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Beto, We Hardly Knew Ye


Beto, We Hardly Knew Ye

Norman Solomon

News media tell us that Beto O’Rourke has reached the top tier of potential contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. CNN polls now rank him in third place—behind only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders— among likely Iowa caucusgoers as well as among Democrats nationwide.


Norman, if you and other revolutionaries bothered to look beyond Tweets, Beto’s background as a multimillionaire real estate dealer and in electoral offices was on public record and easily accessible with a few clicks on Google. You’ll be rewriting the same headline for any number of “progressive” Dims after they slice, dice, dance, compromise and sell out on their way to 2020 as they carry on the pretense of “reforming” the Dim wing of the capitalist Duopoly. Don’t you ever get tired of this movie that is on a perpetual loop in your local Kabuki Theatre? Wait just in…And the new Dim “progressive” savior is… Tweet Out.


Thanks for keeping the record open; but the likes of Joe Biden,
“Assange and Ed Snowden “high tech terrorists;” makes the
entire Democratic Party leadership a cesspool of sewer logged snakes;
and why Bernie was so complacent to Hillary’s back-stabbing
leaves many questions for Progressives to grapple with.


“As candidates and in office, the last two Democratic presidents have been young, dynamic and often progressive-sounding, while largely serving the interests of Wall Street, big banks, military contractors and the like. Do we need to make it three in a row?”

This actually took a moment to sink in . . . the last two dem presidents. Maybe the spelling should be d-i-m.

Obviously the duopoly has worked rather well, for itself and its sponsors/supporters.


Beto so reminds me of Bill Clinton. As if he is a clone. Clearly I would never support him.


All good reasons to never vote Democrat again.


Looks like there are much Green-er pastures.


Funny - he reminds me of the “Progressive” Barack Obama.
(and that is NOT a compliment)

The only decent candidate is Bernie Sanders.
How could anyone like Joe Biden?


This is news ?

Washington Post operative Josh Rogin notes this week that the Blue Dogs will be running as strong as ever in the 2019 Democratic Party.


Democrats can’t be like these ass hole Republicans that will vote for a pretty face or “hugely” bullshit or tax cuts targeted strictly for the rich & corporations. A bunch of us made that mistake with Obama, TWICE!! Biden is a phony, but Sanders is the real deal doing his thing since he was mayor of Burlington and through his time in the House and now Senate.


I still will support Sanders, the Clinton thing was a political necessity for him and he probably still regrets doing even the tepid support. As of right now, who in the hell else is there?


Looks to me that the DNC has already selected their nominee for POTUS in 2020.


Exactly why Bernie has no chance in 2020. Beto looks like their boy.


thanx Norman for telling the truth once again about the so-called “progressives”. ugh. I’M WITH BERNIE ALL THE WAY!


My take on this is the Dem party is actually strategizing how to lose in 2020. Great job, party leaders.


I worked hard on only one Texas race this past election cycle, that of Beto O’Rourke. Beto would have won, if the President had not manufactured a faux caravan to scare people afraid of brown skin. The military is set up along the Lower Rio Grande Valley, close to where Beto is from, El Paso. Its presence succeeded in intimidating would-be voters from going to the polls, especially in Texas House District 23. Also more people in Texas did NOT vote than voted, which is a losing proposition all around. We are actively dealing with the horrible treatment of migrants and their children in person. And Beto is still on-site trying to help. Oh course, Beto is for health care for all. Who would think otherwise? Texas is not easiest place to be right now.

Beto did not accept any money from pacs or the oil and gas industry. I can confirm this fact.

Are you aware about how much Beto and others are working on the borders, in person?

The Pacific Northwest needs to reconcile the fact that the South is a part of the United States. We have to be pragmatic. My major criteria are: 1) Ability to bet Trump, 2) Experienced in White House and State Department protocol and precedence, 3) Will protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution, and 4) Respect the separate 3 branches of government. The survival of our country depends on these criteria, and we need to take a responsible leadership role in the world again.


Even though I am an activist environmentalist and climate change scientist, I will not support the so-called Green Party. Jill Stein went to Russia just like the rest. The Green Party only serves to divide and give elections to the wrong party. After working in the 2000 election, I will never forget.


The Blue Dogs as a pack are a little short on pooch-power this session. Something like 70% of the newly elected Democratic members have never served in higher offices. I think they’ll be a little hesitant to hook up with Republican-lite groups right after they defeated them in November. Becoming a " distinction without a difference " on healthcare, budgets, climate change or even an impeachment vote in your first term makes for vulnerabilities in 2020.
Beto is very vulnerable as well on his voting record in many ways. And, the vagaries of his happy talk is no defense against the solid policy prescriptions put forth by The Sanders Agenda. He’ll be scrutinized and scrubbed raw by the time he gets out of Iowa. No one will feel his pain either after the 2016 DNC shenanigans.


Many active Democrats are not supporting the DNC, and we pulled away from this corrupt group. The DNC went against their own platform on Climate Change, and broke their word not to accept donations from oil and gas, which upset many in the Democratic party. Many state Democratics decided to act independently of the DNC, and I interviewed quite a few. The DNC is problematic. Being a Democrat is not just defined by the DNC. Glad Beto O’Rourke did not give money to the DNC. We worked hard on him towing his own line. I voted against giving money to the DNC.


Oh joy, a new fountain of corporate sell-out, Democratic Party / Democratic National Committee talking points!

Welcome, troll.