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Beware Biblical Literalists Like Pompeo Seeking War With China

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/05/beware-biblical-literalists-pompeo-seeking-war-china

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Pompeo believes it Americas destiny from God to defend Israel from the Persians (Iran), and is more than ready to go to war with Iran than with China.


The Real Trumpers in the Republican party and the Baby Trumpers in the Democratic party want another Chinese century of humiliation. Americans are violent. Americans are arrogant. Americans are bullies. Americans would wipe out a whole race of people just to maintain global control. With that in mind- the Chinese need to do whatever they can to defend themselves.

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In a nutshell the US is a rogue nation on a Christian crusade to lop off more heads in the name of Christ than occurred during previous crusades.


Extremist Evangelical Christians used to designate Russia and sometimes also China as future Biblical enemies as the Bible allegedly said the enemies of Israel came from the north (though China is more northeastern relative to Israel).

Racism is another factor: during the 1950s and possibly early 60s there was a mag called The Plain Truth which said that God promised only the Anglo-Saxon people prosperity, not others who were to be “hewers of wood and drawers of water” for God’s Chosen race. So China shouldn’t even think it could become prosperous, whether with 5G or some other products.

The world doesn’t need saved, you can’t save the world .
But you can serve the world by pre-serving it in this way you preserve it.

A good place to start is the book Tomorrows God .Nothing to do with the Old Guy in the sky kind of God but seeing Life as Prime Value and everything as alive and connected .

Organised Religion claims it has the answers when it really has none. They could do with a large does of humility.

Humans are the toddlers of the universe in reality so much growth to do ,but if we do not give up using violence and greed to solve our self created problems we will not make it past the middle of the century.

calling someone who eschews the message of Jesus cannot be called a biblical literalist–they are in fact class A heretics–their heresy?? not following the dictates of their prophet-

But the big deal here is the New Silk Road. Trains straight from China to Iran to begin with, and then criss-crossing Eurasia all sorts of ways. Iran as well as dozens of countries along this route and the other routes in the making wIll be strengthened in Eurasia and Africa if it works according to plan. The US is apoplectic. American rule by aggression simply doesn’t fit in.


I’m more of the opinion that the GOP uses people like Pompeo to convince other evangelicals in the legitimacy of going to war with Iran that is supposedly supported biblical prophesy.

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