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Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement of Nation’s Largest Nurses Union


Bernie Sanders Wins Endorsement of Nation’s Largest Nurses Union

David Macaray

Bernie Sanders may eventually get flattened like a proverbial pancake by the Hillary Clinton juggernaut, but for the time being at least, he’s not only drawing increasingly large and enthusiastic crowds to his rallies, it was announced August 10 that he has landed his first major labor endorsement, being embraced by the 185,000 member NNU (National Nurses United).


The fact that Bernie picked up a labor endorsement comes as no surprise to me. The shocking event will be the moment I see the major media outlets acknowledge he even exists. Every time I turn on one of over half dozen news programs all I see is Hillary’s face. Thank goodness for social media and the internet to galvanize support for him.


I look at the nurses union having come together during the period of most intensive push under Citizens United. As much an endorsement of a candidate I feel it a resonance on issues and reminder of how privatization (usurpation by ideology) of resources best shared, community well being, the commons, regenerative resources in life, local self-determination are ripped from policy and tossed into the “externalized costs” columns of an abusive system - a pattern that needs to be reversed.


" Just look back to the humble beginnings of Barack Obama’s run for president."

First off in my view Bernie is carrying much more momentum at this point then Obama was.Secondly, Bernie is twice the candidate Obama was. He as much more experience with the process and his message over the years been consistent. And last and more importantly, Bernie is the peoples candidate - Obama was hand picked by the democratic party establishment.
This is an opportunity for the people to elect a candidate that is outside of the establishment’s choice.
We have got to pay attention on this and get behind Bernie.


Bernie Sanders speaks before 70,000 on his west coast tour, a fact being ignored by the MSM. The New York Times tells its readers today that Hillary spoke to 600 in a school somewhere. Now this, Professor Lessig is throwing his hat in the ring for the Democratic Nomination. And so it goes.


From everything I’ve been seeing lately on the ‘new’ media, twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube . . . it’s Hillary Clinton being flattened by Bernie Sanders. You cannot put a price on passion and excitement. Hillary would give up her entire war chest, present and future, to be where Bernie is now,


The support of the AFL-CIO for Reagan spelled the death knell for unions in general. The AFL-CIO is aware that their decision to back Reagan then, resulted in less union members, lower wages, less job security, less influence in government and a major contributer to the widening gap between the rich and poor, but it doesn’t translate into immediate support this time around for the only pro-labor candidate in the race. Corporate Ammerica has been less successful at undermining the nurses union but feel comfortable that their control of the mass media will eventually stop Bernie dead in his tracks as the public has proven time after time that big, misleading ad campaigns are very effective at convincing most Americans to vote against their best interests.
For most readers here at CD, I feel that we view Bernie as not being all that far to the Left, but to corporate America, Bernie may be the most dangerous man in the U.S. today.