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Bernie Surging: New Poll Shows Sanders Ahead of Clinton in NH


Bernie Surging: New Poll Shows Sanders Ahead of Clinton in NH

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is surging ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll shows.

Forty-four percent of likely Democratic presidential primary voters in the state backed Sanders, while Clinton had the backing of 37 percent.

The poll (pdf), conducted August 7-10, has a 4.7 percent margin of error.


Before this came out I was looking at a graph of Democratic candidate’s polling figures. It showed Bernie trending sharply up and Hillary trending sharply down. You could see that if current trends continue Bernie will be polling better than Hillary by October/November.

I think that perception of candidates is based on what we know of their history, their stated policies and their charisma.

Bernie’s stated policies have been consistently progressive over a long period of time. Hillary’s haven’t. Bernie has also been willing to take positions on controversial issues. Hillary is less willing to do so.

Bernie takes positions that appeal to the 99%. Hillary is less willing to offend her donors.

In terms of charisma, I don’t think there’s a clear winner.

Another factor in how candidates are judged is how the media treats them. Until now Clinton has been the clear winner in terms of media coverage, but if Bernie continues getting impressive attendance at rallies and keeps rising in the polls that may change.

All things considered, it seems to me that Bernie’s upward trending is going to continue. He’s going to force Hillary to mouth support for positions that will offend the donor class - so she’s probably going to be reassuring them privately that she’s just pulling an Obama on the electorate and wouldn’t govern based on her campaign platform.

I’m wondering how Hillary, the DNC and the 1% are going to try to take Bernie down. He’s not a candidate they can live with.


Hooray, Sanders will prolly be almost as awesome as Obama.


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I sincerely believe the field of cartoon villain Repub candidates has been instigated, advanced and financed by a cabal of media/military/plutocrat leaders for the specific purpose of scaring educated and semi-intelligent people into supporting whatever neoliberal privatization imperialist war-monger the Democratic Party nominates next year.

Basically a variation on the old Mutt & Jeff cop routine, where one cop acts like a violent lunatic so that when the ‘nice’ cop comes you will sign a crappy plea deal.

Because the inevitable Dem nominee will be getting money from the same people who finance the inevitable Repub nominee. If not now, s/he will later, count on it.

Voting for a ‘Lesser of 2 Evils’ candidate is not an exercise in democracy.

Oppression and violence are still oppression and violence, even if your preferred president wraps them in the language of liberal platitudes.

This campaign to lock in BS this early in the election cycle is fascinating. It resembles a Cult of Personality…


“Remember where you heard it first: When the next quarterly campaign finance reports are released in October the political world will be shocked by the breathtaking increase in small donor money to the Sanders campaign. Read more at http://observer.com/2015/08/a-bernie-sanders-shocker-is-coming/#ixzz3ie95lKb7”…Brent Budowsky

For me this campaign calls to mind the great travel book by Paul Theroux,“The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas” As with all great travel books, it is the getting there that counts, the journey. Threoux left Boston and ended up in Patagonia, what he saw, what he experienced on the way, is the book.

At first, when Bernie launched his campaign in Burlington, Vermont, I thought Bernie’s was a Sisyphean task, now I see it as a journey, whatever the outcome, Bernie already changed the terms of the debate. Each stop on the campaign trail is greeted by thousands, Madison, Denver, Phoenix, Texas, Maine, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and the journey is just beginning. As the great Bette Davis said in “All About Eve,” Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!" With what Bernie has already accomplished, he has already won.


Polling is propaganda–depending on the questions and the interpretation of the answers it is possible to say almost anything about nearly anyone. This part of the campaign season is like a Greek tragedy. There are heroes and and villains and in the background is a clown posse chorus.
The really astute observer will not get lost in the confusion as roles are reversed and remember that in the end history has an annoying habit of repeating itself. So enjoy the massive crowds chanting, “go Bernie go!”, boo and hiss as the evil witch Hillary and the spoiled little brat kid brother JEB!, seem to flounder and the clown posse of the remaining candidates dutifully chant their meaningless drivel.
Before it’s all over, the wealth of the nation"s courtesan ad agencies will get busy providing their unique “services” to the candidate’s campaign fund who is the highest bidder, and the equally courtesan news media will suddenly forget all about all but Hillary and JEB!. But all of that awaits the new year of 2016 for its roll out. For now, enjoy the entertainment and watch how much and from where the money is coming from for these folks.


