the same people who gave us Obama and
Feinstein and the Clintons?


What will the mechanisms look like that create a grass-roots movement of millions? We don’t know. No one has that crystal ball. If Sanders wins both the nomination and the presidency then ‘something’ happened. Something truly big happened. If we had runoff elections then one could see how such an unlikely event could occur. But much would have already occurred to have runoff elections in the first place. Thus, if Sanders were to win the presidency with the system we presently have, it would seem absurd to put limits on what that could mean.

If a successful movement did take place, with results that would make you want to shout from the mountains tops, with every reason to believe it will last and grow stronger and stronger, what do you think its genesis, it’s early chapters would have looked like? Before there was any certainty what it would eventually become. How do you think it might have happened? Even projecting backwards, it’s still a mystery.

The complexities in these matters make predictions seems like folly. Chomsky has often stated that how humans behave and interact is not physics. There are no laws that have been pried from nature’s vault or mathematical algorithms that we constructed that can generalize let alone predict human events. ‘Game theory’ has zero insights on such matters. We have no idea what the tripping points are, or what and how they would manifest themselves. Hopes, expectations, fears, optimism, everything will be riding the same wave into unchartered waters. We need only to look at Greece. And we damn well should be giving them our support. What they’re doing pertains to all of us.

There ARE people out there who don’t believe that the only way to ‘serve’ is to sell yourself. In my eyes no one represented this more than Cynthia McKinney. There are others, they’re not hard to find. They are not afraid to lose. They understand that there is a bigger goal. They represent their constituents and the general population. After all, just who will? When we realize that it was always ‘in our hands’, and that the two parties are not the only game in town, then voting does have power, even in our winner take all system. And if there are revolutionary changes, would it be surprising that it looked like this at the start?


At least Bernie is talking about things the other candidates are not even mentioning…The GOP clown bus is nothing but a busload of rhetorical gasbag sessions…The only subjects the GOP hopefuls talk about is gay marriage,Abortion,Gay marriage,abortion,gay marriage abortion,or war on Christianity or other useless BS garbage…Oh and my favorite is Obama bad me good…These champions of non issues are flooding the arenas, to listen to one of them is to listen to all…They get on the podium and talk about how bad Obama has been for this country and how we need more tax cuts for the rich and the lefts war on god fearing folks…more lies…They can point fingers and complain but ask one of them what they would do to make it better and they cant come up with an answer…They are all clowns of the worst order…If I had to vote for one of these morons and someone was holding a gun to my head I would just say eany meany miny moe…catch an idiot by the toe.


Google Sanders + F-35, or Sanders + Gaza, you will see he is militarist and imperialist deep down and when it counts. And militarism and imperialism are incompatible with the well-being of workers.

Most likely Sanders is another Trojan Horse, like Obama.


Yes, this imperialist, running lackey dog must be purged from the people’s movement and sent on a flying pig back to Israel immediately. His " sheep dogging " is so obvious and effective that real sheep ranchers are removing their barbed wired fencing and just using invisible fencing and rebroadcasts of Bernie’s appearance in Madison, Wisconsin. Amazingly, the sheep just keep pushing the replay button and chew their cud. So mesmerized by the forcefulness of his message of " it’s not about me, it’s about you " that even Bah, Bah, Black sheep, Have you any wool? To, again, pull over my eyes…" is now surging as an all time favorite, revived rhyme. Even in rap culture! " Bernie must go by any disparaging words, and means, necessary: purge him, purge him " shouted 9 Green Party supporters outside the studio of ANOT, the pirate radio station of Anacortes, Wa. Broadcasting every Friday and Saturday night from 9-11 P.M. and, of course, hosted by Sled Dog and his intrepid crew, aka The Canines. s/


“The shrewd capitalists…show you the teeth of the wolf so you run to the jaws of the fox.”
–Malcolm X
(Rather than build a non-corporate, non- murderous alternative.) Yeah, it’s work to
build a new party, but don’t we wish the German people had done something like that
in the 1930’s? They might have saved about 80 million lives!
The “Democrats”, as well as the “Republicans”, are responsible for DEATHS IN THE
MILLIONS, from our wars-based-on-lies, and economic warfare against civilians:
The “Democratic” party is corporate-controlled, believes in a juggernaut system of
ever-more-competitive capitalism. Economic competition morphs into military
competition (war), because no one wants to back down when the stakes are in the
Billion$, even Trillions now!
And the Obama administration is, as we speak, working on a scenario for a NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE against Russia! And Obama’s “Pivot
to Asia” is provocative and hostile, in line with Brzezinski’s thinking, and TPP.
Bernie should be educating the American people to the fact that the “Democratic”
party, as a corporate, capitalist party IS PART OF THE PROBLEM!
“You show me a capitalist, I’ll show you a bloodsucker.” --MalcolmX


You seem to be pushing O’Malley. Will you come out for Biden when he joins the race?