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Bernie, the Little Bird, and What May Be Our Last Best Chance to Get It Right


Bernie, the Little Bird, and What May Be Our Last Best Chance to Get It Right

Tom Weis

Take heart, Sanders supporters. We’re down, but we’re not out.


Imagine if that RESEARCH chart went viral or if the corporately captured MSM for once did its job--in honestly informing the citizenry--and showed THAT to the public?

If something that clear and factual were shown, few could hide behind Hillary's phony impersonations of good policy positions. Sanders would win in a landslide!

One cannot take boatloads of money from corporations that do harm and then talk about roping them in or inhibiting their activities.

Of course, double-speak is what the CIA trains people to use. And it seems likely that since the assassination of JFK (possibly with the exception of Jimmy Carter), that any individual vetted for the Oval Office got some basic training from this agency. Perhaps it was part of their Survival Tool-Kit.


Hope springs eternal. If you actually looking at the voting numbers it would appear that most people who vote in the Democratic primaries are voting for incrementalism. Not that it is something that they really want but something they see as necessary, finding common ground with Republicans and doing something to make life better. Even in Senate primaries in Pennsylvania and Maryland the voters went for incrementalism. Unless Sanders leads in pledged delegates this will not be a contested convention. The Super Delegates (largely democratically elected politicians) are not going to go against the will of the voters and switch to a candidate who behind in pledged delegates and the popular vote. Who is leading in the various matching polls will not be relevant. What counts is votes.


No? But they will go against the will of the voters in their own primaries as in Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, and in a total of seventeen states to date. A percentage of these so called superdelegates are not elected officials, some are even registered lobbyists. Those appointed by members of the Democratic National Committee are likely to be secretaries, sycophants, and other hangers on. Today you are not even giving good Robby Mook boilerplate for your pay. Furthermore, this election is different in many respects, your voice is the voice of the standard narrative, you reveal how out of touch you and established talkers are. Many Superdelegates should be careful. I, and others, are keeping an eye on the likes of Jan Jankowski and others in Illinois. Their unmasking will have electoral consequences down the line, for Jankowski, maybe in the next election.


Stockholm Syndrome Democrats for Hillary 2016! Woo-Hoo!


I agree that Bernie at times, seems too nice. It is time to take the gloves off and expose HRC like Trump will. Unless Bernie has some other reason that I am not aware of, Bernie needs to bury HRC before it is too late and what is the worst that can happen to Bernie, by finally saying I owe it to my constituents...no more Mr. nice guy?


"Hope springs eternal"? So does BS! Like all the pro-Clinton smarmy deception, deflection and misinformation touting the "accomplishments" and "incrementalism" of Clinton & Co - accomplishments for her crime family and corporate paymasters, NOT the 99%!
Denigrating and diminishing Bernie Sanders issues and plain speaking truth telling goes hand in glove with the Hillary shills.....
What "counts" in corrupt politics may be "votes", but what counts in life is integrity!


Loved this article. It's simply not being said enough -- that this may be our last, best chance to save the country and the planet, and that Bernie is the once-in-a-lifetime candidate who might make a difference, because he WANTS to and has demonstrated he would expend all of his time and effort and breath to do it, regardless of personal or political risk.


Most people who are voting in the Democratic primaries are not getting their vote counted. And it seems that the last 8 years there was very little common ground btwn Dems and Repubs (except where they really screwed the 99%). Hillary will be good at getting those types of deals done for sure.


The mass media would jump on him like a pack of hyenas and totally misrepresent his message and relay the fake duplicate over every air-wave and print media.

When an honest man is up against a liar who's backed by powerful interests, I think absolute decency serves him better.

One cannot go to a lower level in a fight they cannot win. Evil is more practiced at misconstruing arguments.

The high ground suits Sanders better... that's why a bird--which spends most of its life in glorified atmospheres--lent its blessing to Bernie.

*I just got my bird bumper sticker. It's tiny and cute... sometimes what's understated speaks loudest. Like class.


Timid incrementalism?

To this outsider it looks like more of the same old same old that we have come to expect from the last 70 years of the USA's extremely conservative hierarchy.


Bernie is THE choice for president. I attended our congressional district's delegate caucus this weekend, didn't make the cut to go inside, but many of us would LOVE to be there outside to show Bernie our support. We're organizing a bus trip for the day. That is our chance to still speak for Bernie, our contribution to the revolution. Bernie's motto is "Not me, US!" I encourage all of you to engage that action in your area!


