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Betraying 'Bedrock Principle' of Due Process, Supreme Court Allows Fast-Tracked Deportations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/betraying-bedrock-principle-due-process-supreme-court-allows-fast-tracked

How many white skinned people are getting deported, and how many dark skinned are getting judgeships?


Ever since the Dubya regime stripped the right to due process from anybody deemed an “enemy combatant” a thousand years (since the 1014 Magna Carta) of due process has been continually under threat (nearly two decades later “enemy combatant” has yet to be defined) in the US.

Trump’s recent threat to strip the right to due process from “domestic terrorists” (also not defined) is especially troubling when you consider that the GOP has been the most threatening “domestic terrorist” organization at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago.


I am surprised that RBG agreed with this. What’s more she said it should only apply to that case; however, as a precedent it could be seen as universal. This is surprising for someone who used to work for the ACLU. Go figure!


She has ruled against indigenous people in the past so this was not entirely surprising to me and that was when I became disappointed in her. True that no one is perfect but to pass such judgements when you live and breath on land that does not belong to you is problematic.


Well - a neo-nazi regime and mental extremist idiot president helped pack the court and presides over a corrupt, racist, violence-promoting regime dedicated to the malignant ego of one rotted mind in the person of donald trump!
IOf course the supremes will expand the racist extremism and “conservative” min dset of so many justices! We are victims of a regime and its court dedicated to racism, exclusion, corporate robbery, environmental neglect, for-profit war and health-care, and all residents modern serfs to the vulture capitalist military/pol;ice state model of governance!
I call BS on the court, the WH, and Congress as incompetent stooges for the destruction of our laws and justice, society and opportunity, a sustainable future! Treasonous is what they and those behind them are!

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Perhaps it was the correct decision. I’m going to have to find a source outside of this venue to determine that for myself because our side typically takes the side of the undocumented immigrant in just about any scenario. That isn’t necessarily consistent with the law or for that matter many other civilized countries I wish we would move towards.

The story here doesn’t explain if this ruling has any bearing on those that legally apply for asylum at the border (yes I know Trump is doing every he can to make that difficult). And it doesn’t go into any depth on the claimed rationale of the majority decision.

In general the legislature is the right place to have this debate. If the majority wants open borders then put up candidates that feel that way and get them elected. If they want something shy of open borders but left of this decision then it’s way past time to spell it out because I have no idea what it is.

I had just read that of the 200 judges Mitch has run through zero are black.

Bedrock Principles

  1. affirmative action to help blacks get jobs morphed into getting Egyptian immigrants jobs.

  2. If a refugee claims they are under death threat in their village in central America and we find that is not true - they go back home. And yes, I do know an immigrant who cannot go back home due to his political status there. Heck, even Taiwan sends us their rebellious teens !!

  3. Suggest we have very lazy senate and house members who refuse to resolve the whacky rules being made up and enforced.

This is our “White male supremacist SC” doing Trump’s dirty work for him.

They need to be impeached –

These five right wing justices have made this Supreme Court the worst in US History.

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That fact alone should be enough to overturn the appointments.