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'Better Than Threats of Nuclear War': Trump Vows to End US War Games After Summit With North Korea's Kim Jong-Un


'Better Than Threats of Nuclear War': Trump Vows to End US War Games After Summit With North Korea's Kim Jong-Un

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following four hours of talks behind closed doors with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump announced during a press conference that America will halt its "provocative" joint war games with South Korea in return for the North's commitment to starting the denuclearization process "right away."

"I believe this is a big prelude to peace," Kim told reporters on Tuesday. "There will also be big challenges ahead but I'm willing to do this."


See, was that so hard?


With no plan, and few details, it will be interesting to see just what comes of this. Handshakes and document-signing make for great photo ops, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating (as it were). Time will tell.


In the meantime, the media outlets formerly known as liberal were largely against the summit. Is this because threats of nuclear war are better than Trump doing one thing right or does MSNBC now work for the military industrial complex? I suspect it is both. If there is one thing worse than a war monger it is a liberal warmonger.



The “war games” are suspended for now—so far, so good. But what about the state of war, which still exists without a signed peace treaty; and what about the Status of Forces agreement between the US and ROK, which stll leaves some 27,000 US troops and their weapons in place?

“It’s a start. I believe in starts.”
–Joey “The Lips” Fagan

“Trust, but verify.”
–Ronald “Grandpa Caligula” Reagan


I don’t believe one gets get a place on the broadcast spectrum without being a full-time employee.


I know. I was listening to NPR this morning. Total negative slant on the summit. I guess this will replace the daily “Russia bashing” segments for a while.


Just a few days ago the US proved to the world at the G-7 summit they are not a trustworthy. reliable partner and ally. I assume Kim is smart enough to know that…


While the hostilities on the Korean peninsula need to end, I don’t think it is a good thing to be a friend and ally of an absolute dictatorship. There are lots of things a democracy can quietly do in their relations with a state that does not respect human rights that do not involve bombs, bellicose threats, or draconian sanctions (that only punish the citizens, not the dictator) that can gently force the regime to reform.


Transcending political parties time has come. If Obama had a good idea, or if Trump has a good idea, we should support it, otherwise it’s just a game of pulling strings and watching the puppets dance.


We Lakotas and Africans know about deals with amerika. Deals flip flop like pancakes.


This is very good news of course, but even a broken clock does the right thing two times a day - and its not like there has been actual war in Korea - nobody has dies in actual hostilities there since 1952.

Has Trump mentioned ending the real US and US-aided killing going on in Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, and his hostilities against the US worker, the migrant and refugee, and the global environment? Has Trump proposed closing any bases - even in or near Korea? There is no sign of that.


It would have been hard had a Democratic president tried it (As Clinton tried through the 1990s) because of the absolute wailing and condemnations and real domestic political repercussions from the Republicans. The hypocrisy and ratfucking in pursuit of raw power by the Republicans - is breathtaking.


Trump might be a fine and reliable partner with a dictator, but he does not like, nor will be reliable partner with democracies like Canada, France or Germany.


I’ll begin to believe the US is a champion of human rights when it cuts off all aid to Israel and Saudi Arabia (as to its being a democracy, reasonable people can disagree about that).


Agreed. Trump is not a man who has kept to his word in the past. He doesn’t have integrity or faithfulness in him. I can see him forgetting all about this and trying to say it never happened.


So true!!!


Only one thing is clear after this summit: They both desperately need new hairdressers…


If we don’t keep an open mind and remain intellectually honest, then we are the puppets dancing.


They are still dismantling the nukes from WWII down in Alabama.