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Betraying 'Hire American' Pledge, Trump Rewards Companies Offshoring US Jobs


Betraying 'Hire American' Pledge, Trump Rewards Companies Offshoring US Jobs

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In yet another reminder of how corporate-friendly the Trump administration has been—despite campaign pledges to defend American workers and "buy American, hire American" rhetoric—a new study out Tuesday reveals that the president continues to reward U.S. companies who ship jobs overseas.


I wished that you would of stated the dates over the last 10 plus years that democrats introduced bills to do just that, eliminate taxpayers funds to these people that outsource American jobs. Each time the republicans killed these bills.

Again, I blame the democrats for the poor messaging on their failures and republican obstruction. It makes you wonder? good cop/bad cop? Are the dems that stupid? They've been dealing with obstruction for at least 26 years, have they learned nothing or is it planned redistributing of taxpayers money to the 1%?


Damn, another poor bet by the alt-left who actually campaigned for Trump the fascist.

Ivanka made him do it! Nothing to do with his decades long stint as a billionaire union busting, job outsourcing jerk, or anything like that. He was anti-establishment and Wall Street hated him!



Power center of the Democratic Party has been working in tandem with Republicans for decades now.


Power Sharing is the Duopolys Greatest Deception.



Who pays for oligarchic globalization? Certainly not oligarchs! They laugh while leading as many as possible into a hall of mirrors. Pensions? are you kidding? they use them for toilet tissue. Healthy food? not as long as they can poison while profiting.

There is an ancient Taoist observation:

Thirty spokes share one hub;
In emptiness lies the wheel's utility.
Kneading clay makes a pot;
In emptiness lies the pot's utility.
Cutting doors and windows makes a room;
In emptiness lies the room's utility.

Gain can be had from somethingness,
But use can be had from nothingness.


"Though he has the power, President Trump has yet to wield his executive authority to stop U.S. jobs from being shipped abroad." And why would the diabolical dimwit want to defy they who hold the financial reins, monopolize the markets, created this job emigration to shore up profits (drastically lowering labor costs while not adhering to any and all environmental or safety regulations), and have profited handsomely as a result? Never happen...his actions will ALWAYS belie his worthless words and "proclamations."


I'm curious. Who are representatives of what you call "the Alt-Left who campaigned for Trump"? I'm trying to understand what that label means.


This is just one more slap in the face for those who actually thought Trump was sincere in expressing any concern for American workers. But I wonder...just how many slaps, and at what frequency, will it take before those who took his campaign rhetoric as sincere to come to regret? Will they ever?

That said, I'm dismayed that I only read of such concerns now. Where was "the Resistance" when Obama was in the White House, pushing for yet another assault on American workers in the form of TPP. And would "The Resistance" even say a word had Team Blue won the White House?

Why does it take the godawfulness of Trump to push such issues to public consciousness?


Yes, they worship the one per cent, and Obama is getting 400000 to give a speech to Wall Street.


Yes, the liar in chief


These people are nothing but empty suits, and I like the saying that you wrote about. The companies here are not broke- they just want to use slave labor to make more profits. They are never happy.


Of course- that is why neoliberals like Obama and Hillary make speeches to Wall Street for hundreds of thousands.


I am too. I have actually only seen this term used on this site.


Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing it elsewhere either.


We could elect a dog as president and still get the same results. Our government is completely owned by the 1%. As soon as they are elected they are bought off. We would save tons of money by just handing over all power to the 1% and just ditch the entire government, payroll and all.


The "Two Party System" has been a scam for a long time. It appeals to the "Team Sports, Choose Up Sides" mentality. It makes it appear that there is a choice when all it does is give the appearance having choices.

Other democratic countries, I have read, at one time had a group of political parties that represented different constituencies, e.g., Labor Parties. But somehow people in the U.S. managed to become convinced that the Two Party System was the way things were supposed to be.

Efforts to form parties other than Democrats and Republicans never get anywhere. If the Green Party or some other such grouo could have come up with nationwide networking and organizing and some charismatic candidates for local and congressional offices, who could be a passionate, colorful, and interesting advocates for what their party stood for and feisty debaters with their opponents and came across on TV as being "for real" they might have stood a chance. But that didn't happen.


Donald J. Trump's hypocrisy is as clear as the light of day. It's disgusting, to boot!


Politicians are bought and payed for long before being elected. The super rich have long figured out that buying politicians is the best investment money can buy, spend 50 grand on a congressman. the congressman brings back 50 million to you in legistslation changes. look at what the Koch Brothers get for their money spent on politicians. Also, you never, never turn over the keys of the government to money grubbing capitalist pigs and think you will save money!


I wish this article had mentioned the growing number of corporations which operate mainly in the US but have moved headquarters to other places to reduce taxes. In fact, with so many multinationals, it seems to me that a company should pay a portion of taxes on profits wherever it sells.