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Bernie vs. Billionaires: Unafraid of Bloomberg and Would 'Beat Trump Badly'


Bernie vs. Billionaires: Unafraid of Bloomberg and Would 'Beat Trump Badly'

Jon Queally, staff writer

If it ends up that former New York City mayor and Wall Street billionaire Michael Bloomberg enters the presidential race as an independent and that billionaire entertainer and real estate tycoon Donald trump wins the Republican nomination, count Sen. Bernie Sanders among those undaunted by such a scenario.


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Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton also appeared on Meet The Press on Sunday. Asked about Bloomberg's talk of self-financed campaign, Clinton made no mention of the implications of another billionaire possibly entering the race, but called the former New York City mayor "a close friend" of hers.

"The way I read what he said," explained Clinton, "is if I didn't get the nomination, he might consider it. Well, I'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to."

Wow! She all but says it - "No need for Bloomberg. I, Hillary Clinton, proudly represent the Billionaire Class!"


"Bill Clinton—who said in recent days that what Democratic voters need "is not anger but answers"..."

But we're angry AND have answers! Dump the oligarchy, and run the political economy on behalf of everyone.


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It is hard to see how Trump or Cruz could defeat any Democrat given the demographic composition of the US.


I should be grateful that they gave Bernie ANY coverage, but after all, at this point he is most likely going to be the President of the United States so they really ought to stop ignoring him.

If Trump and Bloomberg run, will they split the billionaire vote straight down the middle? 50 billionaires for Trump and the other 50 for Bloomberg?


Yeah, we're angry and we aren't going to take anymore double-talk from smug corporate politicians who have been screwing us for years -- that includes the Clintons.


Hillary said: If she does not get the Democratic nomination - she will support the independent billionaire candidate Bloomberg. She will not support the Democratic Candidate if its Bernie Sanders. Will the DNC support the Democratic candidate if it's Sanders? Will the rest of the Corporate Democrats in the Senate and Congress support Bernie Sanders? Will the establishment Democrats turn their back on their base voters?
Bernie Sanders 2016.....


Sen. Sanders has a very good chance of being elected, actually. Every reason that media gave us for considering Sanders "unelectable" proved wrong. He did lose the votes of many of the poor, but in dropping his former advocacy for the poor, he gained the support (and truckloads of campaign dollars) of the liberal bourgeoisie. And that's what American politics is about.

Beyond that, we don't know what, if anything, he could change. The tragedy of this generation is that we can't answer this: "Who are We the People, and what do we want?" (I can guarantee that we -- even those who are doing OK -- don't all stand in solidarity with the better off alone, the working/middle class.) Seriously, what could Sen. Sanders actually achieve, and for whom? Obama was absolutely correct when he pointed out (a number of times) that there could be no change unless We the People figured out what we wanted, got to our feet, and demanded it from Congress.


They already did, as did liberals. Since FDR, the base has consisted of the "ordinary masses" -- the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, pushing back against the corporate state for the benefit of all. This base has only been more deeply divided over the last seven years.


This folks is what Political Revolution looks like. Frightened billionaires - desperate Wall Street Crime Syndicate candidate - massive turnouts and donations from ordinary people for Bernie Sanders. This is really beautiful to behold. We have a place to work off our anger. Wall Street Hillary is going to drown in the Bernie Tsunami. Hillary's plan to steal the election with super delegates at the convention is over. These political hacks won't have the nerve to step in front of this Tsunami. Time for change.
Bernie Sanders 2016............




Precisely why many of us have had reservations regarding Sanders running as a Democrat, and ultimately supporting Clinton who would is so right wing she would support a Bloomberg.

Would it even be possible for Sanders to run as in independent this late in the game?


Yeah... pushing for a decent living wage for fast food workers is really about helping the bourgeoisie.

You're so full of it.

Between John Ellis' delusional 50-50 economic split arguments and YOUR constant FAKE protests on behalf of the poor... half of the comments are at the level of a circus.

What other candidate is speaking about fair wages, fool?

You are a Trojan horse.


Wrong on the not organizing part, imo. And, when you're winning the fight why " punch down " to answer a loaded ? From a crooked referee? Everyone hates the press, don't cha know.


In other words Bloomberg is the insurance for the DLC and Wall Street establishmentarian Democrats if Sanders gets the nomination.

When a progressive defeated Lieberman in the primary for the Democratic Senate nomination, the party simply didn't support their nominee but supported Lieberman who ran as an independent. The result was a powerful 'independent' Senator caucusing with the Democrats and officially opposing their policies. (I think, though, that he was doing exactly what the party wanted.)

I don't think Clinton can run as an independent if she doesn't get the nomination, she's too established as a Democrat to do that and get away with it. So Bloomberg is the alternative.


I have a different take on this election. Something different, and something "revolutionary" is happening, this isn't a normal election cycle. Those Democrats who abandon the Party should be encouraged, they're dead wood, flotsam. As the Bernie campaign ramps up to landslide proportions, many will find a born again progressivism, if for no other reason than survivability.


Bloomberg can't back up his " bullxhit " with any facts. He doesn't control the 7th largest standing army in the world anymore, either. Polls on this, please? ( Most people think he's a masseuse for the Yankee's outfield, right about now. ) He's merely showing how much Wall St., NYC, Beltway Pundits and the coffers of The Empire State rely on stealing other people's money. While singing praises about how great the place is. If it's so wonderful why are so many people leaving it? The only possible Panic of 2016 is the one where Bloomers & Co. become more hated than Trump du Chump & Co. This trial balloon is made of lead, methinks.