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¡Berta Lives!

¡Berta Lives!

Beverly Bell

I began writing a eulogy for Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores years ago, though she died only last week. Berta was assassinated by Honduran government-backed death squads on March 3. Like many who knew and worked with her, I was aware that this fighter for indigenous peoples’ power; for control over their own territories; for women’s and LGBTQ rights; for authentic democracy; for the well-being of Pachamama; for an end to tyranny by transnational capital; and for an end to US empire was not destined to die of old age. She spoke too much truth to too much power.

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Rest in Peace, my dear servant Berta. --Pacha Mama

William Blum documented extensively those “Americans” that seemed to be in every prison in Latin America to “oversee” the interrogation of suspects. They were most definitely NOT ensuring the rights of the person imprisoned protected. They WERE providing questions and suggesting methods of interrogation to the various prison officials.

In conjunction with the Honduran Government the US will build dossiers on all of these Indigenous leaders , be they leftists, peasant farmers, environmentalists or any group that deemed a threat to the Corporate State. These people are to be monitored and “eliminated” when they deemed to be too great a threat to the flow of profits to the Multi-Nationals.

This is the sort of crap Ms Clinton fully supports.

Berta Isabel Carceres stands in a long line of peoples the world over fighting for justice and the truth. From Martin Luther King , to Pablo Neruda to names too numerous to mention , murdered by the Fascists in power she a genuine hero of the people. It is these people that are the real defenders of our liberties and not those Soldiers that drop bombs on peoples homes as they sleep.


This good woman’s death is on Madame Clinton’s head! Her death should be thrown at Clinton while on the campaign trail. Maybe she can come up with an understandable response why she councilled supporting a military coup against a democratically elected president in Honduras, thereby allowing murderers to take power.


Berta lives on through her deeds and those who will remember her. She will be here and now, every time we think of her. The only time is now and so Berta will never die; but the evil murderers that took her life will die a thousand deaths and will be remembered only for the bad that they did to humanity. Don’t mourn for Berta, rather be happy that she was here with us, if only for a brief moment.

Couldn’t agree more Archie. She is directly responsible really. To hear her defend her imperialistic attitudes and policies is proof positive that she is a reactionary elitist. My hope is that people of color, and all people really, see through her falseness.

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“Don’t mourn, ORGANIZE!!!”

.- from Joe Hill’s final letter before being executed by the State of Utah for his worker-organizing songs (from another time and another fight - but exactly the SAME ENEMY!)

What an amazing woman. To serve with leaders such as her is why I want so much to have Bernie Sanders as our next president. Enough martyrdom, it is time to bring the pressure to bear on those the death squads serve. Like Hillary Clinton and her capitalist stripminers on Wall Street. What a bright day when the 1% face criminal justice for the millions of the righteous they have killed for profit. Berta is surely in the very highest plane of heaven today with the REAL DIVINE SPIRIT. Rest in Peace Berta with the assurance that we will continue to struggle and win as you did.