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Betsy DeVos Has a Very Deadly Plan to Reopen US Public Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/12/betsy-devos-has-very-deadly-plan-reopen-us-public-schools

Fuck the entire DeVos family of scumbag right wing bass turds. As Reich reminds us: a vote against The Flaming Orange Seitan Hair Hitler CHump tRump is a vote against this fucking idiot Devos.


Robert is right DeVos doesn’t have a plan, but he failed to tell why, the link below goes into a little more detail as to what she’s been up to. Here’s a small taste"

“So what is on DeVos’s docket? Well, a whole lot of remote work at her 22,000 square foot McMansion in Holland, Michigan, where she is protected by a highly unusual 'around-the-clock” security detail courtesy of the U.S. Marshals Service, which will have cost the American taxpayers an estimated $26 million by the end of Trumps first term."


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The entire country doesn’t have the same prevalence or transmission rate for this virus.

Also, schools are not as risky from a transmission point of view as bars, restaurants, beaches, zoos or airlines.

The precautions that schools are taking are enormous that will likely reduce fatalities from Influenza A and B as well as mitigate risks for C19.

The issue has been politicized by the business community that wants their livelihood and means of production returned back in their hands.

The medical community should never have to sue the government, but that is exactly what happened in California.

A Stanford medical school professor is an expert witness for #OpenCASchools lawsuit against Governor Newsom.

The amended complaint can be seen here:


Memorandum in support of the preliminary injunction can be seen here:


The medical expert has numerous Journal of Virology publications and is well regarded.

Hi ReconFires:
sigh—Considering that more chiIdren since July have gotten the virus, pIus an even weirder disease that seems to mimic poIio-----I am amazed that teachers and parents don’t just strike against aII schools until we can get a hand on this virus which is constantly morphing! The rich kids school are doing off site Learning. A pity that money is more important than Iives and Iearning. I wonder who is going to give the virus to Betsy?


hey stardustIBID, this policy of reopening schools is going to become a disaster for everyone involved, if TPTB don’t back this down. Just this week in the northern part of my state(schools start very early here), a school system opened, and almost immediately it was shut down and many kids and teachers had to be quarantined. This virus causes a heart condition in some that will have the condition for the rest of their lives, for this reason the major university sports conferences are now backing out of the 2020 football season, despite how much money is made through the season.
As far as Betsy and the virus, those two can’t meet soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.

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Hello Robert.

You’ve crafted your comments to indicate that DeVos i.e. Trump i.e. Republicans are the problem. The implicit conclusion is that Democrats are the solution. You ignore that fact that, in many instances, Democrat leaders are pushing for, or at least allowing for, schools to reopen with face to face learning. To wit:





The present Black Lives Matter insurrection shows the power grassroots people have to push right leaning political power structure, Democrats and Republicans, to implement more progressive change.

Hi ReconFire:
It appears that ms DeVos finds dead chiIdren amusing and dead teachers even more amusing.
WeII, we know that Baron’s school is aII online for kids in his income category. How about Ivanka’s kids? If we could find how many poor kids and middle class kids are to be sacrificed on the Trump attar of greed------perhaps more pubic officials would be forced o behave Iike human beings,

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