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Berning Illusions: Why Sanders Can’t Concede to the Clinton Democrats


Berning Illusions: Why Sanders Can’t Concede to the Clinton Democrats

Christopher D. Cook

With a pitched battle over ideas and policy looming at this July’s convention in Philadelphia, the angry chorus urging Bernie Sanders’ concession and “Democratic unity” grows deafening, even among some who voted for him. But the reality is, Bernie can’t (and shouldn't) concede—he would lose all his leverage to negotiate a more progressive Democratic Party and would be neglecting the very ideas that inspired his remarkable campaign with its 12 million-plus voters.


As Dr. King noticed, there were triplicate evils consisting of poverty (fruit of the class war), racism (to which I’d add sexism), and militarism. And since the military component is missing from the following paragraph (and analysis), it indeed needs to be mentioned. Dr. King understood that every dollar that’s invested in making war elsewhere is a dollar taken from improvements needed at home. Even if the class war relaxed and wages increased, karmic blow-back generated by the U.S MIC war-machine would continue on as the quintessential monster that makes terror and terrorism inevitable. These, in turn, serve as a raison d’etre in a vicious cycle that robs the nation of the funds needed to genuinely improve the life of so many deserving and suffering citizens:

“Ultimately, the larger importance of this election is not about whether you “like” or “dislike” Hillary Clinton, whether you fear, despise, or laugh at Trump, or whether you love or loathe Sanders. It’s about the brutal realities of power that undergird our biggest crises today—inequality (propelled by race and class, with its nightmarish corollaries, poverty and hunger and homelessness), and climate change. At the root lies corporate power and the underlying structure and economy of maximizing profits and wealth, and, when the rubber meets the road, the bipartisan centrist support for this power.”

I like (and agree with) Mr. Cook’s concluding statement:

“Bernie Sanders has opened a tremendously compelling and vital new space in the American political discourse, one that’s far too important to shut down in the name of partisan “lesser evil” unity. Now is not the time to concede a “political revolution” that is only getting started.”


Thanks for adding that military component.


Thanks for saying what I’ve been trying to explain, and shouting at TV screens. I wish I could get some of my friends crying “unity” and “history” to read this, but I’m afraid you’ve made the point too many times over. Maybe I’ll settle for quoting, ‘Berners are still mad, not because “our candidate” lost, but because the country lost a unique chance at a profoundly different leadership in the White House.’


Cook needs to add a fifth bullet point that includes Bill Clinton’s killing New Deal financial industry regulations including Glass Steagall, derivatives regulation and regulating commodities speculation, thereby enabling banks to become too-big-to-fail and significantly exacerbating the magnitude and breadth of the 2008 meltdown from which a majority of Americans and even greater percentage of Europeans have yet to recover from.

If Trump is elected those Americans will probably never recover from 2008. If Clinton is elected they WILL NEVER recover.


With a true free press, an unbiased Democratic Party Leadership and open primaries, Bernie would have walloped H.


I drive by a house with both a “Hillary” and a “Trump” yard sign out front.

It was not until about the tenth time I drove by that I noticed that the Hillary sign actually reads:
“Hillary for prison - 2016”


Her, Bill, and Trump all in the same cell…gotta love that image. They could all cannibalize each other, like a three-headed snake, eating it’s own one tale…


As I read this, I was also reminded of Dr. King’s words, anonymously attributed. “justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

I do not imagine the moment will get any better if people are content to wait.


Bernie Sanders has the chance to make it a four way race democracy. By running as Jill Stein’s VP, along with the Libertarians, and Trump Republicans, and Clinton’s status quo Democrats, we would have a field of candidates everyone could vote FOR their choice…almost as good as rank choice voting would be.
Anyone thinking the Democratic Party will adopt an insurgents idea(s), including Sanders, is badly mistaken. They do not understand what a political party is, and how it has to operate ignored to survive. Hint: only reliable candidates need apply, and no insurgent excitement and realistic hope candidates accepted. Ever.


I have seen about 5 of the “Hillary for Prison” yard signs here in Medford, Oregon. I was in Lowes the other day and a guy was wearing a Hillary for Prison tee shirt, I gave him a thumbs up.


My feelings exactly.


Christopher Cook and the commentators are so correct. We will never, ever go back. This is a metamorphosis our very humanity has waited for, like a type of cicadas, waiting to response to the proper time and conditions. Think of all those generations who waited and waited but the happening never came. For them and for all of us, we’ll never go back.


Christopher D. Cook’s article “Berning Illusions: Why Sanders Can’t Concede to the Clinton Democrats” is the most astute analysis of the views of many progressives that I’ve read to-date. Many of us did not appreciate the way in which Obama-Clinton-Wasserman Schultz fixed the DNC primary such that Bernie Sanders was ignored or ridiculed from the outset.

