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Between Speech and Roll Call Vote, Bernie Sanders Forges Path Forward


I think it is you who cannot see the forest for the trees. You need to do some reading on the Clintons…


I guess we’ll have to see. I don’t see any way to head off her election (and yes, it was not a good move to choose Kaine for VP; I see her typical pandering, through his ability to speak Spanish). But what I hear Bernie continuing to mobilize the up-and-coming voters to do is to hold Clinton’s and Kaine’s feet to the fire, to elect legislators who will craft the laws to carry out the program. And not to forget that Bernie (and Elizabeth Warren, once her cheerleading role is done) will be back in the Senate in September, with a louder voice than ever to say ‘Hey, I did what I promised. Now you do what you promised.’


All parties are over, especially for governing. That’s what the Bernie movement has demonstrated. The young voters of Bernie’s movement will not be put through this kind of horror show again.

And the one thing Trump has accomplished is to also break the GOP. They have no party discipline left, and that’s why Ryan is so depressed lately.


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UH, most progressive sites think like I do, which is uh, progressively. This site, full of a bunch of confused, petulant children that add new meaning to the concept of poor losers, and who couldn’t possibly be less of an advertisement for their professed values, is much more interesting, for sure.

Sorry, but I just had to say that.


From the rest of your comment, I very much doubt that you meant to coin an expression as brilliant as

That’s exactly what Bernie is doing, and calling on his followers to do, to continue to dissent, intelligently and consciously, to disrupt the party system as it moves into governing. But thanks for the great reworking of a near cliche.


Hillary Clinton is repeating her husband strategy, “going to the center”; that was good for the 1990s, but it is going to fail at the present time.
People want to spend the money they pay in taxes in education, health, housing, retirement instead of wars.
Sanders followers will end up voting for Jill Stein and Trump will win.


It is YOU who is sniping at the REAL leftists
and talking about Trump, when the real
alternative is Jill Stein, the Green Party and
movements in the streets snd the web, while
your party colludes with the Repugnants via
the “Commission on Presidential Debates” to
the ideas and groups they really need.
And at least with a loose cannon like Rump,
the problems will be OBVIOUS rather than
slickly smoothed over by the DEMAGOGIC
PARTY as happened under Obama, the previous Clinton and other “Democrats”. We need to REMOVE this oligarchy
to stop poverty, wars and even extinction.


Exactly. Bernie has broken the party, in a much better way than Trump broke the GOP (his one actual accomplishment). I am among those who affiliated with the Dems just to get my one chance to vote for Bernie. Next week I will go back to “unaffiliated.” But it almost doesn’t matter, because the Dems have had my e-mail on their list since at least '08, and because the party will never be the same. Policies and governance will begin to make a comeback, regaining priority over party loyalty. The revolution has begun.


I agree with the “Judas Goat” depiction of Bernie, he really didn’t want to win the presidency. People please don’t waste your vote on the crooked woman, I urge everyone to vote for Jill Stein.


If you can succeed in getting Israel and AIPAC out of the DNC you may then have a chance at survival


A walkout would accomplish less than nothing, as would have Bernie’s playing the traditional sniping game of politics. Bernie mobilized the revolution by demonstrating that that is not real democracy and by standing firm on principles and policies. The game has been changed by a candidate who declined to play it.


Exactly Liberty to fuck us over and over at will


As I tried to say, it’s no longer about the DNC. But you have a point about getting AIPAC out of the White House.


Yes out of our government affairs, they comprise at best 10% of the US population but a certain Zionist faction wield too much power over the ordinary American citizens.


Let’s just keep the label to AIPAC. Using “Zionist” requires more definition and clarification to keep from going anti-Semitic (which itself needs distinguished from “antisemitic,” which would include Palestinians and other peoples).


I think your sources are mistaken. MSNBC just had a party official (no, not DW-S) on to confirm the report that there will be a full roll call, with Vermont called last, and after reporting their votes for Bernie, Vermont will move a “unanimous proclamation” (not acclamation) for Clinton. They could not get Bernie himself to do it.


Are they going to do a walkout after the ‘‘unanimous proclamation’’ ?


Pay no attention to that grizzled old man behind the curtain grinding out his deceitful betrayal of his own professed principals, magically tranforming HIS demonized Demoness into the best, most honest politician since sliced pure white bread. And so I say unto thee, deny HIS now beloved Kackling Killary your precious vote. Deny her the awesome power to start her pathological WW3s, thereby denying her the much coveted nuclear power to self-thrill herself with her ultimate Kissingerian orgasms. See her weeping and gnashing her teeth and rending her God-ugly obese pantsuits and behold her kicking her loving loyal hubbie Billery in the cock and balls in sheer utter spouse-abusing fury and frustration.
Is it wrong that I’m grinning ear-to-ear now?


I noticed the change as well. Hillary/DNC paid a million bucks for trolls on social media sites. The one’s here are easy to spot. The one’ on Huff Post are the majority of the posts. They’ve taken it over. Always best not to answer or interact with them.