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Bernie's Real Bro Highlights Crucial Rise of Sanders and Corbyn


Bernie's Real Bro Highlights Crucial Rise of Sanders and Corbyn

Jon Queally, staff writer

In reality, there's only one "Bernie Bro." And his name is Larry.


Thank you John Queally for this. This confirms my assessment. I had been receiving Sanders’ e-mail newsletters for over a year before he announced he would run. It did seem to me as his brother says that Bernie made his decision along those very lines his brother enumerated: no-ne else in the political “establishment” was going to champion the cause of this elephant in the room, and Clinton - the (then) apparent nominee - is a tool of the oligarchy.

Money is tight here right now but I am going to volunteer for phone-bank calling to help out the cause. If we get a little more financially healthy then I will contribute all that we can afford. As Larry points out above, now that this has started it is very important that it should not fail.


After years of getting the BERNIE BUZZ in my email, I was at first disappointed the BUZZ stopped when Bernie announced his candidacy last April.

At this point phone banking is as critical as cash. Do it.

The only person more unnerved by Sander’s New Hampshire victory than Hillary is Donald Trump. Trump knows that while beating Hillary in November would have been a cinch, beating Bernie will be a huge challenge for Trump.


I agree with your assessment. All the Republican wanna-be’s publicly dismiss Sanders’ strength, but I believe even they can sense how badly they’d get trounced in the general against him. Makes me wonder about that phenomenon in states that allow primary voting in the party you are not officially identified with. How many R’s will vote D just to make sure Hillary is the opponent of their already-compromised candidate (just pick one at random) ? Maybe I’m being paranoid, but the stakes here are huge and I expect no dirty trick to be left in the closet.


We’re very much with Sen. Sanders, but we think that no matter how much we jump up and down over what he says, and thinks he can do for US, the whole system, and America is broken, and we’ll see that the powerful citizens in this country, including top democrats, as everything is rigged in their greedy favor! The delegate rules, certainly leave us all out of the popular vote!


That is exactly what they want you to think.
Historically it has been the people who have changed the status quo, look at slavery, women’s vote, apartheid, falling of the Berlin wall all considered impossible at the time and brought about by the will of the people. The popular vote will become stronger as we each embrace it fully and affirm this is how it is going to be. No one is invincible and certainly not politicians or even the oligarchy. Stand strong and true and believe … we can co-create this together.


Thank you. I needed to read that at exactly this point in the electioneering …