What is most disconcerting to many Democrats with whom I have spoken is their concern that Hillary Clinton wants to be POTUS so bad that she’ll say or do anything to achieve her goal. Strong leadership & spirited debate is part of a healthy democracy-- but dirty tricks; taking campaign money from Wall Street, Corporate-owned Media, Big Oil-Gas, Gun Industry, and other powerful corporations & plutocrats belies her empty rhetoric that she will fight for the ordinary working people. She practices the “Politics of Disguise”-- refer to Elaine Glaser’s interview with “Meet the Renegades”.

It’s hard to imagine that Hillary Clinton who talks about herself and who attacks Trump-- will fight for working people and the poor. She has praised Reagan whose “Greed is Good” ideology started the downward slide to poverty for many Americans and riches for the Top 1%. She praises G. W. Bush–although he committed War Crimes & should have been put on trial for War Crimes. It’s no secret that the neo-con war-profiteers want her (today Brent Scowcroft who worked for GHWBush endorsed her): refer to inthesetimes.com/article/18998/neocon-war-hawks-want-hillary-clinton-over-donald-trump.-no-surprisetheyve

Hillary Clinton viciously attacked Bernie Sanders when she panicked because he started winning states: I think that even he was shocked by her ugly vitriol. Her supporters will name-call, troll, and become vicious too when progressives challenge her track-record; ethics violations; and/or the viability of her carrying out any genuine progressive policy that might upset Wall Street. She’s never released her Goldman Sachs speeches-- she wants to bomb Syria, although that war-torn country represents no threat-- and whilst she has adopted some of Bernie Sanders’ ideas (e.g. improving our crumbling infrastructure) she has given special favours to big donors whose objectives are the very opposite of progressive programmes.

No thinking progressive will vote for Trump or the bankrupt GOP who are clearly out to gut any programme helping the vulnerable. But this “least worst” is fine and dandy-so shut-up and vote Hillary is not good enough anymore. It’s not the best that America can do… it’s not what we should accept. In fact, given the economic injustice (http://inequality.org/99to1/facts-figures/ ) that’s resulted in this horrific crime: bbc.com/news/business-35339475 – there are many conscientious citizens who refuse to accept the status quo all for the plutocrats who are creating a slave-labour state politics. It’s unsustainable-- it’s cruel-- it’s barbaric. Many of us have just begun to fight. We’ve lost the battle for 2016 due to election-fixing-- but we’re going to mobilize for 2020. Hillary Clinton will be POTUS-- but she won’t be given a “free pass”-- except by blind ideologues in the Dem party and the corporate-owned media. Predatory capitalism has failed-- but it’s Hillary’s system-- it’s what has made her rich & will make her powerful. But it’s broken the back of the rest of us: Enough IS Enough!


The other campaign materials suitable for either Trump or Clintons, are clothes pins for the nose saying I’m voting for one or the other. My choice is still Bernie!


2018 and 2020


Never Hillary! She is a corrupt politician in the hands of Wall Street and MIC, a neocon warmonger who will threaten the world peace to satisfy her greed and pursuit of full spectrum dominance. She is scheming to attack Damascus and clash with Russia and China, her blind imperialist agenda open the hell’s gates. She is NOT the lesser evil, she is evil and she must be stopped.


Sorry, this Berner’s getting too old to be a cicada. And that would be half or more of the lifetimes of the young Berners, so I don’t think they can imagine it. I don’t think there will be a long wait. The revolution is now.


Neocons are crawling out of the woodwork for Clinton. They are salivating for her to be POTUS to continue their war-mongering for war-profits. Brent Scowcroft came out today-- and now we learn that Robert Kagan who advocated for GW Bush is holding a major fund-raiser for her (http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/06/23/exclusive-prominent-gop-neoconservative-to-fundraise-for-hillary-clinton/)

Well, for those with eyes-wide-shut for neo-con, neo-liberal Clinton-- don’t complain when we’re embroiled in Middle East wars & we’re bankrupt.


No Choice ! Bernie or Bust is not a toy.
Forget Trump—the GOP’s problem that does not go away and grows. There can be no peace for the two --both of which have wants—but the GOP is loosing. It had 16 choices to start and all were rejected --with minor ceremony, if any.
Drumpf won the inner hate war.

Our project is to Get Bernie Sanders elected ----and damn the rocks tossed in his path—. This is not a ‘we will do better tomorrow’ —With Hill or Drumpf our tomorrow will be extremely unpleasant The “rebellion” cannot take a lunch break----Bernie has to continue on—with Stein as a V.P. --as a Green if necessary or kiss tomorrow and the Rebellion on the tush goodbye.

If Bernie is reluctant We have to implore Stein to place or Draft Bernie as head of the Green, --titular if nothing else–>Then our non-vote for Hill becomes a positive and very possibly a Win. Place Bernie and invite the migration of “No to Hill” voters in.