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Betsy DeVos May Defund Public Ed—But Wants Guns in Schools to Fight Grizzlies


Betsy DeVos May Defund Public Ed—But Wants Guns in Schools to Fight Grizzlies

Nika Knight, staff writer

Billionaire heiress and school privatization advocate Betsy DeVos faced withering scrutiny Tuesday at a rushed confirmation hearing for her nomination as secretary of education, often betraying her inexperience with education policy as she dodged Democrats' questions.


What's truly disgusting is that her confirmation is practically guaranteed.


So the good cop/bad cop routine we have seen for several decades has won. Ralph Nader was right in 2000, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. We've been had by both parties.

Sorry but I put just as much blame on the do nothing dems neutering the dems that do work for we the people.


Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

Beware blondes with smiling assurances.

You know, what's really strange here is that DeVos apparently met with Warren in the senator's office and knew what might be asked of her, and STILL quibbled the question.


Well, as Gomer uttered, surprise,surprise,surprise!
Disgusting...I used to love my country and fear my government. Now I fear and loathe my government and love the people of my country.


All of those years I went to school in Northern Alberta and it never once occurred to me that I might need a gun just in case a Grizzly bear decided to eat me.

You see, this is why we need rich people, they have the time to think of such things.


No need to apologize for intelligence, morals and speaking truth! I abandoned the Dems in 2000 as well, voted for Obama once, got what I feared, he was their dark Trojan Horse for the Banksters cabal, as has been Rahm in Chicago.....The proof is in the pudding EVERYWHERE< in the country and around the WORLD that the USA Demockeracy is a lie!


Yes, DeVos is uniquely unqualified to be Secretary of Education and it's likely that she'll put the final nail in the coffin of public education. But the truth is that public education has been dying a slow and painful death for the last four decades under both Republican and Democratic Administrations. If she is successful at killing it once and for all, then perhaps something better will rise from the ashes...

Until that day comes, I'll continue to home school my son while supporting my local public schools with my tax dollars.


Guns, grizzlies?

"By early morning crisp cold air settled into the draw in which my tent was pitched and I stepped out into the golden light of approaching autumn. I packed up bag of gear, throwing in my .357 Magnum at the last minute. I still carried the gun out of habit although I had long known I would not need one in grizzly country."---Doug Peacock, Grizzly Years. p.84.


Of course it is with all that money. In fact all of them will be confirmed.


I work in a great public school system!


Yes, the idle rich looking for something else to play with.


Well, I don't mind some of the people , but these arrogant plutocrats are not going to take our dignity anymore!


True. So the main difference is the choice of SCOTUS, which could be a very big deal.


I put blame on us as a society for allowing this to get this far. And did you hear this? Trump said he'll be in office until he passes away even without an election. Psych couch anyone?


Guns to protect schools against Grizzlies? Betsy, you are just as crazy as your brother Erik!


That's great. I've worked in six and only one of them I'd classify as "okay". The rest were various degrees of "poor", "frightening" and downright "terrifying".

With the introduction of "common core" and other top-down approaches to basic education on top of budget cuts and teacher lay offs, it's no surprise that things are going from bad to worse.


Trump is 70 years old, so it sounds like he is hedging his bets!


Bush gave us "No Child Left Behind"
Obama gave us his basketball buddy Arne Duncan
And now Trump gives us DeVos

One terrible decision after another ..

"Keep them uneducated, semi-literate and and mostly innumerate .. pliable minds for indoctrination"


Is it the teachers, the kids, the parents, the community? What don't you like? Honestly, I grew up in the fifties and sixties and do not remember this vehement language directed at schools. Seems like the plutocrats want everything to be a business couched in religion.