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'BernieCare' Can Save ObamaCare


'BernieCare' Can Save ObamaCare

Brent Budowsky

The decision by Aetna to withdraw from many ObamaCare exchanges was a predictable outrage that opens to the door not to the demise of ObamaCare, but the dramatic improvement of ObamaCare led by a grand battle by Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and progressives to enact the public option and move toward a Medicare-for-all healthcare system.


Here's Bernie's direct statement from Tuesday: http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/sanders-statement-on-aetnas-decision-to-withdraw-from-health-insurance-exchanges


I have a gut feeling that AETNA would not have withdrawn from Obamacare and resorted to this blackmail were they not certain that the Public option not on the table. They pay millions of years in bribes to the respective Political parties and have to have received assurances that this could be used as a pressure tactic to get the legislation changed in the favor of the insurance companies.

Now it remains to be seen whether or not they miscalculated.

It also worth noting that insurance companies traditionally gained a lot of their income by investing in Bonds and interest bearing investments. With interest rates as low as they are that source of income as dried up putting more pressure on them raising the same through premiums.

Added to that their excess costs over and above what other nations pay for medical procedures based on the for profit model. Everything from MRI's to transplants costs orders of magnitude more than in other countries.

The Private model a failure and the only reason it still promoted as the solution is people line their own pockets with money by taking that position.


As I recall, the Public Option was one of the first things Obama pulled off the table early during negotiations for ACA. He may have said he was for it, but did not battle very hard for it.


The only thing that can save Obamacare is............................................well actually nothing can save Obamacare.
We need a single-payer universal health care system and we need it now.
All the rest of this crap is simply intended to allow for-profit corporations to make a profit off the sick and dying.
And that my friends is sad, disgusting and immoral.


I like the sound of "BernieCare"! First, because he DOES care, proven by about a 50 year track record of getting things done by putting others first. Secondly, it strips from public consciousness the name of the guy that took the possibility of world-class single-payer healthcare off the table. Sellouts should get no recognition if we are going to call this place "The Home of the Brave". Thirdly, with a population of about three hundred and twenty million people, the LACK of single-payer medical treatments will almost guarantee wave after wave of epidemics spread upon every bus and subway by people too poor to afford CapitalismCare. Public health is a public health issue, not a Wall Street profits issue.


There will be no "Berniecare."

Bernie lost.

A project for "Berniecare" would not be to "fix Obamacare." It would be to replace it.

The combination of "fix Obamacare" and the apparently opportunistic mining of Bernie Sanders' recent popularity and support is unfortunate and belies some dealing in ill faith.

This is so despite the observable fact that Sanders himself has continued to talk and mobilize to take on the industry. That's great, and his suggestions are an improvement, and we should not let his desperate and strange shilling for Clinton dissuade us of that.

This sort of attempt to act as though this were in some way part of supporting the Democrats or Obama or Clinton leaves a bad taste.


"Bernie-Care."According to recent events, that's the option that gains a lot of support by everyday people until it comes to the final stage when they are all abandoned to serve a higher power...? Perhaps not.

After rolling it up and throwing it all into Hillary (the two-faced wonder) Clinton's lap, why should anyone believe anything he ever spouts again?

Sorry, Sanders. To paraphrase a quote by the illustrious idiot, Gee-dub ya: "Bern me once shame on you, Bern me twice...means you're not gonna get Berned again."


Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare?


"Joined by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party leadership to push for BernieCare".

What part of Clinton's admonition to progressives during the primary that "the US will NEVER have single payer medical insurance" didn't you understand Mr.. Budowsky ???


No such thing. It was a statement in an unclear context in frickin' Iowa, in January, before she had the strength of progressives and the demands of the younger generation demonstrated to her. It could even have been a shrugging, head-shaking reference to her own original attempt to make universal care happen. And remember, she did accomplish CHIP, universal health insurance for children.


"Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton...are now united in support of the public option." huh? I wish there was a link for that.


A week ago in a comment on the Trans Pacific Partners Trade bill, I mentioned that It's not easy to school Obama, but Bernie's giving it his best shot.

Today it's clear the US Health Insurance companies schooled Obama, and he looks hapless vs the corporate insurance powers who are wreaking havoc on US health care.

Nice try to declare Obama for the public option, Mr. Budowsky, but politicscorner offers the correct assessment.


All along HRC has made "I will save Obamacare!" a routine boast in her speeches and ads. Let the candidate speak for herself.


Hello poitcscorner, Obama did not battle very hard for it, Public Option. Of course not. Have you ever noticed that Obama's rise to the top in politics was super fast? If Bernie Cared, he would not have gotten mixed up with the democrats in the first place, and Obama care is going down like a lead balloon. By the way, Dr. Jill Stein Harvard trained medical doctor here, perfect person for the job of health care for all. These lawyers, and such, Obama, are trained in word games. That crap is over. Dr. Jill Stein,M.D., Ajamu Baraka are taking us to a better place.


Obama didn't fight for the non-profit Single-Payer - Public Option at all - he fought for insurance industry usury and big-pharma profits from selling their deadly junk - he fought for obscenely expensive for-profit health "care" and corporate control ove rour lives.
Obama was at the same time fighting to keep cannabis schedule 1, and not decriminalized - a safe and effective treatment for many conditions - it will be decriminalized when the PTB figure how to make billions from it. Unless citizens have the absolute right to grow for their own use with NO further restrictions, there is no end the The Prohibition!

Bernie is still fighting for us - the 99% - he may not have done what many think he should have, but he did what he considered his (and our) best interests and way forward. Bernie Sanders does not deserve to be bashed or his continued leadership and activism reviled - quite the contrary! Some still focus on Bernie's 'failures/betrayal rather than the real enemy - a divisive BS agenda NOT in our best interests, that only benefits the 1% and corporate domination.


Half a "Like." Obama doesn't deserve to be bashed either, especially for water under the bridge.


Au contraire bks - in spades! A very myopic statement - Unlike Bernie being bashed, Obama is in a powerful office and has made policy decisions and continues to do so - on war policy, the security state, corporate/banker usury, directing the "Justice" Dept to do or not do, directing the DEA et al re cannabis reform, and notably currently strongly pushing the TPP that is opposed by numerous groups and experts. Bernie has only been one vote and voice for policy, Obama and Clinton have both been agents of policy!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP Full Text

And also several commentaries on specific corporate domination parts of the TPP




Hi Emphyrio, Yea I said if Bernie cared and his involvement with the democrates; however, I don't think of Bernie as a bad man. I don't think what happen in the last few months with Bernie should in any way, shape, or form scar his record of all the good work he has done for this country, and around the world. Big mistake, I feel was hooking up with the democrats, and we saw what the democrats did to Bernie. I like Bernie no question about it, I listened to Bernie, on "Brunch with Bernie", ( Tom Hartmann program) very thoughtful, informative, inspiring, and in a caring understanding loving way. Were just I'll speak for others, miffed, but we'll get over it.


Now you've gone clear off the rails. Sure, there are plenty of things for which to criticize Pres. O, and we can speak critically about what he's doing now. But this thread is about providing health care. There's a difference between myopia and focus.