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'Berta Lives': Demonstrators Demand Justice for Slain Activist, End to US Military Aid to Honduras



The latest revision of Clinton's memoir have had the Honduran coup and TPP deleted. Wonder why?


From the report:

"Thus far, no clashes with Honduran security forces have been reported."

That should be rephrased:

"Thus far, no Honduran security force assaults on demonstrators have been reported."

¡Berta Cáceres, presente!


It's Hillary's way of fighting climate change.
The fewer pages there are in the book, the fewer trees need to be cut down.


But...but...Hillary used Spanish in one of the Debates!"


Oh bullshit. You are just so full of it. I'm going to tag various links in reply to your posts, so your posts end up actually spreading facts that you are trying hard to "correct".

Say hello to Brock for me…


What a complete crock. Zelaya was overthrown by oligarchs who hated his turn toward populism and sharing wealth with the common people. Doesn't mean he was a perfect human or leader, but your post is frankly ridiculous. And the record of the US and the Clinton State Department signing off on the coup is crystal clear. Your frame is a distortion, and i have to assume, an intentional distortion.

"i hear alternating reports that Kraken is a tool and that Kraken is a dope." That's as solidly sourced as your nonsense.


American govt. get your effing hands out of the countries in Central and South America. Take care of the poor and suffering in the cities here. Shut down your imperial military bases all over the world. We the people despise the congress and the direction of our govt.


You sir are in a word an ...ass. The School of the Americas, now renamed, As WHIST was and is the tool of the evil Pentagon to subjugate the democracy driven populists in the Americas. Try reading , " Rogue State" by William Blum. A detailed account of U.S. evil doings in the Americas.


Once inching toward justice, another extremist right-wing, corporate contolled state created due to US interventionism in the name of unmitigated transnational corporate capitalism. We may think it looks like they don't know what they are doing with their wars on drugs and terror, but they are really quite good at getting the outcomes they like, and those outcomes do not include less drugs and less terrorism. Thank US foreign policy since the end of WWII (or more accurately the end of the 19th century), thank the CIA, thank the exceptionalists, the US miliatry hegemon, and thank Hillary Clinton's state department for not supporting democracy and the right to self-determination around the world. Long live neoliberalism and the corporatizing of world governments. Pass the TPP, the TTIP, and all other trade agreements. The work is not done yet. The icy grip will not be tight enough until it melts the world.


You are mistaken, if as you post seems to imply, that the US was a bystander to the coup. It is the US that is having its cake and eat it too. The US supported the coup. They should have done like all the nations throughout Central and South America, and other parts of the world, called for--called for the reinstatement of the democratically elected Zelaya as president. The US could have shut off aid to the Micheletti and his corporate backers. But Clinton, her State Department, and Obama remained quiet for a long time, until they called for elections, elections that Zelaya was not allowed to participate in.

It's deja-vu all over again, the corporate backed forces of the US, who Clinton supports fully, had their way once again to our neighbors to the south. The coup in Brazil and the one going on in Venezuela are all part and parcel of our CIA and US foreign policy--state capitalism running the world.


The US should have followed its own laws and the charter of the OAS, and Clinton should have publicly denounced the obviously illegal coup, cut off funding, and called home diplomats. Zelaya would have been restored to power, without "intervention." Clinton knew exactly what she was doing: Siding with the corrupt oligarchy and supporting the rollback of democracy in Latin America, which continues to this day with now a series of coups against left governments.

You are playing an obvious game here.


No, it is following US law and the OAS charter. You are not fooling anyone here with your games.


So you support the murders and repression. Thanks for clarifying who you stand with in this world.


I'll use smaller words for you next time and write in crayon.


Your empty "arguments" destroyed, you resort to sophomoric insult.

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