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Betsy DeVos Wants To Cut Public Education to The Bone


Betsy DeVos Wants To Cut Public Education to The Bone

Jeff Bryant

True to form, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s testimony before Congress this week was yet another example of how her utterances about American public education and her governance over the system send people into fits of frustration and outrage.


Betsy DeVos was brought on as a figurehead to strip funding from education so it can be distributed elsewhere. Her appointment has nothing to do with either her knowledge of education or her interest in it; same as with most of the other cabinet appointments.


DeVos is a deer in the headlights - an ignorant, incompetent, brainwashed religionist, shill for “privatization” of public education (read for private profit) that has zero real qualifications, dedication, or integrity - witness her Congressional testimony and interview that rivals the most revealing incompetence in recent memory…but, she is a true trump regime lackey and agent for big-money corruption of our nation’s future


3rd world country, under educated, under fed, under water.


DeVos is an Oligarch with only dollar signs in her eyes.

Evil takes many forms.


Exactly. Their purpose is deconstruction just like Bannon said. Their job is to tear down all government protections and regulations so as to leave the people completely defenseless against the depredations of the corporate elite.



No, it’s MUCH worse than that — see the Mother Jones interview referenced in Emphyrio’s post above.

She’s much worse that a mere Oligarch — she’s a “christian” dominionist who wants to use schools to brain­wash our children with her sick funnydementalist religion and impose a theocracy in place of what little is left
of our democracy. 

. . .  and under the control of a funny-dementalist “christian” Ayatollah.


We don’t endorse the oblivious grifters in Donald’s “Cabinet,” but we were told that they were selected to “deconstruct the administrative state,” and that is what they are doing. The only thing that Donald gets “right.”


I am REALLY glad Barbara Lee got to basically tell her off. It was as if I’ve been waiting for it. And no one more eloquent at leveling this fraud of a human prancing around as if she had anything going for her, like a heart and soul, maybe?


And brother Erik will gladly oversee enhanced indoctrination techniques for the children who persist with any semblance of critical thinking skills.



“Brother Erik” still under suspicion of murder? And only one? I am surprised…



Apparently it is for investors in charter schools or wherever she can find money. She needs to crawl back to the hole in which she came.


She is one person, and a stepford wife at that. She needs to resign- there is a petition online for that. She keeps saying public schools fail- but guess what- it’s the charter schools that are failing! Over 90% of kids in the USA attend public schools. We; have always attended public schools- that is what the local cities and towns provide for- the rest of the charter school nonsence is all about corporations and their shareholders. Let her go back to Michigan and cry to her family.


She doesn’t even have a brain I don’t think she even attended a real college.


If their purpose is deconstructing government- then let’s charge them with treason.


She actually is refusing to meet with the kids from Parkland, and said so while being broadcast on TV.


Jeb Bush was pushing private school vouchers at the expense of public schools here in Florida over a decade ago as governor. It was a swindle then as now.


Brilliant! Thanks, Old Goat.