The Democratic party is corrupt and beyond redemption. It cannot be fixed from within. Nader is exactly right. At the convention they will deny Bernie's policy requests the same way they will deny him the nomination. There is no chance superdelegates switch over. Too much money is on the line in a rigged system they control. Bernie should use the party just like they used him and then discard it just as they would discard him at the convention. Stay in the race until the DC primary so he can achieve maximum exposure. Then the morning of June 15th he should announce that he is leaving the Democratic party for the Greens. Going to the convention would be a strategic blunder. The trap has already been set. The opportunity to create a viable third party is now. He can turn the tables on the DNC. Bernie has millions of supporters loyal to him and his policy platform with little to no allegiance to the Democratic party. They will come along. In the meantime the Sanders campaign should backchannel with the Green Party to make sure they are on every state ballot. He can start a real fifty state campaign for the general election the same day he announces the switch. States not normally in play for Democrats will be fair game given the high negatives of the two other candidates. Utah is a case in point. The announcement will also reinvigorate Sanders supporters and donations will come flooding back in. At the same time the air will be sucked right out of the Democratic National Convention. With no suspense and controversy and without Bernie's attendance it will be dead on arrival. Sanders can go back on the offensive and will immediately be the favorite to win the presidency. There really is nothing to lose with this plan. If he stays in the democratic party and goes to the convention it will just be a soul sucking march to defeat. His Kobayashi Maru. She has the nuts and he knows it. All options would be untenable. Integrity lost. Revolution over. Thankfully this need not come to pass. The viability and legitimacy issues will be moot thanks to the primary campaign. Name recognition... forget about it. Together we will break through the entrenched corruption of the two party duopoly and win the presidency for all of us. There is no other way.


Good point. But still frustrating because many times good, decent people up against inveterate liars like Hillary finish last, which is looking inevitable....but I still would hope that I am wrong!


Unfortunately, too true!


Climate change isn't near the top of our list of priorities. When so many are preoccupied with just being able to get by, they aren't thinking about the long-range impact of climate change. They are thinking about survival in a country that has made itself unsustainable.

The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and liberals have avoided addressing the subsequent socio-economic crisis. In real life, not everyone is able to work, and there aren't jobs for all. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 people who still have the means to get one (can't get a job without a home address, phone, bus fare). Have you ever wondered what happens to all those who have been pushed out, no means of providing for themselves?

As the US remains hell-bent on keeping our current agenda, economic/social collapse is inevitable. On the bright side, this does ensure a drop in our contribution to climate change.


The problem is much deeper than that. The Dem voting base consists of the proverbial masses -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless. Through the years of this administration, liberal media have disappeared our poverty crisis (note: not the same thing as our low wage problem), and Democrats in Congress only agreed to worsen conditions for many (in 2015 alone, cut food stamps to elderly poor and the disabled from roughly $115 per month down to $10). The Clinton wing profoundly split the Dem voting base back in the 1990s. The last eight years only confirmed that this split is permanent.


Some of your family and friends, and even some Bernie fans, will increasingly pressure you to support Hillary Clinton. They'll expect you to abandon the considerable political leverage the Sanders campaign has created. They'll ask you to transfer your vote to her, without reward.

Bernie himself would be discarding his 55-year demand for deep change, and alienating those who demand change with him, were he to endorse a candidate who has defied what we have worked for.

Cautious liberals who want mild reform without risk or inconvenience will argue that Trump is too crazy, too racist, too sexist, too dangerous. They will warn of his thugs, walls, deportations, and insults.

So if you reply that both Hillary and Trump would serve a murderous military, big banks, big corporations, labor exploitation, the prison industry, fracking and other environmental destruction, they will call you a purist.

If you explain that Trump and Hillary will begin to sound increasingly like one another, appealing to one another's voters, you'll be called uninformed. If you claim that Hillary is basically a liberal Republican and Trump a conservative Democrat, you'll be dismissed.

If you remind them that polls show Bernie beating Trump better than Hillary, and that polls show Bernie more trusted than Hillary, they'll say that it's time for a woman president. If you say it's more important we have a president whose policies benefit women, they'll be annoyed.

If you persist, saying that Bernie's political revolution goes to sleep whenever a centrist Democrat is elected, and that Trump appears less aggressive than Hillary on war and globalization, and that both candidates would be relatively isolated by Congress, you'll be called unrealistic.

Then If you let them know you'll vote for a third party candidate sooner than an establishment candidate, they'll call you a spoiler. But you can't spoil something that's rotten.

Finally, if you declare that you're committing your life to building a healthy society that serves all people and honors all species, and that you'll risk your convenience to advance this, and that you're more excited to create beauty than to consume stuff, that you're more interested in sharing than owning, and that you'll live simply so that the planet can revive, you'll be called too idealistic.

But when you embrace Bernie as a model for your life, even more than as a candidate, you'll provide America with new definitions of success and practicality, exactly when we need these. http://www.paulglover.org