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Betraying Ratepayers and Clean Energy Future, Georgia Panel Approves Vogtle Nuclear Reactors


Betraying Ratepayers and Clean Energy Future, Georgia Panel Approves Vogtle Nuclear Reactors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The commission has failed Georgia's hard-working families and businesses today by choosing to be lapdogs for Georgia Power instead of watchdogs for the people of Georgia."

Federal regulators observe Vogtle Unit 3


There’s a good reason why no approvals have been given to build another nuclear power plant since 1978.

Also, I think the Homeowner Solar Tax credits were killed through the lobbying efforts of the Fossil Fuel companies around the same year.

The Cock Brothers almost have their monopoly intact.


Each and every day we continue to see more and more evidence of our
government running under the care of Mafia-minded criminals who have
for too long had control of our government.
All liberals and moderates in both parties have been purged by from office
and that began during the McCarthy Era and has continued on with Elites
using the CIA and NRA – and their traditional stand-by’s: Christianity and

Capitalism is a system intended to move nations, their wealth and natural
resources from the many into the hands of the few.
And it has done that successfully all over the planet.

How many of our “liberal” organizations operating independent to raise the
last $1 donation are just too dumb to recognize that if they all united and
worked together that they would win against Elites?

These organizations and their awakened supporters would be a united front
on all liberal issues. When the FCC destroys net neutrality, wouldn’t we all
pull the plug on cable TV and internet? Or maybe just one at a time?

When the Pipelines continue to get built and funded by large banks, wouldn’t
we all withdraw our funds from those banks?

When Monsanto continues on poisoning our foods and destroy seeds and
nutrition, wouldn’t we all act together in response?

On and on…

The fact that this isn’t happening, suggests to me that there is really something
wrong with these organizations and the people leading them.


Nuclear fisting


The credits were already approved, but to qualify, the plant had to be operating by the end of 2020, which is an unattainable deadline at this point. Congress had several chances to pass an extension, not the least in this massive tax bill they just passed. (It would have alienated no Republicans, and including it would not have had to be offset elsewhere in the budget.) It seems unlikely this Congress will pass the extension, and the odds the new Congress after the midterms will be more likely to pass them seem even more remote.


Here is the question----who has been bribed to do this???Follow the money.Then you will find the reason this rip off is happening. People in San Diego are paying today for a decommissioned poorly built no use nuclear power plant.—And just to note my local paper does a great job uncovering all kinds of local corruption that otherwise would go unreported. The local news tv stations are a complete joke.


No doubt here. Those commissioners got bribed by someone.


These state regulatory commissions are a joke. The people on them are completely in the pocket of the so-called public utility. We see that all the time here in NC with Duke Energy. Duke makes horrible decisions and the regulatory commission goes along with their requests to make the public pay for their horrible decisions.


Nuclear energy should be financially dead by now. $25 billion up front means that the plant is vastly unprofitable. Stopping this nonsense now will limit the ratepayers’ huge losses. The plant is a great reason to develop solar thermal storage for a community, so that the community can snip their electric wires once and for all.

Nuclear power is the financially dead energy source come to life, the undead, walking the Georgia and South Carolina countryside looking for little children to eat. “BRRAIN CANNCERR!”


That is not true. The cost overruns and delays are due ENTIRELY to poor management by Georgia Power and incompetence on the part of contractors and subcontractors hired to build the components and do the onsite construction. There have been quality control violations right and left. The design just recently supposedly got finished–years after the whole project should have been finished! Until this week there had never, ever been a complete construction schedule! Costly incompetence has been rampant, and documented, from the start. That’s the reason for the boondoggle. Any other reasons given are nothing but industry propaganda.

All of this is documented in the testimonies filed at the Ga. Public Service Commission, and available (except for the gazillion bogus “trade secret” redactions) to the public at http://www.psc.state.ga.us/factsv2/Docket.aspx?docketNumber=29849


I was living in Atlanta years ago and this topic was discussed. At the time it was known that the concrete used to build the smoke stacks had been turned down by the highway department because if was of inferior quality.


Canadian Perspective:

The massive Site C dam in British Columbia got the go ahead, despite the fact that a socialist/green coalition is running British Columbia.

Naturally the issue is complex - and money seems to have played a decisive role.

It’s always ‘lists’ - i.e., pros & cons side by side; then make a decision.

That is of course the way we do things - rationally.

But I remain unconvinced that rational thinking is the “sine qua non” it is cracked up to be ?

