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Betraying Water Protectors, Obama Set to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline


Betraying Water Protectors, Obama Set to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


As an 'oldschool Dem/Liberal' (as opposed to the crypto-authoritarian 'new left'), I've spent the last few days replying to the, frankly, embarrassing and truly pathetic freak-out of the 'left' in response to Trump winning the election/selection by trying to remind people; "Please try to remember how much genuine 'evil' Obama has done on your watch". Obama spent much of his 8 years busily codifying the Bush assault on Civil Liberties, Civil Rights and Human Rights. He has opened more public land to corporate 'exploration' than Bush did. He is directly responsible for the deaths of Millions. Yes, Millions. Doctors without borders said a weird thing..what..2 years ago? They said..'we know its a million, we can confirm that, a millions innocent civilians dead. But we are pretty sure its more like 2 million, we just can't prove that 2nd million..' that was basically how they couched it. Obama has led the greatest assault on the first amendment in the history of the presidency. Opening more criminal investigations into Journalists not only than any other president..nor than every other president..but more criminal investigations into journalists than every...other..president....combined. And of course we have Drones..Mass warrant-less surveillance..on and on and nauseam. The point? It Was Already Surrealistically Nightmarish. A Horror show of the first rank. Trump has a Long way to go to break even with Obama. Try to remember that. And...Now..This! More Unequivocal..Irrefutable..Overt..Reality of 'what' Obama is and always was. A Corporate Fascist.


And never forget the very successful "War on Whistleblowers"


Is there anyone this president hasn't betrayed?


The .01%.


But he's such a charming, family man.


I agree..and he might. The only 'hope' I have that this will not occur..especially btw given that we could be..oh-sweet-holy-jeezis-no...looking at Giulliani(sic?) as AG...anyway..my hope that this will not occur lay in the fiscal reality of the Trump Cartel (which is what it really is..already) because simply put one of the great...lost-on-most realities of America IS 'capitalism' for one really good reason; If you place a checkpoint on every intersection between the suburbs and the mall...people will not spend money. This is lost on certain idealistic types..money is a double edge sword..te 'elite' must have it..it is their edge..and they must get it from us..the people..we must be allowed, at all costs..to continue spending. Frankly I've felt for some time this is the sole reason a more martial (only barely at this point) law oriented reality is not in place already..they just cannot figure out how to do it and keep us spending. Halleluja! Brother! An aside: If 'students' (read millennials) had any street smarts the'd realize they're sitting on one of the greatest fortunes in America..a trillion dollar debt..uhh..hey...'students'..guess 'negotiate from a position of strength' isn't being taught..too busy worrying about 'saf spaces' and 'trigger warnings' to actually utilize a trillion dollars in Real Power! Sigh!


And Democrats wonder why they lost big time in all three branches of government on federal and state levels just a few days ago...?

Here's Exhibit A.


This really makes it seem that the only reason Obama didn't approve earlier was to wait until after the selection.

For those who celebrated a great win in getting Obama to drop Keystone XL, please remember that by the time he dropped it, the economics had changed and it was becoming much less supported by its earlier investors. It became a much easier thing for Obama to drop without really angering the billionaire class.

And please consider: one thing almost all of us can do right away to address climate change: go vegan! We are by no means powerless to bring about positive change. As a new user, I am not allowed to put in links, so I'm subtracting the usual beginning stuff from the beginning of each of the following links. I hope you can figure out how to get to these pages, if you want to. Love!


Himmler was too.


New caption for the photo in the article (too big to upload):

Hey, kids, I HOPE you don't catch on to how I'm going to CHANGE your water into polluted poison and your atmosphere into a Turkish bath until after I cash my Big Oil check!


Correct. I very much appreciate Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me, and yet I wish he could have stepped beyond the U.S. borders when thinking and writing so eloquently about the value of human life. As Dr. King began to show us, there can be no beloved society in the U.S. while the U.S. perpetuates empire across the planet. Are some human lives more precious than others? If not, then shall we begin to speak and act as if we care about this equality?


I was just about to tear Obama/Clinton/DNC a new one when I read your post.
You pretty much covered it so I won't repeat.
I will add that this and all the other horrible things Obama has done and
Clinton/DNC is why Trump is president. These Dems think they're invisible and we can't see the crap they do that would be the same under a republican.
We didn't deserve them or Trump but the Dems deserve to slink away and hide it's their fault.


sorry, i also added 000 to the ends of several of those "links" in my first attempt to prevent CD from preventing me from sharing as much of the link as I could. So subtract those 000 from the ends of the first 3 "links"! Or just look for: Beyond Carnism, Conspiracy, the first thing you get searching Jane Goodall on Democracy Now!'s website, and AFL-CIO change petition reverse pipeline.


... Well now, there's a scary thought. I hope I don't find myself coming back to this dark scenario in a few months saying "I saw it here first..."
... What you suggest -unfortunately- seems much more plausible from these myopic ideologues, than not...
... Chilling...


Swamp of fucking corruption, US corporate governance.


Then we go in with many thousands of people and stop it. It will be a nice dress rehearsal for what is probably going to be a regular event going forward under our new fascist dictator. We the people don't have to take this shot. It's our world.


As Sarah would say: how is that hopey changey thing workin for ya.


Obama has no legacy. He didn't do anything good for America.


Obamas fat lady is clearing her throat, getting ready to sing her magnum opus.
Like Michael Corleone said at the end of "The Godfather" soon all family debts will be paid. The DNC is about to have its own night of the long knives. All non-DLC democrats who did not make blood oath to the clintonite neoliberals, or anybody else that was not thought to be sufficiently loyal, is about to be "exercised" from the party.
And Barack Obama is about to give us a double flip off over his shoulder as he leaves the White House. Just like Slick Willy did when he signed the financial deregulation act and then stuffed all the towels into his luggage, took a shit on the desk, and left in a limousine.
After today, any liberal who supports the Democratic Party should consider themselves a traitorous dog.