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Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana – And The Political Debate


Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana – And The Political Debate

Robert Borosage

Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist insurgent, won Indiana convincingly Tuesday night – 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent – over Hillary Clinton, the establishment moderate. This is a remarkable victory, a statement of the extent and scope of the Sanders surge.


When I query Hillary supporters about her strengths, they are generally unable to find any in their minds' rolodexes. They are generally Dems that are Dems because their parents were. We desperately need civics to be discussed in the schools so that people can understand what issues truly mean. Bernie is the best civics teacher this country has seen in a very long time.


Did anyone notice how little Bernie's win was mentioned on main stream media? They broke in several times to announce Trump's win in Indiana during regular programing and never did once on Bernie's win. I don't even know what shit major network I was watching. I think it was CBS.


While I have not lived there for many, many years, I was born and grew up in Indiana.
I do travel back there frequently for family.
Indiana is VERY conservative and for Bernie to win so decisively is a BIG DEAL.
This is a state where all of the parking meters (remember those) had stickers prominently displayed on them placed by the John Birch Society (Koch country) that said alternately "Get US out of the United Nations" and "Impeach Earl Warren".
If Bernie can win in Indiana, he can win anywhere in the country.
Hillary on the other hand will not be able to beat Donald Trump.
Go Bernie!


msm are never to be believed. I skim the NYTimes but never read it in depth anymore and as for tv "news" what a joke that has become. I watch RT with Thom Hartman and Ed Schultz and others. and yes I too am getting tired of Amy and Juan presupposing Hillary's "win" not a big help to the left from those who claim to be. shame on them. GO BERNIE GO and I still send him a check each week and do voter registration in Berkeley, California!


Clinton has called for Democratic unity, saying to Sanders voters that “more unites us than divides us.”
Same could be said of any and all humans, including quite a few that would besmirch my keyboard were I to list them. But once you get past the level of English-speaking, college-educated, bodily functions, blood type and bone-marrow matching, there is absolutely zero that I would willingly claim or recognize in common with HRC. She has sent me to the cess-pool end of the thesaurus in search of words that are a better approximation to my reaction to her than loathing and abhorrence. If you have suggestions, please reply.


I noticed that my TV news station, even over here, called Trump's win, something like 'strong and impressive' and Bernie's 'narrowly eked out win.' When we have 53.3% and 52.5% respectively. I sent them a request to explain this huge difference in the rhetoric when the percentages are almost the same.


Unfortunately since the Regan administration's FCC got rid of the "fairness doctrine" coupled with the Clinton administration's FCC and FTC allowing the consolidation of the media and the judge who ruled that Papa John's Pizza can say "better ingredients better pizza" was not important in the Pizza Hut's lawsuit because TV is a lie anyway. Your request will probably be ignored.

Pizza Hut sued because they both buy the same ingredients from the same huge food companies.


The Democratic nominee would be far better advised to present a bold
agenda for change, than to be painted as a defender of our corrupted
politics and our rigged economy.

He already is.


If Trump winds up costing the Republicans the House and Senate things will change big time regardless of whether the Democratic nominee is Clinton or Sanders. The Republican Party has been taken over by someone who is not an economic conservative. This has the potential to completely shake things up. It appears that rather than being a party largely for economic conservatism it will become a party that wants to go back to the way things were when the US was much "whiter" than it is now.


My frivolous harping of the day: I wish the margins of wins would be described consistently...
1% or less = "Virtual Tie" or "Razor-Thin"
2-5% = Close
6-10% = Clear
11-19% = Commanding
20%+ = Landslide

Any math geeks out there that can explain the mean variations etc?





Yes, and even when they do mention him, like on NPR (t whom I used to donate money, but not since they've become: Now Pandering to Republicans!) he didn't even get top billing in his own story! "Despite HRC being the presumptive Dem nominee, Bernie won Indiana, and then trying to rationalize his win in a wan that diminishes the victory and its significance.
It seems like there's still a whole lotta fight left before the Democratic Party nominee is named.
And if he doesn't win, and I really hope he's already in discussions with them, he should accept the Green Party mantle and sweep into the white house in January!
As I've said elsewhere, corporations are vampires incarnate, and HRC guards their coffins!
How do you kill a vampire? With a Berning stake through their heart!
Feel the Bern!


Oh yeah, and if you want us to continue to win, ante up for W. Virginia!
Who's got $27 more dollars? I do!


Yes, I've unsubscribed from Daily Kos several months ago. They basically called the primary a done deal after Iowa. They pretty much dismissed NH -- just his own stomping grounds. Haven't read them since.


Yes, I caught that also. I thought the article was misleading in that it somewhat indicated that winning the political debate carried weight for the nomination. Didn't get that from the article itself, which just seems to be more pandering for HRC.


"Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist insurgent, won Indiana
convincingly Tuesday night – 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent – over Hillary
Clinton, the establishment moderate."

Bernie Sanders--Socialist?
Bernie Sanders-insurgent?

The author is bloody stupid. Sanders is neither, unless measured by the uniquely introverted red-neck view of the world held by the USA's "Establishment".

Hillar Clinton-moderate?

"We came, we saw, he died", is somewhat immoderate, to be polite to the wretched creature.


Good article, but

can we please, please stop calling people who favor ecological destruction, gross destabilization of societies, wide-ranging murder through populations, governmental opacity and fiat executions as "moderate"?


Exactly bardamu,

She usually acts in a most Conservative manner. Profiting from war while letting the Fortune 500 dictate her every move.


Third Way, the Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals would be perfectly happy with Trump. As long as Bernie doesn't win they will be satisfied.