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Bernie's Heart. And Ours.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/05/bernies-heart-and-ours


I’m glad he’s okay. I’m not sure his campaign is going to be.

Like everyone else, there’s no one in the field that this pinko would even consider ending his voting boycott for.

The Clintonistas I know are practically circle-jerking over this development (they really, really hate Sanders). That tells me this is going to be weaponized by professional hacks on the neoliberal side. I am so not looking forward to this new element of sleaze.


Very good essay about Bernie Sanders, truly a great man, hoping against hope that he will recover fully and keep his quest going. This country would be on the path to bettering itself with Bernie at the helm!


Just to note, he is a sitting US Senator. To do some of the stuff he wants to do, for example some of the stuff noted in the transportation section of his climate plan, he is way better positioned to get it done in the Senate, where Congress is currently negotiating a new five year highway funding bill, than the presidency. Even if he does not carry forward (unlikely based on what I have read), he is not gone from politics and can play an important role.

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Das Vedanya. You first sentence was very appropriate. I can’t make any sense of your third sentence(or second paragraph). What does the rest of your post even mean? It has no relevence to the situation, and is basically just unnecessarily nasty.

I would rather have one year of Bernie in the White House than eight years of anyone else!


Thanks Norm, his heart is a socialist heart. However, a fear is that at seventy-eight
and with one even “mild” heart attack; he has a campaign of such unrelenting and
demanding energy that it’s possible he won’t make it–then what? Who does
the alternative voter “us” have to go to?
And the deep state, knowing the Republican Party candidate is all too likely
dead in the water, will expand its “Biden for president” campaign (Ukraine gate),
as he’s been in their pocket for ever.
I fear you may have inadvertently written a eulogy for the left.

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Thanks Norman - “Bernie has a huge and eternally healthy heart, filled with the lifeblood of empathy and dedication. In essence, that’s what the Bernie 2020 campaign is all about. As he has been the first to say, it’s not about him, it’s about us. How much compassion and commitment can we find in our hearts?”

The PTB and their shills have tried to sabotage, silence, misrepresent and demonize this man and his mission, but have failed miserably. The shallow, corrupt talking head streetwalkers, employed to savage Bernie’s integrity, message and person, are by their own words shown to be odious creatures of wealth and power, errand-boys sent by grocery clerks to destroy a great heart and the changes and truth he fights-for, for all of us!

In case any have not seen these two videos, (and hopefully pass them on) here are the links - they are much needed at this moment to keep and build the faith we should have; faith that is being attacked daily in this nation so dominated by racism, lies, self-interest, greed, and corruption. The shallow, sophomoric, media attackers shown in the Rising Up Bernie video vividly reveals their own corrupt stupidity and lies (especially that one idiot cow). Peace!


This would hold water if moscow mitch weren’t blocking everything in sight.


If only the democratic party could come together and explained exactly what
what democratic socialism is and isn’t.

Police, fire, schools, waterways, airports et at is socialism and so is corporate subsidies to billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$corporation that are given yearly, as is all the tax loopholes written by their lobbyists who pay lawmakers to pass as laws. Socialism is all the tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans and a few bucks to the paychecks of the worker bees.

We have a gross mis allocation of funding. Pentagon unaccountable for trillions, $900 million $$$$$$$$$$ in cash sent to Iraq in early 2000’s and no accountability for that cash. Military contractors gouching/overcharging. Private contractors gouching/overcharging. The list could go on and on and private prisons being another big scam of our tax dollars.


and I don’t see the opinion writers/pundits calling the above out either? Why?


As a bit of a center left person, I am glad that Bernie is doing well and wish him good health.

For those worried about how the media might read into this as a bad sign regarding Bernie’s age and health, remember that all three of the leading candidates now (Warren, Biden, and Sanders) are over 70. Any age concerns regarding Sanders will inevitably float over to Biden, and vice versa.

I’ve said that many times in the past 6 months
Bernie - Because I still give a Damn

As long as he’s in it, I’m in it, and WITH HIM
Bernie 2020


If biden gets the nomination, I fear a hugh defeat for the dems since the rep. party will pull out all the stops and smear him just like they did Dukakis many years ago.


I said this once before here and I realize that it will be labeled ‘conspiracy theory’ but I don’t trust much of anything any more.

Literally one week after Bernie announces his plan for a Wealth Tax and tells the NYT that Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist, he has a heart attack. A warning to him?


Our collective heart and the choice NOT to take the bribes of corporate funding has never been more important AND timely. We need to be as prepared as possible for the consequences of the sociopathic machinations of the financial market manipulators.
A highly accessible discussion of one aspect by Keiser Reprt. Buckle up the kiddies…

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“To do some of the stuff he wants to…of his climate plan, he is way better positioned to get it done in the Senate”

No, not better positioned: if elected, he’d have - and claim - a mandate for his plan; he’d make appointments that supported it; he’d have the bully pulpit to promote it; and he’d have a large, enthusiastic, activist body of citizens drawn into movement and state/local level politics by his election, working and donating to strengthen his presidency and its mandates.


The Clintonistas are whistling past the DNC/3rd Way graveyard. The center isn’t holding forth.
Their bridge to the 21st Century turned out to be built on a private road, with an airfield and a toll gate, affordable only to eltes within the gated community they all socialize in.
Sen. Sanders is a survivor and a freedom fighter, par excellance. His Sandernistas aren’t going anywhere but to the neighborhoods to do more canvassing and party building. If it’s a new party of Progressive/Populist/Greens then so be it.


I don’t understand. You are saying ‘they’ gave Bernie a heart attack?

anything is possible
and BTW this article in from Military.com

The CIA’s Secret Heart Attack Gun

Also a video demo with this article