Bernie Sanders must now come to grips with all of the goals that he talks about.All of these goals will only be achieved with a majority of votes from the Senate and the House of Representatives, before he can sign into law.That is the problem! Since the Republicans control both the Senate and House, they must be voted out in 2016. However, there is a similar problem with the Democrats, who have been “counting votes” on each Republican favored stance, and have readily supplied the number of votes for the Republicans to win. This is because both parties are being fed millions of dollars to vote for the needs of their rich donors. This situation can be fixed IF Bernie Sanders switches his candidacy from Democrat to Labor Party. This is the way citizens in many nations fixed their corrupted government. Bernie must recognize now that the people want the goals he favors, but they must be prepared to vote for an American Labor party and win the majority of seats in the Senate and the House. All of the seats in the House are up for grabs every 2 years. Not so with the Senate.Bernie needs to make deals with some of the Senators who are not up for election so he can have his legislation passed.I recommend that Bernie meet with Elizabeth Warren as soon as possible and ask her to be his Vice Presidential candidate and work with him to organize the huge turnouts into learning how to register Labor Parties in each state and recruit candidates for the 2016 election.If Bernie can persuade Elizabeth Warren to join him as Labor party candidates, I predict that the Labor Party will win in a Landslide. The public is hungry for real change.Bernie must act now and I strongly recommend he repeat as strong as he can that he will stop the outsourcing of our jobs and factories. A President can place tarrifs on products made in other countries if the products are priced too low.
There are other ways to stop outsourcing of our jobs,and Bernie needs to speak about them as well…The outsourcing of our jobs is the greatest fear or every American worker.When Bernie states his positions on this problem, he will not only attract 14 million union workers, but their families, relatives, and neighbors. If Bernie makes a strong enough statement on this issue, he will also attract millions of non union workers who also are afraid of losing their jobs.This can turn into a Landslide victory for LABOR PARTY CANDIDATES. I suggest Bernie and Elizabeth see my website www.BoldThoughts.org and study how we can get our LP candidates to sign pledges and be kept loyal to our goals no matter how much money is offered to them by the rich to vote otherwise. We need to ban all contributions to candidates and elected officials after we win the majority of seats.That is a must. We must stamp out the Corruption which is rampant now. A former US Congressman, Cecil Heftel, wrote a book in 1998 with the title, " End Legalized Bribery." Since 1990 I have written 3 books about our corrupt government. It is time to get a clean Labor Party. I am an 85 year old union writer.You the readers need to visit my website and learn how to save our country.We have the power. It is time we use it.Howard M Greenebaum


Poet, the thing about cynicism is it’s an action killer. It destroys motivation. It’s never a component in bringing about positive change. It says all actions will fail, change isn’t possible and attempting it is a waste of time.

But what are you going to do with that time except stew in your discontent?

I would rather embrace hope and, if it turns out wrong at least I’ll have tried.

Although I hear the dark side has cookies. :slight_smile:


You sure have a point. But for me, Saunders represents the political system trying to give the appearance of a functioning democracy. Near the end, he will be dropped, after serving his function and Hillary will look all shined up as a Democrat,-- instead of a neocon which she is and always will be…Too bad.
It now seems that politics really is for sale --and Citizen United has finally screwed the American system for good and all!—Time to fully and monetarily withdraw…completely. No one in power or running(neocons) has any credibility anymore…your ‘American Way’ is now so corrupted as to be comparable but less apparent than Mexico–only because of ads and propaganda…sad, real sad…


Gosh Hillary, that doesn’t seem consistent with his long record in politics. Are you sure you aren’t just throwing mud in the hope some will stick?