What about what is ‘right’ - deep down in the gut ?

For this, moral courage is required - an ability to think for oneself rather than appeal to higher authority.

For me - I would cancel the project - and put lots of people to work remediating the mess already made - that seems the “right” thing to do.

As for the nuclear power plant under discussion here - same.


Nuclear power in this country should have been killed now and forever.

It only still exists due to corruption of government and its agencies.


I have seen the heading of this article on EcoWatch and followed it here. It concerns me greatly. Because I am passionately concerned about clean energy, AGW (global warming) and the environment. Like James Hansen, the farther of climate science. And like James Hansen, I believe that we should have an all-out effort to combat AGW, and that nuclear power is a critical part of the clean energy future, being one of the cleanest and safest of the tools available to us in the clean energy toolbox. How can an important milestone in reaching a clean energy future be “betraying” it? This is a first of a kind better nuclear plant, which can be built efficiently and cost effectively, providing huge environmental benefits, not only to the USA but to the whole world, which is affected equally or even worse by AGW than USA. The first Tesla Roadster was not built for the selling price. But the subsequent production of Roadster, Model S and Model 3 will reach parity because you get more effective by doing. This is the first nuclear project built in the USA in three decades, of course they’ll bungle it. But Boeing did not abandon the Dreamliner when they were having battery problems. Anything worthwhile comes with a learning curve. Or will you leave EVs to the Chinese and the nuclear power plants to the South Koreans (or Putin), who are building on time and budget, simply because they are not giving up when they encounter the first obstacle. But hey, that’s right, Elon Musk in not from America, he’s South African. If he was from the USA he would order his Tesla from MacDonalds and switch to chocolates if it does not arrive in 5 minutes. That’s the new Great American Culture, also called instant gratification.


Sorry but you are wrong. Nuclear has a huge climate footprint. If you post about something you might educate yourself before embarrassing yourself.


What is your evidence? All energy sources have a footprint, but compared to all other sources nuclear ranks among the lowest. In fact according to the NREL nuclear has a lower lifecycle GHG emission count than photovoltaic solar. It also produces the least amount of waste per KW/h.



First of all nuclear reactors do not have smoke stacks, so what are you talking about?

Second of all you never use concrete that was used in other products period. You have always have to break it down recycle the materials and create newly poured and cured concrete. The moment that concrete is under pressure, you can no longer use it in load bearing scenarios until it has been recycled.


Its more of a combination of the two. Nuclear reactors do typically have a problem with contractors, but you also have to realize these projects can take up to a decade of construction, in which unprofessional firms will likely see setbacks. Now does the project take a decade because of construction or because of the extremely cumbersome regulatory, licensing and inspecting process? Well its really a combination of the two.

The fact that construction of these projects takes longer in the USA than any other country illustrates that the problem is most likely not solely attributable to contractors.

Its also important to recognize that construction of any energy plant comes with potential setbacks as projects or the environment may change. Keep in mind that the Vogtle 3 and 4 project began in 2006 with initial construction of the site in 2009. In 2011 we have Fukushima in Japan, which forces the NRC to reevaluate the permits and site conditions. While this did not eventually effect the outcome of decision, it did extend the amount of time by which construction on the reactors could begin for two years. Then immediately following the construction liscence in 2012 several groups sue the company in court citing concerns related to Fukushima even though Fukushima was a Boiling Water Reactor made by Hitachi, and Vogtle is a Pressurized Water reactor made by Westinghouse, oh and lets not forget that the environmental conditions of Georgia are not even remotely related to Japan. 2013 when construction finally began was when you started experiencing contracting issues.

Please note that in the paragraph above you see four years of issues unrelated to construction.


Can you please show me the designs and specs for this supposed 2500 MW solar thermal storage facility that could carry the load for the vogtle units?


My comment was to a different Paul.
I am not your personal assistant. I am sure you can find duck duck go or google search which will answer your question.

But really if you understand anything about nuclear power you know that its big flaw is producing too much heat for the amount of KVs produced. You might have noticed how people freak out when there is a loss of coolant that might melt down into the earth or explode. You can not miss the huge cooling towers or location on large bodies of water.

Uranium is a metal found in the ground. There are no emission free fairy miners that produce tons of product for processing. Do a search on the manufacture of nuclear fuel which energy intense. I would love to see the data on the amount of fossil fuels burned in the clean up mess in Fukushima.

Here are a couple of links to get you started.



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