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Bernie Sanders Would Be Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare; Hillary, Not So Much


Bernie Sanders Would Be Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare; Hillary, Not So Much

Shaun King

You may not like Donald Trump. Hell, you may hate his guts and think he is the worst thing to ever happen to American politics in modern history.

If you called him an offensive, sexist, xenophobic bigot, I'd be first in line to agree with you.


There is another, serious reason why Bernie would be Trump's worst nightmare. While Hillary is compromised and will have to calculate her responses to Trump in the debates according to a whole labyrinth of dangerous (to her) positions she has taken and hypocritical flip-flops, and her desire to please both her donors and her potential voters, Bernie will always respond straight, without calculus; he is operating from a principled position and therefore doesn't have to worry about his record or his policies being contradictory. In the cases where is has been called out, he can set the record straight or he can learn from people who tell it to him like it is.


I can't see anyway that Clinton wins in November either. It's beyond bizarre that Democratic voters are even voting for her.


What confuses me is the number of voters willing to vote for an American nightmare (Clinton and Trump), when they could vote for the American dream.


This is a solid insight that should be used to discredit the phony Progressives who OCCUPY these threads in order to win support for Trump:

"Donald Trump is a filthy rich fat cat. He's gaudy and cartoonish with his wealth. He openly admits that he hires foreign workers for cheap jobs and abuses tax loopholes. He is the poster child for everything that Bernie Sanders has railed against — not just in this campaign, but for his entire life in public service."

While the following chronology is taken from the article, Mr. King misses something in analyzing its cause:

"He's also an incredibly formidable politician who just beat the dog crap out of more than a dozen different Republicans including the current governors from Ohio, Wisconsin and New Jersey, two widely-known multi-term governors from Florida and Texas, four current U.S. senators from Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida and Texas, a doctor and a former tech CEO."

The missing ingredient is CELEBRITY. A nation glued to media is going to respond--as Pavlov's dogs did--to specific media images and sounds.

Trump was given CONSTANT media attention, and far more than Mr. Sanders.

That kind of media spotlight typically costs big bucks. Obviously, Trump has friends in high media places. Otherwise, the broadcast companies that made Trump front and center have their issues with the old school Republicans and were ready for another member of the billionaire class to play CEO for Brand America... to the chagrin of the rest of the world.


Great piece & analysis Shaun!
It's becoming increasingly clear the "choices" available are not - just duopoly domination & servitude of the 99%, environmental degradation, endless war, global corporate exploitation/fascism, banker/Wall Street usury, national social division....just more business as usual with zero moral vision for a sustainable or just future, only more & greater corrupt politics.

The only choice, absent Clinton being denied her nomination/coronation, is a Bernie Sanders independent candidacy - the only current leader with any moral compass and personal integrity.
The only option If Sanders is denied the nomination, as the utterly corrupt Dem establishment and MSM allies work overtime to assure, is some form of third party run.
As Einstein said, there isn't time to wait for another corrupt political cycle with the same results. The demographics for Sanders are there - high negatives for Clinton & Trump - great support from old-school Dems and Reps, along with Independents, "new-wave" younger Bernie supporters, and all who despise politics as usual and servitude to 1% big-money thieves and parasites, warmongers and corporate fascists.
If not Sanders there is no choice - if not now we can kiss our future goodbye and submit. Sanders must never submit his integrity to the Dem/Clinton machine - likewise the threat of the utterly unprincipled billionaire "businessman", showman, fraud, bigot is too great - too unknown.

The only logical, moral voice - choice, millions will flock to & support, is Bernie Sanders.....


This article is a breath of fresh air, Bernie is being disappeared throughout the progressive internet. AlterNet has a boilerplate piece by Robert Kuttner dealing with the problems his darling Hillary is likely to face against Trump, read it if your breakfast is well digested, otherwise steer clear. I'm not posting it, I'm only using it as an example of Caspar Milquetoasts's revenge, and what is likely to be standard fare until...


If Bernie leaves the Democrats and teams up with the Greens, or another party of the left, he can build a party of the people, lead a movement, continue with his revolution, and possibly change the US political landscape for years to come.

If he stays with the Democrats, he will do none of the above.

In either case, unless there is a drastic change in the political situation, either Clinton or Trump will be president.
And it matters little which of the two wins - the 99% will lose.

Go Bernie - build a party of the people.


That's what we all must do PonyBoy! Many hands make light work! I have been giving every week or two in my small way.
We must also pressure and support Bernie to revolt against the powers that be if denied the nomination, and take his/our fight directly to the people - he must not cave or fail us now, just as WE must not fail HIM!
If not Bernie who? If not NOW, when? We may never get a better chance.........


Hey Trump, call Clinton's bluff: Release transcripts of your paid speeches to Wall St.!


I have sent $25 five times to Bernie. I am 74 years old. I hate wars and the Wall Street Crime Syndicate. Our health care system is a farce unless you are part of the elite plutocratic grifters. Climate Change is going to be worse this year and much worse next year etc into the future and the planet earth does not care about our self made suffering.
Bernie Sanders 2016


There is one faction this article neglects. Hillary Clinton is conservative enough on pro-war Hawk issues and Trade policies that republican leaning independents who don't want to vote for Trump could very well vote for Clinton as well.