Wow you are stooping pretty low here. You say recent polls but the polls you cite aren’t recent at all except for the last one in Iowa. It does sound like Bernie is behind Hillary in polls from multiple locations but these figures are Iowa numbers and the old ones to boot not the recent ones.

Bernie’s numbers went UP from 16 % up to 17% then 18% then 22% and then 25% - ALL Iowa numbers over a month ago (in order)…you made it seem like they were recent… give us a break … you should be embarrassed at such manipulation. Anyone can look back and see your prior comments about the polls in Iowa and see these numbers.

Hillary went from 62 % downwards to 58 then 52 then 51 …and then to 47% … you didn’t mention that recent poll number.

Funny that huh? down from 62% to 47% in about one month! I guess you just forgot to mention it so I figured that I’d help you out and do it for you. No need to thank me.


It is a very long race and I sincerely hope Senator Sanders comes across the finish line FIRST with the other contenders left eating his dust or “pulling up” due to exhaustion. It will take a voter turnout that exceeds a dismal 30 to 35% of eligible voters. His message resonates with a vast majority of people in the U S…at least the ones who keep up/read and on whose backs is placed the responsibility to SPREAD THE WORD and bring about awareness at every opportunity…in the store, on the bus, at school, in a restaurant, at city council and town hall meetings, writing letters to editors, talking with neighbors…as a start.


The only person to support a nuclear first strike doctrine was Harry Truman. We nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How many innocent Japanese died?

You are guilty of the fallacy of Russell’s teapot. The philosopher Bertrand Russell once said a teapot exists in orbit somewhere between the orbits of Mars and the Earth. He then said that it is nonsense to believe him simply because you cannot prove the teapot doesn’t exist. The burden of proof is always on the person making the claim.

You say (with absolutely no evidence backing up your claim) that Democrat candidates are "neoliberal, privatizers, imperialists and war-mongers and then expect people to believe you because they cannot prove that Democrats are not neoliberal, privatizers, imperialists and war-mongers. It is logically impossible to prove a negative; e.g., you cannot prove there are no unicorns.


How are Democrats the lesser of two evils? It was Democrats who gave us all the social welfare legislation passed in the 20th and 21st centuries.

  1. Social Security
  2. Expanding Social Security to spouses and dependents.
  3. Disability insurance
  4. Unemployment insurance
  5. A minimum wage
  6. Medicare
  7. Medicaid
  8. The ACA
  9. Expanding Medicaid under the ACA

Neither Republicans nor Democrats are evil. They just have different philosophies of what should happen. Republicans believe in two failed philosophies:

  1. Social Darwinism: the rich are rich because they are more fit than the poor who are less fit because they are dependent on the government (Romney’s 47%). This is nonsense because the logic is circular. If I am rich, then it is because I am more fit and if I am more fit then it is evident in the fact I am rich.

  2. Supply-side economics: cut taxes on the wealthy and something will trickle down to the rest of us. Romney famously said on “60 Minutes” that he deserved to pay lower taxes because he created jobs. FDR was able to reduce unemployment form 25% (in 1932) to 14% (in 1936) by using mild Keynesian stimulus: his New Deal. The reason cutting taxes on the wealthy has no effect on the economy, but it does make the wealthy even more wealthy, is because the economy is driven by consumer spending. Instead of getting more money in the hands of the wealthy through tax cuts, getting money into the hands of the poor will stimulate the economy because the poor have to spend every cent they have just to survive.


The canary in the coal mine:

If the so-called progressive Democrats in Congress endorse Bernie,
he’s got a real shot at getting the nomination.
Then expect Biden to step in for the DLC and rescue the nomination.

If the so-called progressives do not endorse Bernie,
the fix is in.


A cult of personality for Sanders?

You’re the second one I’ve seen pushing this meme on CD.

Do you figure it’s because he’s so photogenic or is it just his incredible charisma?


Wow!! Sounds like a good omen to me! Let’s just see what happens from here on in!


And you know this…how?


And your reasoning is…?