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Betraying No Foreign Deals Promise, Trump Company Hires Chinese State-Owned Firm: Report


Betraying No Foreign Deals Promise, Trump Company Hires Chinese State-Owned Firm: Report

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Raising further questions about the president's vast web of potential conflicts of interests, McClatchy reports that the Trump family business hired a Chinese state-owned construction company to do work on one of its golf club projects in Dubai.


But, but the deals are being made so that ISIS and the terrorists will be wiped off the map…isn’t that what the Art of the Deal is all about…getting what you want (more money, more gold) no matter the means…the end only counts. And, of course a Chinese state-owned company was used to keep the costs down after all…another art of the deal practice…using foreign scab labor. Meanwhile the GOP in the House is looking up at the ceiling while dancing to the tune of the emperor whom they know is a practiced criminal, unfit for the office, and mentally unstable. So, nothing will be done.


If Trump wants to wage peace with Russia, and gets to build 10 hotels, I have no problem with that.
The Empire with it’s Dark State will not permit this to happen.
War is just too profitable.


Chpter 67 of the Tao te Ching

All beneath heaven say
My Tao seems like folly.
But it is great
Because it seems like folly. Were it not like folly,
Long indeed would it have been petty.

I have three treasures,
Held close and guarded.
The first is love.
The second is simplicity.
The third is not-daring to be first beneath heaven.
Whoever is loving can be brave;
Whoever is simple can be generous;
Whoever is not-daring to be first beneath heaven
Can be a vessel of excellence.
But to be brave without being loving,
Generous without being simple,
Foremost without being hindmost,
This is to perish!

For love cannot fight without winning.
Cannot defend without strengthening.
When heaven helps,
It protects by loving.

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