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Berta Cáceres Was at Top of Honduras Military's Kill List: Whistleblower


Berta Cáceres Was at Top of Honduras Military's Kill List: Whistleblower

Nika Knight, staff writer

It appears the United States government is not the only one in the world with a 'kill list.'

According to new reporting by the Guardian published Tuesday, U.S.-trained special forces units within the Honduras military are operating an assassination program—complete with a hitlist comprised of names and photos—that targets social justice and environmental activists with "elimination."



In his various works William Blum documents how the US Government , by way of the CIA and FBI and other agencies, would provide Governments they supported with hit lists of persons they deemed dangerous to US vital interests who would then be eliminated by the new Government.

This happened in Iran after the coup and in Iraq when the CIA helped bring Saddam Hussein to power. IT happened in Chile and Argentina and the Honduras and a number of other nations. Mr Blum would detail how persons subjected to torture in these Countiries would witness persons from the USA observing the procedures and offering counsel to the torturers.


That would be kind of like Obama's baseball cards. HRC has been rumored to have said, "Why didn't I think of that as a recommendation to Micheletti from the very beginning? Use drones instead of thugs. Much cleaner." Would Drumpf relish such mastery in providing for US interests as she did and could very well continue to do?


So much love for you, Berta!


If the US media were "anti-Clinton" - as some tireless Clinton-supporting commenters here regularly insist - gosh, there sure are a lot of opportunities this "anti-Clinton" media keeps missing.

They could run a major piece in the WaPo or NYT titled "Did Hillary Clinton kill Berta Cáceres?", with smiling photos of the two women at the top of the page.

Outline all the interconnections among:

  • US military training of Honduran forces;
  • The Honduran "kill list";
  • Clinton's effective support for the Honduran coup while she was Secretary of State;
  • The murder of Berta Cáceres.

The piece could tally up a dollar number (maybe more than $38,000 a day?) for "US taxpayer" money being spent on training Honduran forces, "aid" to the Honduran government and military, and what savings would accrue if the US cut off aid and recalled diplomats (as it was supposed to under US law that Clinton ignored) following the Honduran coup.

Reporters could follow up with questions about Berta Cáceres at Clinton press conferences and campaign debates.


Here is a gem from Pepe. Two caveats: just because the word Bilderberg comes up doesn't mean there is a super double secret conspiracy. It's just business to them, simply business. And, of course the wealthy think about the "precariat". The masses are the only thing they have to worry about.

By the way, I have no doubt that Hillary aches to be actively back in the murder business. She needs a good laugh now and again.



"Reporters could follow up with questions about Berta Cáceres at Clinton press conferences and campaign debates."

WW: What a helpful suggestion, as well as a fantastical scenario. Of course, our MSM could not care less.


Yes, i do dream of a fantastical, imaginary world!

A world with accountable, honest media; accountable, honest political representation; accountable, honest corporate boards and executives; and conversion of the predatory, militaristic, extractivist economy, into global programs of ecological restoration and economic justice.

Tragically, when the corporate militarist gravy train crashes, all humans and the entire ecology are passengers. It appears that none of the "leaders" in all these industries could care less.

¡Berta Cáceres, presente!


The zionist rag NYT will NEVER expose the crimes of the U.S. govt because Israel engages in the very same policies to eliminate Palestinian leaders and ANYONE in the world who exposes the genocidal actions of the LIKUD govt.


I'd really like to know how much taxmoney is being spent by the USA to train foreign military. Conservatives pretend to bitch about wasteful tax spending but they never bitch about this kind of wasteful, useless tax expenditures. Its always about NASA or welfare.... they never bitch about propping up dictators south of the border. I personally feel like everyone involved in the School of the Americas or whatever they call it now should be jailed for human rights abuses.


Are we being punished for something we have forgotten to do?


I think they did enough.


Another fone job by "getting things done" Hillary Clinton. If you vote for her, know what you are voting for.


One is forced to wonder just how many of these hit squads around the world Hillary has given the wink and nod to?