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'Bernie Speaks'—And Politico Hears Deviations From Cold War Orthodoxy

'Bernie Speaks'—And Politico Hears Deviations From Cold War Orthodoxy

Teddy Ostrow

Politico magazine (5/3/19) took a deep dig into Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “bizarre, charming and, at times, startling cable-access TV show,” Bernie Speaks With the Community—produced in the 1980s when Sanders was mayor of Burlington, Vermont.


Fox Spews will have a field day with this trove. Bernie works so hard for the ninety-nine percent which includes Trump’s base. Sad.


Lamestreet media i.e. abc, cbs, nbc, et all are one of biggest threats to democracy. They are the 1% and they do want to keep status quo and increase inequality. These organization are monopolies and should be broken up, it is outrageous that there are only six individiuals/corporations own all our (we the people) airwaves. It is outrageous that presidents and congress voted the laws in to allow this kind of consolidation.
But this congress is dominated by corporate influence/money.


This information would definitely have come to light anyway. It’s good that it’s out because it gives time for Bernie to prepare effective answers and turn them to his advantage as teaching moments. I am a little worried about his ability to do that–for example, he has completely f’d up the answer to the book earnings questions that have been publicly asked and reported on. Am not sure why–I know he is brittle as hell, and that he doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor. But honestly, we can’t keep covering for him. He’s got to do his homework and get prepared. I assume he can do that. BTW have contributed several times to him as well as to Elizabeth W.

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In a sane world, opposition such as the republicans and corporate dems would try to hide this info, instead of using it as ammo against Sanders.

Polls show the majority is tired of endless war and obscene defense spending. Yet, when a progressive tries to ease ginned-up tensions between (supposedly) rival countries, the passage above serves the war-mongers. As usual, the key ingredient is COMMUNISM. Socialism will substitute nicely, but the former still infects and inflames the lizard brain of those stuck in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Just watched a segment from Maddow’s show where she - with a straight face - claimed Russia was meddling in Venezuela’s affairs. Yes, the great Oz doesn’t want you to peek behind that curtain and see the U.S. overthrowing countries across the globe for over a century with the aid of hundreds of bases worldwide. Pay no attention to our latest atrocity, that illegal invasion of Iraq which killed hundreds of thousands (oops, did we get the intelligence wrong?). No, instead look at those terrible Russian pseudo commies trying to prevent us from stealing Venezuelan oil. And MSNBC is considered the liberal station.


Looks to me that going after Bernie for these tapes would backfire.


What you mean-um “this” Congress, Kemo Sabé?   Congress has been dominated by korporate in­fluence and money since 1793, it’s just gotten a LOT worse since the MIC rose to power during and after WWII.


We can only hope. Thought there are a LOT of STOOPID people out there.

Yes, and to add fuel to the Burn Bernie Down Campaign, Mr. Louis Proyect follows Mr. St. Clair from CounterPunch to the self-serve gas station with 5 gal. cans, returning for a real flame-inducing bonfire. Whining, nit-picking snivelers have got nothing on these two drygulchers.
As to Senator Sanders, he’s got Mr. Biden right where he wants him. Joe keeps grabbing Wonder Bread from the buffet table, lapping up more gravy off the plate of the MSM’s soulless advertising cabal. What a shocker!.
Sen. Sanders must pose a threat to both sides of the delusional spectrum. That the Marxists and the Corporotocracy ( Plutocrats in Training ) are rabbit punching Bernie between rounds, without fouling, shows Sen. Sanders is in the " electable middle " of the voters that matter. Ya know, Democratic primary, NAs ( Non-Affiliated ), first timers and the young folks. Who are the real water carriers for a muddled middle class who really, really want to have their cake and to eat it all, as well.
Bring it on Politico, The Daily Beast, Raw Story, Crooks & Liars, Think Progress, Talking Points Memo, et al. If Joe Biden is the " most electable " creature ( Creature From the Black Lagoon ) your dredge hooked into from The Swamp; well, good luck because you’re going to need a bunch of it come 2020.


He’s going to have to address this stuff. The fact that they have to go this far back to find anything to twist is amusing

Biden will have a tougher (impossible) time with his 40 year track record.

Bernie 2020

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True, except Biden’s past will never come up on MSM.

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I like him so much better for it! He’s saying, hey, people in other countries are humans, not monsters, visit their country. Meet their families. Best antiwar statement ever.
Let’s meet some Iranian children.


I’m seeing this as something that could boost Sanders’ chances.

War Debt used to be called “War Bonds” and now are called Treasury Bills.

Even this Fractional Reserve Cartoon mentions War Debt and how lies about wars can mint fortunes and destroy nations: