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Bernie Says: No Bones About it, Our Biggest Threat is Climate Change


Bernie Says: No Bones About it, Our Biggest Threat is Climate Change

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

When asked during the Democratic debate Tuesday night to name the biggest national security threat facing the United States, Sen. Bernie Sanders did not bat an eye before answering: "The global crisis of climate change."

"The scientific community is telling us: if we do not address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, the planet that we’re going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be inhabitable," Sanders said. "That is a major crisis."


I just wish we could get questions and answers that acknowledge that many of our pressing problems are connected, they do not just appear in isolation. And the solutions such as they are will be complex. That would be way too complicated for such a forum, but I do think that needs to be the base of any analysis and any resolution of the complex of serious issues on the table. Pie in the sky.


Well said.


In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. -George Orwell


Well yes, but global warming is at the top of the list and if it isn't successfully addressed then nothing else may really matter. The relationships between pressing problems are connected and complex but we know how to address global warming so let's get to it and sort out the rest as we are recovering.


Funny, I would have thought the biggest threat was the US military rampaging across the globe, at least in terms of immediate death being the result. All those explosions don't help the already overheated atmosphere either. But that discussion's off the table for "the Bern." Plus ça change...


Saw it someplace, can't bring it now, but isn't the largest burner of fuel the Pentagram.


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And that's a big deal because dealing with climate change may require de-growth plus the transitioning to a stead-state economy, and our ruling elite wants nothing to do with that (economic growth serves as a mirage that allows the elite to perpetuate and accentuate inequality).


Sen. Sanders is my second choice to date, but may become first very shortly. No my first will never be Hillary, but anyone who has any caring about their fellow humans and all living things, surely must understand and also care very personally about this still barely blue planet and the future of their and/or worldwide progeny.

Reality check for those who believe warfare is the primary issue of concern. I would assert both the history and prehistory of humans killing each other has
been based on acquiring necessary resources for survival and as the ability to create and use more sophisticated technology, the methods of killing grows more horrible and as global warming continues, will grow even worse.

For those who might have read the old novel by Neville Shute and/or seen movie, based on his "On The Beach," perhaps it was predictive? Maybe art
does predict reality?


I did a search through the entire debate text, which CNN was so kind to accommodate us with, to look for substantial questions and answers - which weren't many - and saw the reference to the nuclear threat as the "greatest national security threat". Not only that, but to quote Clinton:

"I - I think it has to be continued threat from the spread of nuclear
weapons, nuclear material that can fall into the wrong hands. I know the
terrorists are constantly seeking it, and that's why we have to stay
vigilant, but also united around the world to prevent that.

If she gets into office as US President, it will be much more of the same - Be afraid, veeerrrry afraid. That's the way to keep a credulous population in line with her pro-Israel and macho posturing. She already has the women's votes locked in, with this she's going for the faint of heart.

My concern is that the crazy woman might start a nuke war with the Russians.


The major problem underlying all others is undeniably conservatism in all its forms, oligarchical, religious, military, political, economic, educational, sexual, racial, gender and social conservatism.

Based on fear and violent reaction as in all lower species, (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-human-beast/201104/conservatives-big-fear-brain-study-finds)
conservatism brings about the conflict necessary to depopulate a humanity exceeding 7.3 billion people, while refusing and even prohibiting the use of planned parenthood for that purpose.

NWO oligarchy conservative's brutish, vicious, subhuman, savage, cruel, barbaric and bestial or animal-like behavior is meant to balance the population and resource availability of our species by killing off the "unproductive".

They leave population/resource control up to their "free market" monopolies (?) or may simply not have evolved enough to want to keep our populations in check using birth control without the violence and suffering. Their long refusal however, will mean that birth control will take a long time to achieve a population/resource balance while war, crime, starvation, disease, global warming, etc. are much faster.

Also, violence has the advantage of killing off men, women and children so that a few children are not saddled with the care of an aging overpopulation as is happening in China with their one-child policy.


Yep and the Grateful Dead to record it, back in my day, though I never knew who wrote it. Thank you.


A very complex problem with no simple solution. However, IMHO, you understand it well. Unfortunately, I admit I haven't a clue about how to in the end resolve it. On a personal level I have a former son-in-law who is an atmospheric physicist, who has worked for years now for NOAA. Discussion of global warming, based on his experiments and experiences is not a new concept to me just like "On the Beach" and the Grateful Dead recording of
"Morning Dew" mentioned by another responder. Try the 1970s.


IMHO hardly an irrational fear. Even worse, considering the GOP candidates all lined up and ready to continue to provide all the funds necessary for the MIC and satisfy any of the warmongers deepest desires. An additional fear for me, is the young, in particular, will sit out the 2016 election again. The unfortunate reality should they do so, in pure disgust about the direction this nation is going or no interest outside personal issues, the end results could be even worse with a Electoral College election of a war monger from either Party. Never forget we in the US have never had a democracy, but a republic. In elections as Obama noted last Sunday on "60 Minutes," though not an exact quote, none of us get everything we want. But if those who choose to ignore one of the few rights we have as citizens and not vote at all,
we'll very likely get what we deserve.

End of comments and/or "lecture," Rich.


Oh....there's one right below your comment.


I suspect few posting here have any interest in pundits comments on last night's debate, but I actually found one in agreement with some of us.

Oops, CD has cautioned me for writing too much. Have very good day all.


Even warned by CD for my excessive wordy postings, while I'm at it, I even found a pundit who agrees with me.

"There is room for Joe, in my opinion. Question is, will he permit the media's latest and instant conventional wisdom to intimidate a run? He's looking at a whole new war — a war largely reconfigured by the media. I was once sure he'd join it. Now? The media — which, you'll recall, were fanatically biased against Hillary, according to the Clinton camp — have a new love."

IMHO the whole article is worth a read.



Lol ...CD does that to practically every one here (all of whom ignore it since it is an automatic message and does nothing.

That is nothing to be concerned about so please keep posting. Intelligent conversation is always appreciated and if the idiots ignore that automated warning then why shouldn't someone intelligent do the same. There are people who have posted 30+ times in one thread...lol.


It was obvious to me how Shillary et al were all discussing IDEAS THAT BERNIE PROPOSED WHILE SPEAKING ALL OVER America this summer & early fall. Now he has identified the greatest threat to our country/the world. What a leader!

I am proud every day that I am volunteering to help put this authentic gentle man, and yes, gentleman, in the Oval Office. Anyone out there have a little bit of time and effort to become a Bernie volunteer?
Go to www.Bernie2016 and join me--it makes me feel GREAT every time I do something, anything, to encourage others to support Sanders.

Also, couldn't help but notice the hawkishness of others on the stage-Bernie says he would ONLY go to war "as a last resort."