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Between Speech and Roll Call Vote, Bernie Sanders Forges Path Forward


Between Speech and Roll Call Vote, Bernie Sanders Forges Path Forward

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Ahead of a roll call vote on Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders spent the morning lobbying his delegates, calling for unity and urging them to join him in backing Hillary Clinton as a bulwark against the prospect of President Donald Trump.


Trump? No, Bernie the Judas Goat is the real disaster.

Today even saw him trying to scare people off voting Green.

The rigged primary was just a fraud wrapped around another fraud.


Hey, Bernie, what’s on the menu again? A nice Poison Ivy salad with ground glass sprinkles or a turd sandwich? Hmm… Tasty.


Thank you, Deirdre Fulton, for clarifying the issue of Bernie being recruited to “nominate” Clinton; I didn’t understand from what I was hearing how that was not a betrayal. After the roll call, I can accept it, though I won’t listen.

What most needs to be heard, though, is what you quote Bernie saying to the New York (‘Hillary’s home state,’ as they say) delegation:

our second task is never to lose focus on the most important issues facing the working families of this country. And our third issue is to make sure this country does not move toward a political oligarchy where a handful of billionaires spend hundreds of millions of dollars electing candidates to represent the rich and powerful. Together we will overturn Citizens United."

So sorry the trolls got her while I was reading.



She is my new hero


To the Berrnie supporters who now say they are voting for Trump, and I’ve seen some of you on this site:

You’re mad at Bernie for endorsing Hilary, saying he’s a “Judas goat,” and a “sell out,” but how, exactly, is voting for a racist misogynist upholding progressive values? Personally, I think there are a lot of people on this site whose sole purpose is to create disaffection in order to ensure that those on the Left will continue to snipe at each other and therefore remain powerless.


Voting for Trump = Voting for Clinton. Result is the same. Both are crooks, capitalists and care only for the 1%.


Hillary is part of the Oligarchy. Our democracy is slipping away. I believed that the middle class was going to be re-strengthened under a Bernie Sanders presidency. Democracy needs a strong middle class.

“They (Sanders supporters) have to realize that the art of politics is compromise,” says one former Sanders supporter about the protesters.

Compromise is what Hillary did not do by choosing Tim Kaine as VP. She stole the election with the help of the DNC. Get to be president — any illegal and immoral way is OK-- promise the people items from Bernie’s platform, but govern to support and strengthen the Oligarchy and the super wealthy.


Talk about not getting the forest for the trees. I had no idea how many people on the left were just as poor at thinking even a little bit clearly as the wacko right. Good grief!


From Rolling Stone…http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/dnc-leak-shows-mechanics-of-a-slanted-campaign-w430814

"What does it all mean? If you’re a Clinton fan, probably nothing.

To anyone else, it shows that the primary season was very far from a fair fight. The Sanders camp was forced to fund all of its own operations, while the Clinton campaign could essentially use the entire Democratic Party structure as adjunct staff. The DNC not only wasn’t neutral, but helped with oppo research against Sanders and media crisis management.

DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign as a result of this mess, which exposed to Sanders voters the extent to which they were viewed organizationally as annoyances to be managed. The immediate question going forward for the party is whether the two camps can put aside their differences in time to defeat the more-than-a-little-scary Donald Trump.

But down the road, someone will have to address the problem of a Democratic Party structure that effectively had no internal advocates for a full 43 percent of its voters. As we’ve seen with the Trump episode on the other side, people don’t much like having to fight against the party claiming to represent them."


Yes, please. It would be called the far greater sell-out to do anything that gets Trump elected. (The problem is, we can’t always tell what that would be…)


A lot of people here really do need to grow up, or at least please don’t vote until you do.


So sad watching Bernie become a cheerleader for the most corrupt politician to ever run for president. Bernie you have become a disappointment.


Absolutely, why change the recipe? A Hillary victory means they can continue taking the progressive wing of that party for granted, they can treat them like crap forever, they can lie and cheat all they want.


I don’t particularly like her either, but your comment is just more misogynist demonization of her that has little basis in reality comparatively speaking.


I agree. Vote Green, write-in anybody, Hell stay at home and nap on election day. But if you really have progressive values, how on earth do you live with yourself after voting for such an evil person as Trump. Hate Bernie if you must, but please don’t vote for Trump.


Bernie, it come down to one thing. TRUST. Nobody trusts Hillary Clinton. I don’t believe she will do a damn thing for this country. She once again how termininally clueless she is by nominating Kaine and then giving DWS a sweetheart position in her campaign. How honest to god stupid can you be.

Only the incompetent boobs that run Hillary’s campaign would think it would be great good idea for Bernie to nominate her. Earth to Hillary, time to wake up.


Let’s not get confused here. A LARGE part of that 43% are NOT registered Democrats. Bernie brought Independents into the fold of his campaign, but don’t think for a moment that all of them will automatically stay with the Party, especially after all that has been exposed. Most, I imagine, will work for the movement outside the Party


The ONLY unity I hope to see is unity of the far left/progressives/ what ever you want to call them, against what the Democratic Party has devolved into… I cringe to realize this might mean a Trump/Pence horror show for four long years but I really believe, from past observation, that a Clinton presidency would yield the same horrors…( i.e. War with Russia)…
If we can destroy the Democratic Party we just might be able to build a real vibrant progressive left party from the ashes… The only failure is NOT to try. Throwing up your hands and saying it will ‘never happen’ is pathetically defeatist and not worthy of true progressives…