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'Betrayal': Trudeau Approves Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion


'Betrayal': Trudeau Approves Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

Nika Knight, staff writer

To widespread dismay, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau late Tuesday announced the government's approval of the expansion of Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, which will transport tar sands oil from northern Alberta to the British Columbia coast.

"We're going to stop Kinder Morgan by working together. This is everyone's problem. Trudeau's permits are worthless without our consent."
—Rueben George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation


There a number of tribes that have agreed to kinder Morgans expansion. This being used by proponents of said expansion to prove this announced expansion environmentally sound.

What in fact happens is the Corporation is in fact exploiting those peoples poverty and using it as a weapon against them.

I can not and will not condemn those tribes that sign on. I will point out that this makes the decisions of those opposed to the same all the more significant.

There is some amount of dissension among the First Nations peoples. I just hope fellow Canadians recognize this and understand that in taking a stand against the pipelines they are making sacrifices for the good of us all.


Will Don show up on this thread? For Don: one of my neighbors has a large USA and Canadian flags on his property and they had a TRUMP sign on their lawn.

"[H]uman civilization is on the brink of climate disaster": Much more importantly, methinks, is that Life on this home planet is on the brink.


Take another selfie Trudeau, Jr....tweet to your pal, T-dump...you are of like minds, apparently. You sure fooled the Canadian voters like T-Dump did only your promises have proven to be lies while T-dump has lied outright throughout. Between the two of you, turn over the major part of the North American continent to the energy giants while destroying some of the most beautiful lands and all inhabitants (two and four-legged, finned, and winged) beyond repair or recovery thus ensuring your cut of the profits.

Do you really NOT care about your country and your citizens? Your actions are insane and you have just barely begun.


With all the labels attached to those who oppose this pipeline and tar sands expansion, the key label missing is the label for all those sane individuals who are opposed to the petro-politics that govern us. We want an accountable, transparent democracy.
We are waiting for the NEB overhaul, the recognition of indigenous rights under the rule of law, and the right of the public to have policy that addresses our concerns. We are waiting for the energy policy that will demonstrate how Canada will meet its climate obligations.
Yes, many who oppose this corporate-orchestrated petro-politics recognize just how far right the Libs are. They should merge with the Cons and move south to the home of corporate governance.


Find out which banks are funding the pipeline, and withdraw your money from them. Much as the DefundDAPL project is attempting. Make sure your bank CEO knows why you are moving your money out.


Pretty boy lied? Pretty-rich-boy-born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth serves the banksters and other international corporate elites?

Well now ... who would've guessed.

They ALL do it - every single solitary politician does the same thing. Every one of them.


Though many Canadians would likely disagree with this conclusion, the political dynamic in Canada appears not too dissimilar from that of the U.S. They elected a "liberal"...at least in outward appearance / rhetoric. Kind of like Obama...well-spoken, socially "liberal". But much like the neo-liberals that run the Democratic Party in the U.S., he is more interested in pleasing banks and oil companies than in protecting the public interest.

A pox on both their houses.


Yes indeed - First Nations can decide as treaty frees them to do as they wish.
Yes, poverty is a big driver in pro-dirty energy decision making. Never to be confused with social license, validation or proof of legitimacy of petro-politics.