And some republicans too, would vote for her. But the points of the article remain sound.


Nobody will have a bigger grin than Trump on the day Hillary is nominated.

Trump is expert at wrapping opponents' baggage around their necks, and Hillary has more baggage than all of Trump's GOP opponents combined.


Contrary I think it's interesting and fascinating this even happened. How can Trump be a nightmare when he singlehandedly thwarted and circumvented the entire evil process and the cold blooded/calculating assholes that structured it. Who wants to protect that? Them? Everyone bitches about breaking through the process. Well, guess what? It's possible!

One thing about the left, it's easily spooked (Good grief, look at that clip from Rob Reiner on MSNBC yesterday. He probably crapped in his pants from the looks of his eyes.)

Me thinks some folks are far too emotional when it comes to interpreting Donald Trump. You don't mistreat a dog just because it barks at you, you train & treat it with respect and kindness. Until he actually bites, I'll cautiously continue to give Trump the benefit of a doubt.


I agree with the article, that even if HRC is indicted, the Democratic party is so corrupt they will not nominate Bernie even though they could very well lose to Trump. The super corrupt delegates slogan should be: ANYONE BUT BERNIE!


He was actually a participant in the WWE Wrestle Mania where Villain is only a Role to be played to further their Predetermined Plot Line.


Personally I could care less why he's doing it for. Everyone has an ego. If it's a personal goal, a bet, a grudge, a point to make, or, god forbid, the man is in his own way, doing it for the country, I really don't care. The reason why isn't relevant, as long as he does a decent job. It's a job, not a personality contest. But whatever his reasoning is inside, it's irrelevant, and your reaction IMO, is an emotional and judgmental one. Laugh at him. Call him names. Yeah, his hair is orange as well as his skin, but so are some of my friend's. So what? His tastes are certainly not mine–even if a had a few billion dollars. But, someone has to like that gaudy crap and I'm glad it's him and not me. Unlike GWB or Obama, looks like he might might spare us more war and carnage. I'll go with that and take my chances on Peace...if of course there's no Bernie Sanders to vote for.


Well said, but if Bernie doesn't win and doesn't run Independent I think we should all throw our support behind Jill Stein of the Green party. She is liberal like Bernie and is already on most ballots. She's a good choice and would be a good veep for Bernie if he wins.


If it is Trump versus Clinton, for many of us the choice between the two major party nominees is a choice of which evil is the lesser evil. Even those of us who will vote third party or write-in still will have to think in these terms to justify our not voting for one of the major candidates, that we're not helping the greater evil candidate.

So who do I think is the greater evil and who is the lesser evil? Well, what are their evils?

1) Anti-Immigrant- will build a wall, supposedly, which will ramp up antipathy towards Latinos.
2) Anti-Muslim- plans on not helping Muslim refugees, which will ramp up antipathy Muslims.
3) Anti-LGBTQ- now, Trump doesn't really seem that way himself, but his base is definitely that way. We might get more discriminatory laws in the states and perhaps a SCOTUS justice or two not sympathetic to recent LGBTQ rights.
4) Anti-Choice- Trump has flipped on this, so it might not be important to him, but again his base is definitely this way. We might get more laws making it harder for women to access reproductive health in the states and a SCOTUS justice or two not sympathetic to women's rights.

1) She is in the pocket of Wall Street and will not rein in the too big to fail banks.
2) She is a war hawk and will create more wars.
3) She is very much against Iran and one of those wars could be with Iran.
4) She is very much against Russia and one of those wars could be with Russia and escalate into nuclear conflict.
5) She is for unfair trade deals and will flip flop back to supporting TPP and that will destroy our economy, and make less jobs for working people.

Which evil is worse? Well it's definitely evil for women's health, Latinos, immigrants, Muslim, and LGBTQ folk if Trump is elected. This could impact me personally as I am LGBTQ. I don't relish the kind of hatred that a Trump presidency could bring us.

But Clinton's evil is worse. Crashing the economy, turning it more over to the 1% and terrible wars are worse evils that will affect all of us. Trump is not for unfair trade deals and he is not for these regime change wars that excite Clinton and, most importantly, he is not for increasing antagonism with Russia.

What about Climate Change? The most important issue of our time? Well Trump mouths that he doesn't believe it and again his base is definitely in this camp. So we won't see some gains from him on this. But Clinton trumps him (pun intended) on this because she'll enact the TPP and that basically will put the kibosh on ANY efforts to counter climate change.

So if Bernie is not the Democratic nominee I'll vote for Jill Stein and no fear mongering that I must stop Trump and support the lesser evil of Clinton will convince me to not vote Green, because I know she is the greater evil. (We can't write-in Bernie in Washington State, because write-ins only count if the candidate does a process to be a write-in candidate and Bernie is clear he won't do that.)