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Bernie's Very Welcome Assault on Our Cliché of Greatness

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/27/bernies-very-welcome-assault-our-cliche-greatness


To those too few of us brave enough to explore the competing narratives of American historical records we find great comfort in a candidate like Bernie who challenges the official tales. Having swallowed my fair share of red pills during my life I can attest to the fact that knowledge sans power is very frustrating. Watching the train crumple again and again around the curve is agonizing and yet it does. Bernie is calling Bullshit and good on him for doing so!
BERNIE 2020!


Anyone who has ever “really” listened to what a politician is saying can immediately tell the difference between Bernie Sanders and damn near any other.

Any other politician is forever going on about themselves, their accomplishments, their superiority as a politician.

Bernie, on the other hand, talks about us, the people, what we need, what we deserve, and how we are going to get it.

The media has been bought like most other politicians and with Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer in this race, the flood of money, the one corrupting influence that has no place in politics, is evident every day.

Bernie is a fighter, a fine example of a true leader.

Please support him any way you are able, and I am sure that he will support every one of us to his last breath.



The “highly paid bouncers” known as super delegates are not shy about denying Bernie a first round nomination at the convention and they’re absolutely willing to splinter the party in the process. That’s according to recent NYTimes interviews with lots of d-party officials including 93 super delegates. I suggest that the d-party apologists around here who go out of their way to promote party unity STFU:



“As soon as you speak outside the boundaries, as soon as you say things that are different from what the establishment, the media, and leading intellectuals are telling you to say, the question of your patriotism arises.”

Howard Zinn


Hahah. I was thinking that Sanders may be the only candidate who has read or takes Howard Zinn seriously!


Many school boards across Murka have not allowed Zinn’s work in school libraries.

“In an era of widespread deceit telling the truth is considered a radical act” - George Orwell

Bob Dylan’s 1960s song WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE needs to be playing in the background.
The Joan Baez version is my favorite.


I totally agree. This reminds me of the last debate question and Amy had to be cut off for her endless self admiration.


The cliche of greatness is closely related to the idea of ‘American exceptionalism’ the American populace has been indoctrinated with. We have similar agendas like that in history, e.g. Nazi Germany and their perverted idea of “Master Race”.
‘American exceptionalism’ is a hollow phrase that leaves a bitter after taste. We are just people among other people of this world…


" A president who honeymooned under the Soviet moon? " That was a msm talking point that was incorrect but kept getting repeated for obvious reasons.
Right after he was married they went to Burlington’s sister city in the Soviet Union to establish the sister city relationship. It was not a honeymoon it was a diplomatic trip and attempt to mend international relations-something many establishment people disdain.


The simple solution, people: stop listening to the corporate media. They are more ‘corporate’ than ‘media’ and as such can’t afford a Bernie Sanders. If people turned off their TV’s, Bernie would win running away. Fact.


"“That includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world — in Chile, in Guatemala, in Iran.”

A somewhat ‘ice berg and its tip’ statement.

Here’s a quite reasonable summary of the United States’ involvement in ‘regime change’ (or at least attempts at it).



If we don’t watch, listen, and pay attention, we won’t know what we need to do to fight and win. We won’t know what is being “thrown” against us.

So as much as it hurts, I think we need to keep the TV on (or in my case the stream from the Internet to my TV).

The word communism is still the dirtiest word in America. It’s more toxic than an Inland Taipan Snake, or a word such as Godzilla-motherfucker. Due in full by the John Birch Society and vehemently anti-Communism narratives during the Cold War, especially during the toxic '50’s. So as far as free speech, free press, free publications of such; things we were all taught in school, goes–were all lies. So to have a high level official give voice to the fact is an utterly astonishing event. Then with the Justice democrats gaining traction in Congress, maybe democracy might make a triumphant return. Or this Empire falls as all the others throughout history. The judge is still out deliberating–its up to us to sway his vote, so to speak.


More honesty than I expected to see on that stage in this lifetime.


“Under assault”? And well it should be. The old Soviet Union would have had to pull out all stops in order to beat the American record of 20 million killed by the US since the end of WWII. 20 million killed without a war being declared! Too much, too long.


How can people who know the truth feel patriotic? I feel ashamed of our history. From the get go we were here to exploit the people and resources of a found continent and the rest is history that we turn on its head in order to be patriotic. Annihilating the native population, getting rich from enslaving human beings, revering the owners of these human beings, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, ; spreading across the continent and killing the remaining natives, sailing around the world and exploiting other non-European lands, like Hawaii and the Philippines and Cuba, the South American countries, taking whatever we could because it was in ‘our interest’. That is what our idea of patriotism rests on; ‘our interests’.


Robert Koehler, let’s hope, will take all of the skeletons out of the US/CIA’s closet –
because the history of this nation begins with great fascist violence on the native people
here, a history which scars the minds of young children when they learn about it – !!

and while we were once a nation where SLAVERY festered, those same children suffer
now the knowledge that it was their own FOUNDERS who not only saved and supported
the system of Slavery here – but personally profited from it – !!!

George Washington, our first president, was a slave owner and one of the wealthiest men
of his time.

Democracy? Our Founders didn’t create a democracy here, nor did they give us tools to
create one and run one.

In a “bait and switch” from the Declaration of Independence - “All are equal” – the Founders
actually created an Elite/Patriarchy here, endowed themselves and their fellow Elites with
land grants. Gave them immense influence and control over our alleged “people’s” government,
the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

The Founders rigged the system here for their own benefit – much as Trump is doing today.

Today, US/CIA runs wars for OIL, runs wars for Empire, runs wars for the profit of Elites –
as United Nations has made clear these are “illegal wars of aggression” – and we’re never
sure just what new damage to democracy the CIA is busy doing here or elsewhere in the world.

Vietnam has never been admitted for what it actually was – an effort to take over land not
our own – land which the French finally left recognizing the reality of Vietnam’s pursuit of
independence and in admiration of Vietnam having helped fight against the Japanese during
WWII. Despite all we have been told of the “goodness” of our government, it has unleashed
itself from the restraints put upon it and its Capitalist economic system by the courage of
those who have fought here for true democracy over hundreds of years.