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'Better Later Than Never, I Guess': Corporate Media Crawl Away From Saudis Over Suspected Murder of Journalist


Wow, wingsofadove-----thank you for this. I also read somewhere that Jared was involved… and he did get his security clearance back…maybe until truth emerges Jared can be locked up in the Turkish Embassy : )


Killing babies in Yemen gets next to no coverage—Saudi gov beheading people who write poetry and have different views of the world get next to no coverage???

Trump the great truth teller-----its more about money—who cares about the common people. “Was he a US citizen” Trump asked???So we might care a little bit???

And watching MSNBC today it is clear they are trying to tamp down the vote----they are almost saying the election is over and democrats have lost.


Make the lie big; make it simple; keep on saying it; and eventually they will believe it. Adolf Hitler