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Best at Winning Disapproval: Trump's First Year Breaks Record for Lowest Approval Rating Ever


Best at Winning Disapproval: Trump's First Year Breaks Record for Lowest Approval Rating Ever

Common Dreams staff

"It's been a very tough freshman year for President Donald Trump, by any measure." 

President Donald Trump


It seems very unlikely that Don cares about this.


And 39 percent still seems scary high to me. In the congressional district that I am sitting in right now, Trump’s approval rating is 59 percent.


Right, it is very high. Something else that never changes: New poll shows new low for so-and-so, and the number is never below, say, 20%.
Whomever the f*ck they think they’re kidding with this nonsense…it’s working.


Shit almost always sinks to the bottom.

Pardon the vulgarity.


Snicker. Chuckle. Laugh.


For Trump, the low rating is validation of his self-convinced genius by all those losers too dumb to understand

he’s like, really smart, and for that reason, wears the low approval rating like a badge of honor.


39% approve! Now I wonder just who this 39% includes. Do you think it might be all those hard drinking, women bashing, red necked illiterates most of the World considers to be white trash? What about the bible belt “Christian” hypocrites praying in church on Sundays and doing their best to harm their neighbours the rest of the week especially if those neighbours are Black or Latino. You know of them I’m sure. They are the ones who couldn’t care less that the US has destroyed many, many nations and when the results of those destructions, frantic refugees, come calling, they want to deny them solace. Yes these are the Deplorables, foolish, ignorant and very, very stupid, Trump supporters!


It’s been tough on us having him as our #shithole FAILING prez.


Democrats gave us Trump.

Direct Democracy


To me, there are 2 very important and good things that have come out of the election of Trump.

  1. We have always known there were ugly, racist, hateful, fascist, authoritarian, disgusting knuckle-dragging Americans among us, just as there are in every nation on earth. What we didn’t know was how many of them there were. We saw them once in awhile, little flashes here and there; the Uncle at Thanksgiving spouting racist slurs after a few beers, the nasty loud neighbor down the street, the occasional politician that lets the mask slip a tad accidentally. But thanks to Trump, we now know that they comprise a solid 1/3 of the population of the country. Personally, I was shocked when I discovered this - I had no clue the number was that high. But this past year has shown the True Colors of a huge swath of our fellow countrymen. They finally feel comfortable showing those colors under the new administration and the environment of hatred, racism, white supremacy, and disdain for democratic norms and outright vitriol that he has fostered. I am appalled at the number, but at least we now know. (I even found out my own parents are racists, which they successfully hid from everyone for almost 70 years.) The next question is, what do we do, going forward, knowing there are such a huge number of Neanderthals living in this country, and what does it bode for us when future authoritarians rise to power, now that Trump has paved the way for them and normalized them?

  2. The Republican Party has always leaned towards the lowest common denominator, the worst of our basest instincts, the most negative aspects of humanity. Their dog-whistle racism, their pandering to the rich while disdaining the poor, their blatant authoritarianism, their disdain for democracy and the Constitution, their dirty tricks to steal elections, etc, etc. But they at least maintained a veneer of respectability to hide all of this behind, as thin and obvious as it was. Under Trump, we now see that the GOP no longer feels the need to even pretend to be respectable, or democratic, or decent in any form. They are now very proudly the party of racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, fascism, white supremacy, child molestation, sexual predation, adultery, rich elites, and corporations. They are proudly the anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-free press party. They are openly and blatantly showing their utter contempt for democracy, freedom, people of color, truth, dignity, decorum, kindness, generosity, and honesty. (NOTE: No, I am not letting the Democratic Party off the hook either. But that’s for another discussion.) Thanks to Trump, the GOP has truly gone over to the absolute worst of its basest tendencies and embraced them wholeheartedly for all to see - and proudly. Anyone who embraces Republicanism at this point is in my view an open and obvious traitor to the nation and a clear and present danger to the US. Constitution and the country and its welfare.

So for good or ill, we do have Trump to thank for revealing these two important truths that were only vaguely hinted at previously. We now can quantify and see the ugliness in all its vile repugnance all around us, thanks to him.


Yes. As I posted some time ago, it’s after midnight, and all the masks are off.


This would seem to indicate that the majority of Americans are not in favor of the direction this presidency might take them. It is safe to assume then, that most of God’s people seek a greater measure of common good than this experiment to now has provided. To this then, let us together utter, “Alleluia.”


The Real Clear Politics website has a Polls page everyday to summarize all of the major polls in one location. They have very clearly shown Trump alienating Americans along with Republicans in congress alienating Americans with their compromising health care while giving corporations and the rich huge tax cuts, breaks and loopholes.


Blame the Democrats for Trump? No thank you. It should have been abundantly clear to Republicans that a president Trump would divide the country with his blatant sexism and racism. Then I could say there is no one to blame but ourselves, as the 2016 election was the worst voter turn out in 70 years. But then I could say the Democrats should have had Bernie Sanders as their candidate instead of a party insider such as Hillary Clinton. Or an Elizabeth Warren instead of a Hillary Clinton. Not enough people did what I did, vote for Hillary because Trump by almost all predictions was going to be absolutely horrific. And he has been.

We do agree (gosh, gee whiz) on direct democracy.