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Between Chaos and Commonwealth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/28/between-chaos-and-commonwealth

Calling Dr. Jung…In a case of synchronicity, I just bought a copy of Sapiens, both book and graphic form today. In my mile walk to the bookstore, I was almost run over twice by big-ass pickup trucks trying to run the red light. Both of them completely blocked the crosswalk and there I was, roadkill in the making. So, even with just a quick glance through the book, I can honestly agree with the author, that homo sap is the most murderous species ever evolved on Gaia. And that we’re on the expressway to extinction whooping and hollering in our culture’s god, the huge pickup truck, flying Trump flags…

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The Road to Hell


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This link to a new magazine might provide useful reading for those who still hold that socialism is still the cooperative commonwealth, and not state ownership or a government directed economy.


The poor have no always been with us. The studies done by many show that humanity lived for tens of thousands of years in egalitarian societies. Digs of old settlements in Cappadocia , Eastern Europe , Spain and other places show relatively peaceful societies with little in the way of violence and with most people, men and women both living as equals. There were no massive palaces or extra large buildings for the “ruling class”.