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Bernie Supporters Mobilize as Voters in Iowa Draw Nation's Focus


Bernie Supporters Mobilize as Voters in Iowa Draw Nation's Focus

Jon Queally, staff writer

Will they feel the bern?

Iowa voters across the state will head to their local caucus site tonight at 7 PM Central Time (8 PM ET) to cast the first official votes in this year's battle for the White House.


Well stated why a win for Bernie Sanders would be so important for his chances. Even though he has trailed in six of the last seven Iowa polls including the highly respected Des Moines Register poll and a recent poll (Emerson 1/29-1/31) where he trails by 8, it seems close enough for him to pull off the upset. The Clinton people have an app ready to help them switch some of their own voters to the O'Malley side in an effort to deny Sanders a victory in some precincts so that makes it even harder to predict. I think this is based on O'Malley supporters favoring Sanders as their second choice two to one over Clinton. This tactic worked for Obama against Clinton in 2008 in Iowa so Clinton is pulling out all stops and is planning to use it.


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Hillary"dance to the tune of money" Clinton.


Whenever I caucused it appeared that it is much harder for a non establishment candidate to win a caucus compared to a conventional primary because local party bosses sometimes show up to intimidate progressives with their electability myths.


Remember. A Corporation is counting the votes.


This isn't over in Iowa and the numbers so far prove the point. What ever
the results tonight time will tell when the totals are calculated and more
and more "Feel the Bern."


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Huckabee gone. Maybe they'll be able to fit everybody on one stage for the next Repub 'debate'.


Impressive showing by Sanders and his supporters. Practically a dead heat.
And that's with HRC having to call in literally every favor she's ever been owed by an oligarch to slow down the bleeding.
Well, to finish tied after every celebrity woman, newspaper and tv outlet, and 88 percent of the liberal punditry have gone out of their way to support her. And still.....tied.

Man, that has to hurt her feelings. To know people hate you so much and find you so revolting that even such a large mobilization of 'somebodies' can barely make you digestible.

Such is life as a Clinton. Or a snake.


This evening I caucused in Dubuque. Over 600 attended in our site of 3 precincts (5,6,7). The Democrats in these precincts were mostly older. The event was compelling if somewhat disorganized. Martin O'Malley didn't meet the viability threshold of 15% of participants, so it was a 2-person contest with Hillary winning 17 delegates to the county convention and Bernie winning 12 delegates from our 3 precincts. This is just a snapshot from my neighborhood. Bernie is doing very well statewide, and he may still pull out the overall win.


I don't know the time of your entry, It is 9:17 PM as I write.
And the report I am seeing on the tube is that there is 0.2% difference.

Will Hill claim or be given a win? On 0.2 %. National prestige and constant press coverage and all she has is 0.2%. A Great win for Bernie--little known--little press coverage--and coming from scant % to 50 %.? And no great sounds of praise coming from the tube ! Cruz over Trump---blah blah blah ---both less than 30%.--but lots of blah blah blah,

When will the press and tube take notice? I hope they show up when Bernie takes the oath of office.

I can see it now---Bernie gives his report -- "Who is he?"


They actually did that? Geez.

The simple fact is this. No one can be sure of the true vote tally either on the Democratic party side or that of the Republicans.

The system of counting is compromised.

It might well be Hillary won legitimately .


I'm kind o' bummed. I just like saying Huckabee.



MSNBC-Sanders should have won Iowa----If Sanders wins New Hampshire by 7% it is a loss---Sanders can't win the black vote.-------

The real news story is that Sanders beat the no1 establishment candidate for president------This is a big win for Sanders.

CNN with a focus group in New Hampshire asked one participant who she supported and said Sanders. The "reporter" seemed upset and said "I thought you were for Hillary".

MSNBC-Sanders better watch out because the democrat establishment is coming after him.


some of those tie break rules are really, really old. and in a way, they're a lot more democratic than some of the means for selection now.
the problem is, once again, the damned superdelegate system. 40 years ago, a delegate or two awarded by random chance didn't mean that much. Really close primaries generally went into brokered conventions anyway.
With the new systems, 1 or 2 is a big deal when you are competing with someone who had a 360 delegate head start on you.
If Democrats here are truly serious about trying to "take their party back", they need to begin there. You must get rid of the superdelegates or everything else is just whistling in a thunderstorm.


personally, I think Ben Carson was largely out at birth, but it'll be good not to see that loon's mug anywhere ever again.
I have no idea what O'Malley was ever thinking in the first place. At least he finally decided to read the memo he's been lugging around for 3 months. At least he made it possible for the DNC to say they weren't reducing the primary to a one-person coronation, even if that's exactly what they were doing..
I can honestly say I can't recall a Democratic primary that was basically 2 candidates in a cycle with no incumbent. That's a bit disturbing. Can you imagine if Clinton had run unopposed?

Strange days.


I'm pretty sure he's figured that out for some time...:slightly_smiling:
Sanders is a pretty bright guy. I'm sure he's aware he's gate crashing a coronation attempt.


That is just so strange....what was it heads I win tails you lose?